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Hello all 

I’ve recently decided to create a long overdue spreadsheet of all my races completed with some key information (dates of race, times, bib number etc). For the most part this was a reasonably easy task. I’ve held on to all my race numbers and medals so it was just a case of adding them all to the sheet and utilising the internet to fill in the gaps and find the information I was missing.

Through searching I’ve been able to fact find and create entries for all but one of my races. This is where I was hoping you kind people from the runners world forum could help me solve my ‘mystery marathon’!

I’ve completed the Wiltshire Wildlife Neolithic Marathon 4 times now and have 4 sets of bibs and medals to show from it. 3 of those occasions were in 2008, 2014 and 2018 but the 4th I am unsure of. The race medals and bib numbers I have offer no indication of the race year they were awarded for. The obvious answer would be to search all years race results and see what comes up with my name but unfortunately despite several hours searching the event site, race directories, club sites and even WayBackMachine I have not been able to locate any information. I’m hoping someone here may still have records of these, or could point me in the direction of where I might be able to find them. 

Here’s what I know about the race:

·  The marathon would have been held between 2009 and 2013.

·  Looking at a photo of another runner (found via google searches) the font on the race number and the medal design match that of the 2011 race. (although as neither contain a date these designs may have been reused in previous/subsequent years)

·  The race was on the old course, where the finish line was immediately opposite the Stonehenge visitor centre.

·  I ran the race with my dad and would have crossed the line at the same time as him so the results should either read H (Huw) Jones followed by G (Glyn) Jones or vice versa.

·  My race number would have been either 502, 206 or 52. Unfortunately as the bib numbers are not dated I cannot attribute any of them to a specific year, but as 502 looks the oldest and 52 appears to be the newest (as its contains a timing chip) I would accurately guess my race number would have been 206.


So there are the clues. Neolithic marathon, Huw Jones, Race number 206, ran between 2008-2013 with a strong leaning towards 2011.  Can anyone here confirm this or point me towards some information that can help me please? 

Many thanks 



All solved now. I have spoken with someone from Wiltshire wildlife trust who has helped answer my question. Apparently when they changed timing providers the the results went offline but they have copies of them all and was able to provide the requested information. 

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