Sunglasses recommendation for a larger face??

Hi all,
I am looking for some sunglasses to fit a larger face. I'm not overweight but am tall and built so will need a pair slightly larger than a normal size.
To give you a comparison, I have tried Oakley Flak 2.0 XL and I find the arms angled outwards and the lenses just covered my eyes and didn't scale over to my cheekbones. I didn't like the golf Prizm lenses either as they let too much light in. I'm thinking just some standard dark coloured, polarised lenses is what I need.
I also have tried some Oakley Holbrook and Tifosi Slip sunglasses but I found these too small, again they just cover my eye area. I didn't like the sweeping design of the Slips either, I think I would like something more rectangle shaped.

My requirements are as follows:
1) Larger sunglasses than standard.
2) Well built to withstand stones/debris.
3) Provides protection against harmful rays.
4) Dark lensed and polarised.

I will be using these sunglasses for golf, fishing and just general out and about.
I need them to block out bright sun as that's only when I wear sunglasses.

Please can you suggest a pair?
I'm not fussed about brand but simply need them to meet my requirements above.
Are Tifosi and Smith any good, or is Oakley the way to go?
Are they any other brands good bang-for-buck and I'm not fussed about the make?

Thanks in advance.


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