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  • Hey Snodders, great to catch up with your news. Certainly feels like Snod marathon weather here in Waunfawr today. Training has been non existent this year, the life of a caravan site warden doesnt lend itself to long training runs!! However, I will be there:)
    Congratulations on the 100 was reaching that milestone that led me down the path of the ultras :)

  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    did a very slow and hilly 15.25 miles yesterday, it took the sort of time some would do a marathon in!!
    But I did it and quite enjoyed it training is going well. Booked airbnb last night as well so it is looking real!
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Thanks Brer. Still go a fair few to do before I catch you up! The siren call of the ultras eh?!? 
  • Hi all, just a reminder that I still have a place for Snowdonia Marathon if anyone needs it.
  • Hello everyone.
    Looks like I will be running as I have enough staff. I better get training. Only 70 miles done this year though. Will it be doable??
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    Sorry to say I can't run
    Does anyone need a space? 
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • I'm afraid that I will be joining Wabo in sitting it out this year. I hope to be back next year - ballot permitting!
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    my place has been transferred now
    sorry to hear that LG
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Hi all. Just a quick heads-up to warn you that there are bypass building works going on around Caernarfon at the moment. It won't affect the race route but might cause delays/confusion in getting to/from accomodation if you're staying in or travelling via Caernarfon. Where roads are closed there are diversions and there are temporary traffic lights on some other roads.

    In other news, whilst I'm not the designated researcher on the highlights programme this year, me and the big orange coat and fluffy hat will still be lurking around to help the TV crew on the day, so do come and say hello/claim your hug if you see me!
  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    Hi guys!

    seems like there’s been a lot of changes going on here?

    caravan site Brer? Are you living fulltime in waunfawr now? 

    Given up road running you say it’s a job SNOD is offroad ;) 
    no lists/training plans/pacing plans in sight either!

    hope your training is going ok Jason :)

    be good o see you back out on course as well Snowdonia Snail - you’ll be fine ;)

    me : not running again this year...been a strange year for me after tearing my achilies back in january (slipped whilst walking in the snow 8( ) i’ve jot run a step since.  However i’ve been back cycling for the last 2 months which has sped recovery up loads and walking is now finally 9  ontha later back to normal.  I had penciled the end of september in my head as a time to attempt a few v short plods (probably start myself back with a couch-to-5k type plan) but i got more hours at work and so now have v little time and wanted to make sure my ankle was holding up with the extra cycle commuting walking and generally being on my feet all day that that entails before adding he running back as well - one thing i have learnt is how much running means to me, as i’ve never taken ‘recovering properly’ so seriously before in my life and the last thing i want to do is cause more problems....

    mr panad is running so i’ll be in the village on the 26th - hopefully catch up with some of you...
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    Sorry not to post.  Stayed in Llanberis for a week after my duathlon and when I got home it was all about preparing for the next race which was the Cotswold Way Century (102 miles) on 21 Sep.  So now I have two reports to write but the second one will be very brief because I didn't get very far before it ended in disaster.
  • Hi all, no SNOD for me this year. After the heart stuff earlier in year I’ve been trying something different and slower and finished my first ultra the other week, a 60 miler in the Peak District. It wasn’t pretty but feeling quite proud. 
  • Hi all- it’s been a while. 
    Didn’t think I would be able to run this year but have now sorted things and I can - JUST NEED A PLACE - anyone know of a transfer - PLEASE !!
  • Wabo said:
    Sorry to say I can't run
    Does anyone need a space? 
    Wabo said:
    Sorry to say I can't run
    Does anyone need a space? 
    Yes please 
  • LesHK said:
    Hi all, just a reminder that I still have a place for Snowdonia Marathon if anyone needs it.
    Sorry to repeat myself- but do you still have the place ? 
  • The deadline for place swaps has passed I'm afraid running eye - the race committee won't allow any more changes this close to the race.
  • Errrrrr thanks anyway 
  • Hope your brother's 100th goes well tomorrow TR - enjoy the trading estates of Abingdon ;->

    What was the story at the Cotswold Way - always fancied that but would need to do some proper hill work.

  • Hello fellow Snodders, just a week to go to the very best marathon ever. It will be a humble attempt from me this year. 7 months of little training due to my lovely Waunfawr caravan site warden job. Just going to slip in 2 marathons on Tuesday and Wednesday as last minute training :)

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    Lol BRer! Glad to see not everything has changed :smiley:
  • Looking forward to catching up with everyone next weekend. 
    Do we know what time Y Pantri will be open to on the Fri eve?
  • Oh no, I've just scrolled back a few posts and seen some regulars have had to pull out. Unless you are totally busted, please feel free to join me on the slow jog in warm clothes and a pint in the pub party. I dont have it in me to thrash any part of it and am not going to beat myself up about it :)
  • Greetings from Llanberis. Went for a run with SS this morning. Saturday will be a challenge, as usual, both physically and weather-wise.
    Hope everyone is tapering well. 
    Pantri hasn’t finalized plans for Friday. Will post here when I find out.
    Looking forward to catching up with everyone. Safe travels.
  • Greg CGreg C ✭✭✭
    Returning after 4 years and looking forward to it, though not done much training as got a late place. Had a few years out with a back injury, given the advice that I wouldn't be able to run again but it's gradually got better and better. After a bit of advice on parking if possible. Planning to register on Friday on the drive to Porthmadog, which will allow me to arrive a bit later on Saturday as my wife is planning on meeting some friends in Llanberis. Does anyone know if there is likely to be much parking available around 9:45. I was thinking probably at the slate museum. Also any advice on dog friendly places for breakfast.
  • The slate museum could be your best bet at that time. In addition to the car parks you'll have seen before, there is also one at Glyn Rhonwy. Here's the map and Stephen's comment from facebook: 
    "Note to ALL Runners
    - Parking available on the Glyn Rhonwy site, on the right hand side (as map in orange) as you enter Llanberis from Bangor, Caernarfon, Llanrug.
    - Event Park £5. All money going towards the local Church (Save our Church) St. Padarn Church.
    Please, Please use the parking available if you can
    1 - less stress in village
    2 - will help a great community charity / cause
    3 - Its only £5 not £70 if you get a parking ticket (they will be out)
    Diolch / Thank you " 
    Can't help with dog-friendly places for breakfast I'm afraid - mine's a liability so I leave him at home!
    No photo description available
  • Snowdonia SnailSnowdonia Snail ✭✭✭
    edited October 2019
    Evening everyone.
    As I will be running the race myself this year I would prefer not to open in the evening as I will need to be at the Pantri at 6:30 on race day to get organised. Sorry about that and I hope it gives you sufficient time to make alternative arrangements. Look forward to seeing you all.

    T Rex - Any chance of mile splits for sub 6 if you have time please.
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    First my report of the Seriously Brutal duathlon on 31 August which I haven't given yet.  It's a bit long but hopefully inspires ...
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    This duathlon was being held alongside the Extremely Brutal Triathlon (ironman distance) organised by the very friendly Brutal Events organisation.  I was missing out the 2.4-mile swim in the choppy and frigid Llyn Padarn, and just doing the 112-mile bike and marathon run, in the format run-bike-run.  Others were doing the double and triple distance triathlons also on offer.  My event was the one for novices and only 10 had entered.

    At registration and briefing Friday evening there were a lot of frightening T-shirts (on even more frightening looking torsos) with ’Deca’ or logos about desert grand slams on them.  I was trying to look good in my 10 Peaks Brecon Beacons shirt, but felt slightly out of place.  I had previously emailed the organisers with some basic questions for newbies and not had an answer, and I certainly wasn’t going to ask them in the presence of this lot! 

    On Saturday some very serious-looking triathletes from all across Europe started assembling in good time for the 0700 start.  They had arrived with all their kit neatly arranged in one or more giant Tupperware boxes.  Transition was in a marquee and the idea was to grab a chair and lay everything out in the order you would need it, on the chair and in front of it.  Enormous amounts of high quality kit were on display. I had one small sports holdall with everything in it all jumbled up, mostly old stuff. 

    But it was the bikes that really did it. There was a small compound for racking your bike and the range of expensive machines in there defied belief.  All carbon of course with flashy ‘S Works’ or similar emblazoned on them, aerodynamic wheels, tri bars, an amazing variety of water bottle holders and drinks reservoirs, electronic gear shifters, the lot.  Some had time trial bikes with disc rear wheels.  I had my trusty Giant SCR1 road bike, generally considered good for winter training.  I had bought it earlier in the year for £300 including shoes that the guy had thrown in with it.  I racked it gingerly between two £6000 machines, being careful not to scratch them.  I did a quick mental calculation and reckoned that there must have been nearly £1 million worth of bikes in that compound. There was this bloke on a chair at the entrance to it, guarding them.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    All races, triathlons and duathlons, started at the same time.  Due to very strong winds and difficult conditions for the safety crew in their kayaks, the race start was put off until 0800 and then 0900.  It had been dry earlier but at 0905 just after starting the first of three, five-mile laps round Llyn Padarn it hammered down and we were all instantly soaked to the skin.  There were intermittent heavy showers all day but it was the wind that was the hardest thing to cope with.  The initial run went well but after only one lap most people went off to the get their bikes.  These were the half distance duathletes.  (Half distance was another option for both, but I hadn’t considered this.)  Only ten runners were left on the course, and eight of those had disappeared over the horizon.  I fell in at the back with another runner who, if anything, was even less prepared than me, although he had recently done a 300-mile bike event …  At the end of the second lap he developed cramp and I had to leave him.  In the end he DNF’d three-quarters of the way round the bike course.

    15 miles of running done in an easy 2:57, change into cycling kit, and off to try to find my bike.  Needn’t have worried – there were hardly any bikes left in the compound.  All runners and nearly all triathletes were already on the bike course.  Only those doing the 7.2-mile swim were still in the lake.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    The course was similar to the SNOD marathon in the opposite direction, only instead of going up to Bwlch-y-groes it stays on the main road north out of Llanberis and takes a left at Llanrug up a hilly road to Waunfawr. Also it stays on the road between marathon miles 8 and 6 instead of that offroad section.  So it was four 28-mile laps.

    Now I had done a lot of preparation for this bike leg. It had consisted of one 60-mile ride.  How hard can it be?  It’s a sitting down sport!  At the end of the first lap I was already feeling it.  From the point where the road leaves the shore of Llyn Gwynant all the way to Pen-y-pass it’s a constant 4-mile uphill grind with no let up at all. I wasn’t going to call into transition, but I needed to stop to lower my saddle, and collect my mitts which I had forgotten.  While I was in the tent I filled up my bottles, had a cup of tea from the self-service urn, and generally faffed about.  25 minutes soon went by.  Back out onto the road.  Every other rider whooshed by in aero position.  They all seemed to have a higher cadence than me but also be going much faster than me.  I couldn’t work it out.  One even called out, advising me to use a higher cadence.  I replied that I was already in my lowest but one gear and I was saving the lowest for emergencies.

    Halfway round this lap it was gel time only I couldn’t open it whilst riding.  I pulled over, only I couldn’t seem to unclip quickly enough.  All right, I’ll lean left and lean on the wall.  The bike however decided to lean right and I landed in a heap in the road.  “Oops-a-daisy”, said an ironman flashing by.  After this or perhaps because of this I started having gear problems and found the second and third lowest gears when on the small ring were no longer working.  It was a pity, because I needed them for all these hills.  Soon afterwards when changing up to the big ring I found the chain kept coming off.  The first time it did this I was doing a fast descent down the Llanberis Pass, still on lap 2.

    There was a mobile bike mechanic on the course and if I had come across him I would have asked for help but I wasn’t going to call him specially.  Just soldier on.  Another long period of faffing in the tent and out onto the third lap.  I was getting really tired by now but somehow found some second wind from somewhere.  Grinding up the hill for the third time it was getting dark and this was when I was outclassed again.  Out came all the headlamps of enormous luminosity, lamps that went to-and-fro panning across the road and, at the rear, flashing lights, strobes, strip lights, shirts with LEDs sewn into them.  It was like Piccadilly Circus.

    Coming down Llanberis Pass each time there was a terrific headwind, slowing progress, but on this third lap it had horizontal stinging hail in it.  I got extremely cold and was glad to get into the tent to warm up. At about 2100 I set out on the fourth lap.  Bikes were still whizzing past me – these would now be those doing 8 laps and 12 laps.  This was becoming epic.

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