Problem with area from Calf to Heel - Sore after Treadmill Run

Hi all,

I have good experience with running, but mostly at the 12kph speed mark. I do at least 8km a day, but it's mostly tempo work on a treadmill.

I recently bought a new treadmill to put in a lot more speed to my runs, to try and get a time of 18 or less for my 5k. I want to improve my time by gaining speed for a long time (like elite athletes) without losing endurance.

However, as soon as I stepped up to 16kph for 2km or so, I began having pain the next day. To the point where I find it difficult to walk for a couple of days. The pain is in the Calf to Heel region, and it seems to be the achilles tendon.

Is this going to go away? I have the stamina and endurance to do it, but I fear my legs are going to give in.

I have just done 3k at speed, after having rested 2 days, and the pain seems to be coming back. Help.
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  • I forgot to mention that I run barefoot
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  • I'd be interested as I'm suffering wiht something similar just now. Having not run a huge amount (mainly stuck to cycling in the past), this year I've been running approx 5km three times per week since March. Aside from the odd mild dose of tightness or shin splints I've been fit and able to run. Recently however I noticed my achilles seemed tender (not sore) immediately above the attachment (to heel bone). It seemed to be worsening so I didn't run for two weeks, though kept up the stretching and roller use. I ran yesterday, as the soreness was gone, and felt okay, but today I felt the soreness again (left leg) and noticed my left calf had tightened up a fair bit. I'm most definitely not experiencing pain, but the soreness/tenderness is a concern. Any advice/thoughts?
  • Try massaging your calf muscles  - you can do this yourself, by hand, using a little bit of baby oil or even e.g. sunflower oil. Always massage upwards, and you need to do all the muscles on each calf - the three main ones are the gastrocnemius muscles - the big ones on the outer and inner side of the back of your calf, and between those and deeper in, soleus (look up a diagram online). Remember also to do the ones just behind the shinbone on either side (peroneal on the outside, posterior tibial on the inside) and tibialis anterior (on the front to the outside of your shinbone) as well, but given where the pain is, if you can sort out the gastrocs and soleus you'll probably find the tendon stops hurting. I suggest you massage for several minutes at least twice a day.
  • Thanks for the suggestions, however glad to say the problem has gone.

    As I trained more and more intensely and gradually added mileage, tendons, quads and related muscle sets seem fine.

    I just wear Vapour Glove III's (since I am used to running barefoot they are the lightest shoes I can wear without track spikes) and have no more pain.

    I think it was just fatigue due to increasing speed too suddenly.
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