Shoes for Multi-Terrain Parkrun

Ran my local parkrun yesterday - 50% road, 50% towpaths and fields. 
Very muddy and slippery on the towpaths and fields.
I only have NB Zante's and they held no grip at all, i had to slow down and run tip-toe it was so slippery. 

Any recommendations of a suitable neutral shoe which will give me some grip on both surfaces?

I don't want to spend too much, as the parkrun will be their only use, running on roads in my zante's the rest of the time. 

Thank you 


  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    Always hard to recommend shoes for anyone else, a very subjective choice, but, if they're only going to be for 3miles or so then

    might be suitable - proviso is always, try them on first, see if they're comfortable and preferably with a bit of flex. Some cheaper shoes can be like wearing bricks!
  • Thank you, unfortuanlty my size is not available to order or in my local store.

    I certainly agree shoes will need to be tried, etc, but i'm getting confused as to which shoes would be suitable for both terrains, as filters on website generally define either road or trail.

    I have since spotted these and being New Balance I should be safe ordering the same size as my Zante's....but as you say i really need to try them on first.... guess a visit to the running shop is in order, though don't want to spend much, no more than £50 so that could be a problem.  
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Lots of sales on just now, so you might strike it lucky.  I got my "parkrun shoes" (same scenario as yourself) in my local Run4It for £25 a couple of years ago. :)
  • You are not wrong Nessie...

    Well after hearing the Asics Outlets had 40% off lowest price and today was the last day, i dashed to my nearest and managed to pick up a pair of Asics Gel Sonoma 3​'s for £21 - ideal for parkrun shoes i think, only time will tell, but will try them out this Saturday.​

    Was surprised the NB outlet didn't stock any trail shoes, though so glad Asics came up trumps, first pair of Asics for me and after trying on various pairs they come up half a size more than my Sketcher trainers, but half a size smaller than my NB road shoes. Sketchers 10, Asics 10.5, NB 11... i must have some weird feet lol 
  • Today i managed to find time to go out on the parkrun route to try my new Asics Gel Sonoma 3's that i got from the Ascis outlet for £21. 

    Must admit i had my reservations as i read reviews that they could irritate the achilles, which I've just recovered from an achilles injury - but i needn't have worried - no rubbing or irritation on the heel at all. Had slight rubbing on the top of one of my right toes, but a lace adjustment and breaking in will sort that.

    The grip is amazing, where it was very muddy I still had good grip, there is 2 laps to the route and on the 2nd lap i had the confidence to run without fear of slipping. 

    The shoe is however heavier to what i'm used to on my road shoes, but for the grip, and only over 5k i'm happy to adapt to that. The sock liner is not removable unfortunately, and the laces are short and very round so could come undone easy, so i will replace these.

    Along with the grip i was impressed with the ankle support, i wasn't falling over the uneven dips and felt my feet where very supported. 

    On the roads it felt cushioned and again grip and support was good - just the shoe is heavier than i'm used to.

    So overall, very pleased, and perfect for wanting a cheap pair of parkrun shoes. If they were a tenner more expensive i would still be equally happy - they won't bring me any outstanding times, but that isn't my requirement - having grip and support are the requirements ticked.

  • Hard to reccomend shoes
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