Anyone ever tried an endurance run?

i attend this brain injury group each week which is mainly about socializing and having fun days out and activities. The man who set it up regularly runs marathons and has done tough walking challenges. 

Last year a woman who worked there whos since left organised for a group of us to do a santa dash which was 5k run or walk i ran some walked some. Since then due to being on certain benefits ive had to stop all running including missing out on being part of a marathon relay team. The man who set group up understandably doesnt want to risk being seen encouraging something that could effect my benefits. 

He has mentioned doing another santa dash this year and chosen the Humber Bridge only it doesnt look like there is the normal 5k one there its an endurance one 6 hours and 4 mile circuit. Im very keen to give this a go and think others would too. You can dress in santa outfit so it would be chance for me to just run and walk and test how far i could manage. Thing is im expecting the man to be less keen. Hes normally busy and struggles to have time and he wont normally do anything with the group unless hes responsible and knows everyone will be ok. It will be dark by time it ends at 6pm so that will probably put him off. Anyway im going to have a word with him next week and mention id like to do it to raise money for the charity if anything will make him agree that will.

i know i would not be able to run any where near the full time but would see how i got on and walk when needed.


  • hello
  • kmo86 said:
    due to being on certain benefits ive had to stop all running

    So you are claiming disability benefit and don't want anyone to see you running and think that you are able bodied?
  • Bigballer it may not be that simple. I have a friend with a disability that leaves her crippled and unable to get out of bed on some days. On others she’s full of the joys of spring. However, if she dares to leave her house without crutches then a neighbour reports her for benefit fraud. So although exercise would in all likelihood improve her condition, she can’t do it. 
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