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  • PogPog ✭✭
    Hello - great to join you. Been running now since 2019 (when I turned 50). Great work Sarahsjs!! I was told by a podiatrist not to run 11 years ago now I'm training for the Chester Half Marathon and everything that was weak and vulnerable is now solid and stable. Just realising that running encourages others too to challenge themselves as to what they can do. If I can become a runner virtually everyone can!! :-)
  • Hi my first post after joining today :) I have spent all of my 53 years thinking running was not for me . Working from home since lockdown and gradually gaining weight finally made me realise that if I wanted to stay healthy I need to do something both my parents are now in poor health , I want my children to have a healthy Mum (fingers crossed).
    Back at the beginning of March this year I stopped having a bottle of wine every weekend started eating healthy I also found the "How to start running today:A beginners guide" myself and my partner started with a seven week walk plan ..... I am now on stage 2 week 4, yesterday felt like even a minute of running was too much but today I slowed right down and I did the run 1minute walk 3 no problem at all.
    I have lost just under a stone since i began too added bonus.
    Looking forward to reading all your posts and staying inspired
  • Sorry to hijack this thread temporarily but does anyone know how to start a new thread? There are no options for me to do so?!?! Thanks (and sorry again)
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    <div class="QuoteText">Sorry to hijack this thread temporarily but does anyone know how to start a new thread? There are no options for me to do so?!?! Thanks (and sorry again)</div>
    Never mind I posted this and it’s now appeared!
  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Welcome Lifebeigins and well done on starting the running journey.

    Jimbogarner - as it's appeared I think that would mean you've now posted 10 times in threads so it opens up for you.
  • ArthArth ✭✭
      Hello, everyone, I am glad to be amongst you. I'm a 26 year old male and my history with athletics has been unremarkable. I did manage to lose a significant amount of weight from the summer of 2020 to the spring of 2021, somewhere around 3 stone. This was done primarily with diet, but I also added a decent amount of walking in to keep me outdoors and motivated. 

      I put on a few KGs in February - March of this year and decided to look to running and strength training to help me lose the last stone or two that I'd like to lose, and also add some body recomp in. Again, diet is the way, these exercises are just tools to help me. I'm now on week 5 of the couch to 5k program and I am having an absolute blast. I feel like my life has already been drastically changed, I have caught the bug, and I'm not talking about COVID. I eagerly look forward to my run every other day and I strength train in my off days.

      I plan on running 20 minutes continuously this upcoming week and hope to complete the program during the summer. I will continue to gain muscle, endurance, and fitness in general. By the time 2022 comes around I will be a new human being. I love running, who knew!?!?
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Welcome Arth.....You seem to be going well, and in a good direction. Very wise to have alternate days for leg recovery. A lot of people would become over-confident with their early success, and make a mess of things by over-doing the miles. Glad that you are enjoying your running. I'm 50 years older than you but get the same enjoyment out of this simple activity. Keep it sensible and have many years of happy running.
  • Hi all, I’m new to running, a lockdown couch to 5k runner after being a committed, absolutely definitely not ever, non-runner until the age of 50! I’ve done some virtual runs for medals including a 10k, and my daughter and I have signed up to do the Vitality Half Marathon which has been postponed to 22nd Aug. Thought I’d join here to read comments and get info & advice. Thank you all
  • Hi all. Glad to join :)
  • Hi everyone!

    Started running at the age of 47 late 2021 (August?) in a bid to increase my fitness for mountain biking, which I've been doing for years (not very well, I might add).

    Based in the north east of England.

    Used the couch to 5k plan which really amazed me. It's brilliant.

    I'm now finding I'm doing way more running than biking - it's just so much less faff to get out of the house!

    I'm trying to mix it up with a combination of roughly 5k and some 10k runs, usually 3 times a week. Really enjoying it. I tend to get up early (about 5am) and head out before work. It's great for there being no traffic to negotiate.

    Currently sitting at a 5k PB of just over 22 min and a 10k of about 51 min. Seem to have hit a wall with the 5k time, so I'd like to improve on that in 2022.

    Have entered a couple of local 10k events, so looking forward to those too.

    Looking for general advice and a good bit of craic!
  • New here and looking for race shoe advice
  • Hello all. New here and relatively new to running. Haven’t trained at all in the last 7 years and decided to sign up to a 10k last week. I managed it okay all things considered but my timing was (unsurprisingly) poor.

    It’s spurred me on to get back into it!
  • Jay17Jay17 ✭✭
    37/M and did my first 10K race last week!
  • Hi all runners , just saying hi, only just found this forum
  • New to the forum. Want to post a new thread but don't seem to be able to. Posting here to see if doing so unlocks something. Hi :)
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  • Hello everyone

    I'm in my early 40s and decided to start running after spending most of my adult life doing no exercise whatsoever and feeling really unhealthy.

    There's a park near where I live that does 5k park runs which is 3 laps. I've been trying to run it on my own with a view to doing an actual park run one day.

    The problem I have is that I get out of breath really quickly and I abandon it after 1 or 2 laps most of the time. I'm running as slowly as I can but get tired after just a minute or 2. At the end my legs feel like they can go much further but I'm too out of breath to. If my legs feel fine then I'm probably not getting any benefit out of it.

    I've searched for advice and what I've read is to do a gentle jog as warm up but it's that very thing that's making me out of breath.

    Any hints or tips will be much appreciated.
  • Hello, I'm Florin from Romania, I just started running again after a break of about 3 years...due to a knee problem. It is called Patellar tendinitis, without surgery, only physical recovery plus others, which lasted about 1 year.
    Distance : 5.29 km
    Time : 31:51
    AVG pace 6.01
  • Hi I started running 7 weeks ago due to the golf course being closed.
    I’m 52 and not ran since school though I’m active for my age.
    I’ve done 6 Parkruns so far and my pb was this morning @ 25:02 at Monsal Trail, Derbyshire.
    I’m probably too competitive for my own good. Today for instance getting close to the start line for a decent start then the last 200m I start speeding up if I can hear footsteps behind because I don’t want to lose out to someone 😂😂.
    Overall I’m enjoying it and maybe need to lose a few more kilos as the uphill gradients are tough. I’m 80kg at 177cm.
    I’ve learnt to control my breathing better as I was trying to breath more air in faster which just stresses me out. So today I concentrated on nice relaxed breathing and I felt so much better which gave me the PB.
    I’ve noticed there are many different running styles and whilst I hope I can run more efficiently. But for now I’m just starting out and really enjoying it.
    Love Parkrun and the volunteers who make it happen are amazing.
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