What could it be ?

After running for just over 2 months i have progressed to being able to run 1 min to around 20 mins. (PB for 1.5 mile is 11:26)

I keep getting this odd tightness in my front of lower leg (Shin area) I thought at first it was shin splints as its very similar in location.

I have just watched a video regarding running form, as if i have good running form i shouldn't be getting lower legs fatigued after 1 mile into my run,, which is currently happening.

This video explains that i should be doing a thing called dorsiflexion (Pulling foot towards the shins before forefoot strike)

Should i have this action being completed every strike >? Currently it seems as if the small muscle is getting fatigued causing the lower leg to get light and sore over the course of 7mins +

Can someone explain what i should be doing before my foot strikes the ground ?


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