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Looking for headtorch recommendations. Don't want to spend much as it's only for occasional use, maybe once/twice per month over winter. But at the same time I want something that will do the job. Will be used on quiet country lanes, so the running surface will be fairly decent, but there will be little or no ambient light.
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  • Hi, I use the Coleman CXHT+ 250 LED Headlamp. Very pleased with it. It takes 3x AAA, so it has a little bit of weight to it, but that has never been a problem. I have used it for many night time trail runs including a couple of times at a very wet Conti 24 race in 2017. They are selling for about £20.
    I bought one from Home Bargains last year, it was about £2 or £3 and really pleased with it.  Best one I've had so far.
  • Alpkit Gamma, cost about £20, battery life is good, lights up the road in front really well (pretty much all of my running is out in the sticks with no lights for miles) and has a red light on the back for visibility.
  • i know you said you didn't want to spend too much but i can recommend the petzl reactik headlamp. it works well, is light and rechargeable. in reactive mode it changes the light output to suit light levels. can be tuned and set up via a smartphone. mine was a gift from my wife. prices are not too bad now in sales.
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    Alpkit Gamma is good with the rear red light, fine for the sort of running you describe, and inexpensive.
    Silva Ninox 3 is waterproof, provides a decent light and can be bought for as little as 19.99 at the moment.
    Note the Gamma is not supposed to be used with rechargeable batteries and the Ninox 3 doesn't work with them at all (as I found out the hard way).
    Decathlon do some as well.
  • I’m currently looking at Petzl ACTIK - anyone know if they’re any good?
  • Petzl Tikka RXP is the best headlamp I've ever had (and I've had a few).  Mine is now 4 or 5 years old and going as strong as ever so a great investment.  It throws a strong beam out and is reactive.  You can adjust the settings on the fly, check everything with it via a PC when recharging.  The battery lasts for hours and I think you can buy spares if you are going off grid.  
  • Petzl ACTIK headlamp is outstanding!! Super bright! Expect nothing but the best from Petzl! Thank you! Highly recommended!
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