Marathon Pacers

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Hi, I am training for a marathon in January. Few blips but overall training going well. I would like to run Boston. To be 10 mins under BQ, which should mean a definite place I need to run 3 44 59! A friend suggested I ran with the 3 45 pacer then 'sprinted' the last 200 metres.

My question is, how much leeway does a pacer have? Do they come in on time, or can they be over by a margin? Only asking as I have always run races without using the Pacers. 

Thank you! 


  • ugh, if it's a big race, there may be more than one pacer, and they often come in under. you can ask them beforehand what their strategy will be.

    if there's just one pacer for a time (like there was at the marathon i did), i abandoned my pacer early, because he ended up coming in 15 mins over time! anyone can have a bad day - stomach, etc. pacers are equally human 
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Pacers can also go off way too fast which could hurt you at the end.
    If it's the new Boston times you shouldn't need 10 mins under.It was 4:52 on the old times so with usual improvements it should be 2-3 mins under the new times.
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