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  • Hi I’m Sarah, 52. Have always enjoyed weights and cardio but unfortunately became a bit limited after breaking my hip a couple of years ago. Have stuck with the weights and took up walking 3 miles most mornings. Legs are now a lot stronger so aiming for a 5k in the next few weeks :) 
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    Hi RunningBee85 and welcome. I believe you have to comment 10 times on other posts before you can start a new thread. There are a couple of threads that seem to be just for that purpose.
  • Hello all! I am new and just saying hi :)
  • Saying hi and getting my post count up so I can post a thread!
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    Hi Diogenes - welcome.
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    Hi all. Complete newbie here. I don't seem to have the option to start a new thread? Can anyone help? Perhaps I'm missing something :-/
    You need a minimum number of posts before you can start your own thread.  'Supposedly' helps to stop spammers.
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