beginers bike Q

Not really a Tri thing but any help would be good.

I got myself a bike so i can cylce to work given it is only 3 miles away. Question is when you extend your leg on a cylce should you extend all the way ie so you have a straight leg before the return or should your leg be slightly bent? Only want to know if i need to raise my seat anymore or not.

the bike is a mountain bike with dual suspention.


  • good old sheldon brown

    my rule of thumb is not quite fully extended at the botton of your pedal stroke... and thigh just below horizontal at the top.
  • when you sit on the bike, put your heel on the pedal and at its furthest position, your leg should be almost straight but very slightly bent

    this will seem quite high at first (especially as the bike wont be compressed before you get into the saddle!)
  • Thanks for the advice, and the web site link.
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