Running after a Pulmonary Emboilism

Hi All, I was diagnosed with a blood clot on my lung 1 day before York Marathon and have only just started running again since, (almost 5 weeks out). Has anybody else suffered this horrible 'illness' and if so have you struggled to get running again?
Attempted a 3 mile solo run on Monday and then did a 5 mile tempo run with my club on Tuesday and it feels like am running through treacle and have no pace at all.


  • Just realised, that should say 7 weeks, not 5 weeks.
  • I run with a guy who had pneumonia last summer and a reccurrence at the end of this January. He finally did Ely Standard tri in August but really struggled. He still has days when running just doesn't feel right especially damp or foggy days but he's getting there. Don't expect it to be quick, but it will come back.
  • Thanks for the reply Angiemac, hopefully it is just the weather. Just feel so disappointed, (at least am still alive!), going from marathon training to struggling round like I have just started running. Hoping to do Brass Monkey Half in January and Edinburgh Full in May, so got targets anyway.
  • Well  I managed 10 mile today, so slowly getting better! 
  • totally sucks mate! You still on blood thinners or off now?
  • Well hope this cheers you up - a mate had a PE several months back. He was doing tri's etc and had done a iron man. It knocked him for six. After about 8 to 10 weeks he decided to run again - he decided I would run with him. Mainly due to my background in emergency work rather than my running ability (ie I was the only mate he'd be confident had a chance of resuscitating him should it go pear shaped). Ok - 1st run "recovery pace" 4km him complaining that he was so slow and knackered - me being unable to breathe as I'd just run at my absolute limit to keep up. About 3 months later we still run together 200m ish of ascent in 8km and I've taken 4minutes off my best 5k time. He's sort of a dot in the distance at this point but its keeping my times up!
    So in essence check with your consultant / GP that you're ok to exercise - take it slow but you'll get back to where you were quicker than you expect

    Good luck
  • Thanks for the comments! Aye Gordoben, am on Apixaban until April, then it has been recommended that I go on a reduced amount permanently. Still trying to run but find it very hard, gone from 7.40 per mile average to 9 per mile. Going to attempt a plod around Brass Monkey Half in January, then somehow get miles back in my legs for Edinburgh marathon in May.
  • Taking 4 mins off your 5k time is excellent btw Scoobied64, well done!!
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