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Does anyone know how I can find a running track in my area? I live in Redhill in Surrey.


  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    I was bored and checked Google for info:

    REDHILL AND SURREY BEAGLES AC (Track & Field, Road Running, Cross Country)

    Secretary Mrs. M. Kublik, Bower Hill Cottage, Bower Hill Lane, South Nutfield, REDHILL, Surrey RH1 4EH

    01737 823 385

    Training venue Battlebridge Track, Battlebridge Lane, Redhill.

  • There's also this handy little website that has details of all the tracks in the country...(although it deosn't have the Battlebridge one in so maybe I have been hoodwinked)

    (sorry don't know how to paste links!)

  • As far as I remember the track at Battlebridge isn't exactly in the best of health. It's an old cinder one, and if it's the same one I ran on when 'I were a lad' (and I'm thirty next week - presents and money gladly accepted!) it'll be really poorly now. Instead, Joanna, I'd try the track at Crawley Leisure Centre. It's synthetic and in very good nick.

    And to help Trickle out here's the track directory for Redhill and Crawley

    Rob RW
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