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  • Hi I’m Sarah, 52. Have always enjoyed weights and cardio but unfortunately became a bit limited after breaking my hip a couple of years ago. Have stuck with the weights and took up walking 3 miles most mornings. Legs are now a lot stronger so aiming for a 5k in the next few weeks :) 
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    Hi RunningBee85 and welcome. I believe you have to comment 10 times on other posts before you can start a new thread. There are a couple of threads that seem to be just for that purpose.
  • Hello all! I am new and just saying hi :)
  • Saying hi and getting my post count up so I can post a thread!
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    Hi Diogenes - welcome.
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    Hi all. Complete newbie here. I don't seem to have the option to start a new thread? Can anyone help? Perhaps I'm missing something :-/
    You need a minimum number of posts before you can start your own thread.  'Supposedly' helps to stop spammers.
  • Hi, new person here too. c25k finished in April, running 5k three times per week since. Now suddenly, knee problems...Love seeing others goals and very impressed, mine are just to stay at my current level that I enjoy until my knees started to act up. What to do?
  • Those are great times. If you are not training for an event. Just enjoy yourself! Maybe do vary your route - change the scenery!
  • saying hi from a fellow newbie
  • Hi and wow 26mins for your first 5k, I'm struggling to do under 30 and been trying really hard for 12 months now. Will keep on it tho, any tips very welcome  :#
  • Hi everybody! Just saying hi! 
  • I’m new to the forum but not completely new to running! 

    I ran the London Marathon in 2013 in 4.31 but since then I have not ran at all only done a bit of cycling. 

    Since my fitness levels have have reached an all time low I have decided to enter a half marathon in 4 weeks time (I felt I needed serious motivation to get out there and run so what better way?) 

    Does anyone have any short training plans to help me on my way? 
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    Hi Dan - 4 weeks to fit in half marathon training is a big ask. When you say your fitness levels are at 'an all time low' just how low is that? Are you doing anything at the moment that would give you some base endurance?
  • I have done a few 5km but not consistently and used to cycle so I wouldn’t say I am unfit but not as fit as I used to be. I am willing to put in some miles but need a rough idea on what miles would be good to do without doing too much to injure myself. 

    I am aiming for 2.15 for the half 
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    The difficulty with that, Dan, is that you've probably not got enough time to build up the mileage in your legs between now and your half. Generally training for a half would be a 12 week programme, with a mix of short runs to build up speed and long slow runs to build up endurance.

    I wouldn't say it's impossible to be able to do the half. I'm guessing you're 26/27 (going by your profile name) and therefore have the natural fitness of relative youth on your side. However I think it's going to be tough and I'm afraid you may be sore for a few days after. 

    The only suggestion I can really make would be to concentrate on the long slow runs and ensure your short runs are just recovery ones. Forget about speed. Make your slow runs a minute slower than what you will consider to be your race pace. If you were running in 12 weeks time I'd suggest starting with running for 60 mins and build up to 2 hours, however I'm not sure where to start relative to your current fitness levels. Too much and, as you say, you may risk injury. Perhaps start with 90 mins at a very slow pace and if you feel the need walk for parts as well. Ultimately it's time on feet.

    Sorry I can't be any more helpful, but good luck and come back and tell us how you get on.
  • I am indeed 27 tomorrow actually! Might treat myself to a birthday run before dinner haha! 

    I think i am I am going to 2 5km runs this week and then at the weekend try a 10km to see how I get on and hopefully build from there, I just hope the weather cools off as it is not on my side the next few days! 

    I will let you know on my progress for sure!

    Thanks for the tips so far! 
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    Happy birthday for tomorrow and remember to take water with you if it's hot at the weekend.
  • Hey, I'm new here. What are the best threads to start with?
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    Hi RevaFitness - I think it depends what you're looking for. There's a mix of threads where people ask for and receive advice and also where they share their experiences.
  • Another newbie just dropping in to say hi!
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    Welcome Forest.
  • Hello all, started running last year. I am hoping to get some advice on reducing the pain.
  • Hi all, I'm new to the forum. 45yo. Been running around 15months and currently training for my 1st half marathon which is in 3 weeks (Great North Run).
  • Hi everybody, new to forum, started running in April to be able to get back into my clothes :) I am almost there but I discovered there is more to running than fitting into old clothes so I am keen to learn from you all.
  • Hello! I want to go running, but so far I don’t have enough strength and I probably need a partner. How can I gather my strength, but I can only stand the time for tomorrow for a long time. I can’t concentrate and start practicing.
  • I'm brand new too! tennis player turned runner
  • Hi all. How do you get to post on this site? Questions to ask plus some advice to give but if I can't post, it's pointless. Or do you have to subscribe? There's very little (none) help
  • Hi dcollier - to be able to start a new thread you have to have replied to a post or posts 10 times (I think). There shouldn't be anything stopping you from giving advice on previously created threads.
  • Hey Fellow Runners,

    Looking for a little advice is possible?

    A few months back got diagnosed with underactive thyroid and was ridiculously tired and fatigued, not to mention pilling on the weight.

    I have started the gym and I could only run 2.4k before I was ready to pass out. I was putting it down to breathing and instantly sweat like a...

    Anyway, I went last night and thought I would push myself to try and do 5k.

    Couldn't believe I actually did run it albeit on a treadmill and my time was shocking 37 minutes.

    My question is, should I know keep pushing over 5k. Should I try to run 5k in a better time, or should I focus on distance.

    Completely appreciate that 5k is not alot for most, but I'm delighted I pushed myself.

    My pace on the treadmill was 7.16? Yet on my fitbit versa it says 5.16mph?

    Obviously as you can tell by post, I have absolutely no idea about running, other than I want to become better at it and fitter!

    Thanks for any advice you can share :)
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