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  • OK - that's makes a bit more sense. Try to relax your shoulders and arms. Do you make a fist when you run? If you do open up for hands and let your fingers wag around, then wrists and then just let the flow move up. It's surprising how much tension can be removed by just relaxing your hands.

    Another tip is to ensure you're warmed up before you start your runs, so take 5 mins to go through a warm-up routine to basically get the heart rate up so you're not starting cold. Do avoid stretching at this stage, though. Leave stretching until the end of your run.

    Well done on the 5.69 miles.
  • Hi, I struggled with running last year, but have started again this year. I am in my 40's and I think I am just unfit tbh. When go running I get chest pain, lactic acid build up and get tired quite easily, after a few minutes, so I know I have a lot of work to do?! I also seem to run quite heavy on my feet, so I know my technique needs improving too. Any tips on how I can condition myself for the journey ahead please??? Thanks!
  • Hi Delia12 and welcome. Have you considered doing couch25k? It takes you though building up to completing a 5k run in manageable chunks.

    Also if you're experiencing chest pain it might be an idea to see your GP just to check that there isn't an underlying problem that may prevent you from pushing yourself harder. It's likely to just be a case of your heart suddenly working a lot harder than it's used to, but it's better to be safe than sorry.
  • Thanks. I will look into your suggestions. 5k would be something! Hopefully I will get there :)
  • <img src="" alt="">Hi I'm new I'm currently on week 9 of my couch to 5k. I only have 2 runs left and wondering what next? I love the app because it boosts me. 😁. What do I do when it ends? 🤔 any tips?
  • Hi Caroline and welcome.

    Have you started doing Parkrun yet (if there's one near you?). I know of people who use Parkrun as their 'graduation' from the couch25k programme. Once you start on that why not look to see if you can run further, aim for a 10K?
  • Just got here myself! New to running, not really planning any marathons or anything but so far I'm enjoying my runs! I usually run to the MMA gym I train at as my warmup before training
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  • I've run my first parkrun! Not as my graduation as it didnt time right with my runs. But I loved it!! I've also started to work my way up to 10k at 7.59km so far but I'm pacing myself while I work on my endurance. 
  • > @RunningBee85 said:
    > Hi all. Complete newbie here. I don't seem to have the option to start a new thread? Can anyone help? Perhaps I'm missing something :-/

    We have to interact with the forum before we're allowed, comment etc..
  • New hear from networking. i have been working as a networking specialist for few months now. ( Planning on a career change). However to keep my self active i do occasional marathons. ( Most of them i have completed ) Hurray huh!! haha..
  • Hi I'm Sheena, I've just started running. I wanted to post a new question but it wouldn't let me? But ye my question was that I have been having much pain in the balls of my feet this week since starting running. I used to always work on my feet but for the last two years I've had office jobs where I sit down all day and yet this is the first time I've had issues with my feet (Im 25) It hurts on both, and I dont know why, I have decent nike running shoes so I dont think its that? anything I can do to prevent it as its not making me want to run?
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  • Hi Everyone 
    I’m Tom, 35, I’ve been running for about 8 years and am in training for my second marathon this April. I’ve been lurking on the forum reading posts for a while and now getting stuck in!
  • some good information posted here
  • Hi! My name's Solomiia, I'm a newbie here. Hope to find some inspiration and useful tips at the forum.
  • Hello, new member here saying hello as well :) 42 year old male and coming back to running after a long layoff doing strength training. Hoping to get to a decent 10 miler whilst not losing too much weight!
  • Robc66Robc66 ✭✭
    Hi I'm Rob and new to the site 😊 After years of playing golf to a good standard, about 8 years ago (ripe old age of 45!) I hung up the golf shoes, bought a road bike and started cycling! Cycling turned into running and cycling, then swimming running and know where this is going! Triathlon followed for a few years even though I hate water, well not water, more the fear of drowning in it! Eventually the swimming faded after traing for Ironman Austria and now I am back to running and cycling 👌 I run 3 or 4 times a week with my weekend long runs up to 15 miles now. Looking forward to chatting to everyone and sharing the joy of running!
  • Hi, I'm Amy and new to the site. I've just started running, always exercising, walking especially but never loved running. I've decided now is the time and so getting myself stuck in. Hopefully I can find some encouragement on here!
  • Hey, I'm Bex. Rugby player, powerlifter and novice runner. Based in Liverpool. Just starting c25k for the third time!
  • Hello everyone.

    I'm pretty new to running but am really enjoying it. Currently on week 5 of C25k. I'm finding it hard sticking to the plan if i'm being honest, its telling me to walk when i feel that i can easily keep running. Should i stick with it or just go running?

  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Hi BigPhil and welcome. I've not actually done the C25K, but from what I've read and heard about it it's designed to ensure you build up to 5K in such a way that's maintainable and would also avoid injury. Having said that it is, I guess, generic in how it does this, so what may be perfect for one person may seem too hard for someone else and for others, like yourself, feel as if it's not pushing you hard enough. If you feel you can keep running then perhaps push yourself on a bit more, but remember it's all about building up.
  • mcjocmcjoc ✭✭
    Another newbie here, trying to work on my 5k times until the rugby season starts again and I'm constantly broken...

    40 isn't too far off now and rugby won't last that much longer so seguing into 5k/10k as something to replace rugby is appealing, against myself tho, I don't think my current 21:58 PB will threaten any leaderboards...

    Hoping for some tips on how to sort out my base fitness. A recent 1k jaunt was at 3:37 and I'm confident I could knock quite a bit off that. Seems low compared to by 5k times which indicates pretty poor aerobic fitness right? Given I don't love long slow runs and, um, don't do them at the moment that seems likely.

    Anyway, hope to be a regular here...
  • Hello, my name is Dave.
  • Hello all, I’m Adam. I’ve never been a runner before but took it up in April 2020 and the Jeff Galloway Garmin 0-5k plan. I‘ve just turned 48 and ran a new 5k PB yesterday of 29:03. A good third of it was in anaerobic zone according to my watch! So looking to train smarter from here on in with some easy miles to get my time down further. 
    48 year old beginner running since April 2020
  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Welcome Adam and well done on your 5K PB. I'm sure that will come down as you train.
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    <div class="QuoteAuthor">Cheers for that i wasn't aware been wondering why i couldn't post thank you
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    You have to comment in posts 10 times before you're able to start a new discussion.</div>

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  • Thanks for the heads up i was wondering why i couldnt post I'm brand new here
  • Hi all I'm a newbie here looking to start running before lockdown i was cycling now and then been doing a bit of walking but looking to start running looking for recommendations for a pair of running shoes i over pronate and am a heavy runner,/walker most days i walk sround 7 miles in 1hr 45 minutes.
    Walked 13 miles the other day in 3 hours 20 minutes getting runners toe on the toe next to my big toe.
    Thanks in advance
  • Hi I'm a newbie and 55 I'm not quite running yet only walks 7 miles usually in 1 hr 45 mins but want to start running I'm a heavy guy who over pronates looking for recommendations for a shoe for asphalt and looking to move up from waljing to running i usually walk at 4mph and want to get advice on how to take the next step up to running.
    <span>Cheers </span>
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