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  • Good he saw it all and didn't just disappear into the distance Jooligan!

    Anyway, I did the 7m LT run tonight...  as you might remember, I do these at a constant HR (157bpm) and just see what pace comes out...  and I saw a big step forwards.  

    Last year, I saw a sudden improvement after a few weeks of not-so-obvious improvements and I think it's happened again.

    Averaged 7:06 for the 7 miles - the fastest pace I've achieved in this, my tenth attempt at this run over the last couple of year.     Four weeks ago, it was 7:25.  9 weeks ago 7:45  - so I feel the training might be kicking in.  Hope so!
  • SorequadsSorequads ✭✭✭

    Pleased you got checked out, Jools. I’d definitely second muddy’s point about the dangers of a second concussion. Look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

    Very good speed on the intervals, Macca. I wouldn’t worry about a longer rest – at least you are getting the fast running in, which I think is more the point of those 600m sessions pre race. Are you parkrunning?

    So was the 10k in the magic shoes, Hamo? If not, I think 2:45 is a realistic target. Big week from you! No way I’d have a 12M in me the day after an all out half.

    NE that is excellent progress on the LT running – and just the right way to go about it. Assuming matching conditions, profile etc of route.


    15M MLR this morning, out and back along the canal. Surprisingly mild at 10C. Enjoyed the peace and quiet and wildlife spotting. Average 7:22s. Tiring in the last couple of miles – perhaps not surprising after yesterday’s intervals. 

    Back improving all the time, although I have stopped the ibuprofen today, so we’ll see what that brings. 

    Forest of Dean Half on Sunday. Definitely won’t taper and will run it on feel. It is a beautiful course and I am not racing much, so will just go out to enjoy it.

  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
    NE: thats great imrpovement on LT pace and shows real progression
    SQ: sounds like a nice run - lovely this time of year with the light, and a bit more heat. Makes running so pleasurable. Fingers crossed on the back
    Run commute home (7.5mi) and back (10.0mi) this morning. Tried to take it much easier but my legs felt good, particularly this morning so seem to have recovered very quickly from Sunday's half.
    Got a massage tomorrow morning and then off to London where I'm hoping to fit in a couple of runs Thursday/Friday
  • hamo44gfchamo44gfc ✭✭✭
    NE...sorry, meant to answer that. Its my local team, Glenavon, so wouldn't be quite the standard or as well known as the Gulls, but they are the love of my life :D 22.08 is a good time, especially considering the weather, i always find wind in your face will slow you down more than wind at your back speeds you up. Brilliant confidence boosting 7 @ LT, its a tough session, and you've smashed it. Nice when it all starts to finally click.

    TR...best way of thinking, head up and onwards to Brighton .

    Muddy...i accept its a bit of a mad week, but the HM on Saturday is a stepping stone and rough pace indicator for London, so i know ill be fatigued and not fresh racing it, but will give me an idea of where i am. Was toying with doing it at MP, but know myself ill not be able to hold back when the gun goes, so may as well give it a good go.

    SQ...no, 10k was in my normal racers, the magic shoes will get their first outing on Saturday, im intrigued to see how i feel in them. The 12 mile planned for Sunday is very much a see how i feel day, if i do it, it'll be very easy, but could well be cut down in distance. 7.22 over 15 mile is good going, your certainly getting back into it rightly, and lost anything with a few days off. I went down the canal myself this morning, always a nice run with the sunrise and wildlife spotting.

    15M MLR for me too this morning, didn't push it too hard, as i was feeling a bit tired overall (not helped by my 3 year old deciding my face would be a good pillow for her, as her bed was "lumpy" last night :D ) , but still managed a quicker 2nd half of the run, and pleased to be averaging 7.26. I think i'm ready for 2 quieter days now, and the relative lie ins they bring.
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    Macca, I think my ability to turn it on in races is a blessing and a curse. 
    I think it was the continual racing at a pace harder than prescribed that led to all of my niggles last year. I find it hard not to race B & C races flat out, especially if there is a high finishing position on offer. 
    NE, good result on the 7 at LT. I think that’s the hardest one in the schedule.
  • NE / FBT - Macca the Slacker😂. Great LT NE, funny how things can turnaround after the slightly disappointing half IIRC.

    SQ - great to see you are back on it, just be careful bending and picking up, sitting too long etc etc.  I park run sporadically, over the last year probably once per month average which is more than I used to do.  I think I can see the benefit of a “bonus” speed session in the right place. Currently planning the logistics of a sub 18:07 attempt on a fast course😉.

    AWC - solid mileage post half, augurs well for going longer if the legs feel good.

    Hamo - sounds like the sort of week I wouldn’t recommend to someone but one of those I may have done in the past myself😀

    Millsy - I have a SPO (TRs term not mine if you are reading this darling) to curb my racing excesses, I’m still impressed by your results at either end of the spectrum.
  • Blimey Jools, hope you're ok mate! A colleague at work had a very similar thing happen to him a couple of weeks ago. Glad to hear it's nothing serious but don't try and push back too hard too soon.

    Hamo - massive performance in the 10k, and then backing it up with some seriously fast intervals. Like others have said, I would have thought sub 2:45 could be a realistic target. 

    AWC - enjoyed the report, and really well deserved. Reckless opening miles are clearly the way forward..

    Millsy - congrats also! Clearly in great shape ahead of VLM. 

    NE - great LT run mate, really glad things seem to be falling into place - keep that consistency going and the results will come. 

    Legs held up relatively well post Reading, which has been a pleasant surprise. Couple of recovery runs Monday, relatively hard bike session last night, and a 20 mile double day today (12.5 + 7.5).

    Will head to club tempo session tomorrow night and see what speed the legs have got. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    NE - nice, tbats a good way of tracking your fitness.

    SQ - nice one on the 15, sounds like a great morning run.

    Well done on the 15 too Hamo.

    AWC - the long runs must be paying off then.

    Joe - well done on the daily 20.

    Inspired by the 15s by SQ and Hamo, i was up for another decent length mlr tonight and ended up doing 18.
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Relatively well Joe? Sounds like they're fine to me. I think that's another benefit of massive mileage beforehand as legs are conditioned to it. I reckon that's the same for you AWC.
    Cracking progress NE. The unplanned cut-back week allowed the consistent training to shine through. Must have given you a bit more optimism for Newport given you've still got over 6 weeks.
    Taper time is great for smashing a 5K PB Macca. You'll have to plan a special Easter weekend which just happens to have a flat fast parkrun within easy wu distance :D
    That's just showing off TR ;)
    I stuck to the traditional 15M although it was a bit longer as I added an out & back (guestimated) bit along the canal to my 10.4M commute. Cycled in too so a decent day's actvity. Shoulder still very painful but not quite the agony it was. Can't swing it at all though so I'm running a bit lopsided.
  • Blimey Jools - sounds nasty - hope the Bikes OK....

     (Sorry bad taste joke).. Seriously hope it does not set you back and all is ok - goes to show the importance of a helmet ! Heres to a quick recovery.

    Macca-the-Slacker attempts sub 18:07... best of luck

    NE is flying again (as well as making up a great new name for Macca)

    Its only 3 weeks on Sunday till Brighton marathon Eek

  • SorequadsSorequads ✭✭✭
    Morning all

    Sound like Joe and AWC have recovered very strongly from the halves. And as for macca's 22M MLR!

    Well done on the MLRs Hamo and TR. I'm calling a low 1:17 for Hamo in the half.

    You're a tough one, Jooligan. Sounds bloody painful. 

    Had a hospital appointment yesterday and had some excellent news - I am being allowed a 'Freestyle Libre'. This is a small device that sits on my arm and will, every five minutes, send blood sugar readings straight to my phone or watch. So whilst enabling me to look at trends after eating, overnight etc, it will also give me near live blood sugar data whilst running. This will be absolutely amazing for timing any gels etc. Really excited about it.

    3M recovery run yesterday afternoon as I knew a double wasn't possible today. 6M recovery this morning. Feeling a bit beaten up from the 12M intervals and 15M MLR back to back. 
  • SQ - that sounds pretty impressive bit of technology. (Actually running marathons with any form of diabetes is bloody impressive to start with).

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Good that you are obviously feeling ok Jools.

    SQ - excellent news, good for you. The back to bacl mlr/sessions can be tough on the legs but hopefully in a good way.

    I backed up last night 18 with 10 (5 av 8.25, 5 av 6.45) this morning.
  • 1SteveMac1SteveMac ✭✭✭
    NE - Superb progress on the LT runs. Putting you in a good place before the marathon.
    Macca - mid week 22 miler!?!?
    SQ - Impressive tech, and nice running!
    TR - Nice 18 miler.
    Jools - Good to see you back out there!
    8 miles with strides yesterday and 10 miles with 20 mins (6:19 average) and 16 mins (6:33 average) at LT today.
  • Jools - I think you're right, that's what I'm telling myself anyway. Good to see you back at it, and back on the bike so soon. No swimming just yet I guess!

    SQ - should yield some interesting data. Let us know how it goes.

    TR - still nailing the mileage. When do you start to properly back off?

    Nice LT work Steve. 

    Nice swim this morning, but no running. Feels weird to not run in the morning. Got a relatively big tempo session with the club tonight though. 

    For those who like to read about running on their lunch break. Reading race report;

  • hamo44gfchamo44gfc ✭✭✭
    TR...impressive midweek 18, and well backed up with the 10 today, quick last 5 too.

    Jools....Your right, yesterday was an impressive days activity, esp doing 15 lopsided, fair play to ya.

    SQ...sounds a very interesting bit of kit, and it'll be intriguing to see what data you can get/interpret from it, and how it makes you adapt with gel timings etc. If i'm bring honest, i'm thinking of setting out at 5.55 m/ms in the half, which has dropped from the 6m/ms i was planning a week ago, so i'll see how i go, anything starting with 1.17/1.18 an id be delighted. Sub 1.20 will be a pb.

    Steve...really good LT paces.

    Joe...Cheers, I'll get a read of that at lunch, always enjoy reading about running.

    6 easy miles for me this morning, and i'm feeling a bit like SQ, tired and a bit tender after the intervals and 15 MLR. I'm starting to look forward to the taper, which has never happened before, few more weeks of hard graft to go first, but ts reassuring to know its only round the corner.
  • george_george_ ✭✭✭
    Hamo-Have to say, I'm looking forward to the taper too. Looks like you've got some great volume in recently

    Joe-Will read your blog later today. Sounds like a good swim session

    Steve-Nice 10 miler this morning, and some great paces in there too. Sounds like you're in great shape 

    TR-Likewise, some huge MLRs going on! 

    SQ-That sounds like a great bit of kit. Didn't realise you had diabetes 

    Thank you all for your suggestions re: Manchester pacing. My inclination is to go with the 3 hour pacer as long as possible. If I blow up, I blow up. As long as we're having fun, right? 

    Lots of easy stuff this week but will attempt 9 miles with [email protected] this evening. I have a day off tomorrow so will get my final 20 miler in early doors 
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Good man George. Nothing ventured nothing gained :)
  • Cracking result for a sub-marathon effort Muddy. Hope the hamstring is ok.

    Always nice when you can compare a run like that HPR and see such a big improvement. Bodes well.

    Sensible at this stage TR. Most of the fitness is in the bank, so better to be a little conservative and get to race day healthy.

    Sounds like you were relatively lucky Jooligan, glad to hear you’re ok and went to the hospital to get checked out. Just be careful - as others say a second concussion can be really serious.

    Incredible 10K Hamo congrats. Particularly impressive with an 18 miler the previous day! Everyone converts differently, but after that time and the mileage you’re doing I’d have thought you’re definitely in sub-2:45 shape. 

    Great report AWC, nice splits at the end.

    Congrats on the PB Millsy, great stuff.

    Glad the intervals went well and the back is ok SQ. Great news about the monitor, will you have it in time for London?

    Nice intervals Macca.

    Great that the training is kicking in NE, that’s really solid progression.

    Impressive mileage so soon after a big HM PB Joe, you’re looking really strong at the moment.

    Great LT run Steve, and good luck for yours George.

    Thanks for the encouragement regarding Bath, it's genuinely appreciated. I was just coming around to it being a decent enough stepping stone to work off, when the top of my left quad started to complain on my afternoon recovery on Tuesday. Really odd, a sort of numb ache like I’d hit it or something. It wasn’t a sharp pain, but was affecting my gait, so I cut things short. I took the day off yesterday, and it felt ok this morning so headed out. Quad was all ok, but after about five miles my left glute started to ache again, and then the top of my ITB started to get sore, so I stopped at seven miles. All very familiar, clearly that left glute still isn't happy.

    As if to rub salt in the wound, when I got back Instagram reminded me that this time last year I completed my last big session before Manchester - 18 miles averaging 6:32/mi! Boy does that feel a distant memory now. Anyway, sorry to be on here moaning again, feels like all I do at the moment. Glute feels fine now, so I’m hopeful by stopping quickly I haven’t done any damage. Not sure there’s much else I can do other than continue the exercises I’ve been doing, and give it more rest.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Good paces there stevemac

    Joe - last 20 something saturday. Will ease bavk a little next week, then 2 real easy weeks ready for the B of the Bang. I fail to believe im not fitter than before Abo, so Brighton becomes all about controlling a process.

    Spoons - hang on in there, keep doing the right things.
  • Spoons - really crap mate, but stay positive. We don't mind you unloading on here, if anything we understand more than others as we all know how much it means. Plenty of good times to come in the future.

    George - solid decision, might as well give it a go!

    Back on it tonight. Club tempo session - 4 x (1 mile, 0.5 'float). So it's essentially a 6 mile continuos run, and I thought it'd be stupid not to take it up to 10km. 

    Miles in 5:44, 5:44, 5:44 and 5:50, and we were 'floating' at about 6:20. 10km in 37:10 and I was pretty cooked by the end. Run to a from the session took it to 15 miles for the evening. I've now come home and devouring everything in sight. 

    Happy with the pace - miles the same pace as I was running on Sunday. Seems ludicrous that I ran 13 of those in a row though.. 
  • Spoons- sorry to read of the new niggle.  As Joe says, if you can’t unload here.....

    FBT - I almost fell off my chair when you typed 3 weeks to Brighton (=2 weeks to Manchester) more on that later.

    George - “he who dares Rodders” good luck with the LT.

    SQ - sounds exciting, a word of caution, my step father, bless his soul. had a similar thing for his heart that uploaded to the hospital and used to be asked by the consultant “what were you doing at 1am on the xth of the month”

    Steve -impressive LT , reward for the patient recovery from injury,

    Hammo- your probably at the peak of hard work / fatigue, taper just round the corner.

    Joe / impressive session tonight, especially after Sunday. Enjoyed the report,hope you’re still enjoying the Pb glow although sorry Katie isn’t out there setting PBs of her own.

    I wasn’t going to get into a “who’s got the biggest MLR” with TR & Jools but as it’s mentioned, yes a 22m MLR yesterday although to be fair it was the LR postponed from Sunday.  It looks like easy street from here on in. I’ve been adding Mad’chester sounds to the phone to get me in the mood, Stone Roses, Inspiral Carpets etc
    hopefully I’ll be dancing like Bez in a couple of weeks.
  • SorequadsSorequads ✭✭✭
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    Morning all
    Looks like you’re enjoying the London runnjt, AWC. 
    Haha enjoyed your sleeping woes tale, Hamo. I dread the cr of a woken 3 year old as I am creeping out at 5am
    Very good LT, Steve. 
    Absolutely rubbish luck, spoons. As Joe says, this is definitely the place to offload and discuss it. Stay with it, plug away as you are, and it will most definitely comegokd sooner rather than later. 
    Great session, Joe. I fancy trying that. 
    Macca that did make me laugh. I won’t ask what caused it. I’ve no doubt that all kinds of health data, especially that collected on s phone will be and is shared. But to be honest, that suits me. I hope it will mean more personalised insurance premiums etc, rather than just being lumped in a diabetic group. 

    Pleasingly, I am due to get the freestyle libre on 10th April. Whilst it will be mostly useful for day to day trends (and avoiding 5000 finger pricks a year), it will be great to have it for London. 
    Off the painkillers/anti inflammatories for the back now, which is great. Has meant a bit of soreness but guess that’s natural. 
    12M MLR at 7:27pace early this morn. Really nice to be running as the sun comes up. Mild, but a definite return of the breeze. Saw two people in dressing gowns walking their dogs. I’m no dog expert, but surely that isn’t right? So, definitely not a taper for FoD half, but will go fairly hard and enjoy it. Jools - what kind of a state are the trails in? Dare I even consider whipping out the magic shoes? 
  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
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    SQ: Good luck for the FoD at the weekend. Interesting report on the Vapourfly's - there certainly a very strong correlation between the shoes and improved performance, although if my dietary change has taught me anything from my research it is that observational trials can show correlation but not prove causation. They would need to carry out some randomised controlled trials in order to test and prove their hypothesis.
    Macca: love the 22 MLR and loving the music choice - was listening to Stone Roses, Black Grape and the Charlatans myself this morning!
    Joe: cracking tempo session which sounds a bit similar to some fartleks I've done (structure wise not speed wise!!)
    Spoons: keep it up - I'm sure those exercies will have you back in no time
    George: hope the [email protected] went well. Always one of the toughest runs that for me but feels great when you nail it
    Hamo: great running and not long until taper now
    TR: nice 18 and 10!
    Steve: your LT runs are looking good
    This week is turning into my highest mileage week of the campaign a bit unexpectedly - yesterday I did 4mi in the morning and then a 12mi round Hyde Park in the afternoon. Then dragged myself up (bit of a late night with red wine in London at the Grange) for another 15mi around Hyde Park and the other Royal Parks this morning.
    Got something like a 24-26mi trail run planned for tomorrow as this is a back to back long run weekend although its turning into a back to back to back one!
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Trails should be very firm SQ. They were fine when I ran them a fortnight ago & although we had some rain last weekend it's been dry all week.
    Nothing for me today - feeling really exhausted. Some of that's work though I'm sure Monday's knock is also playing its part.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Joe - more quality work, you are on fire at the mo.

    Macca - you had the biggest then. 22 would be a long long run for me let alone a long mlr. Although i have gone the extra mile (or 2) and run 3x 23m this campaign.

    SQ - i dont wear (or even own) a dressing gown for my early morning dogging.

    Good mileage AWC - hope the weekend goes well.
  • HA77HA77 ✭✭✭
    Really busy at work and home this week so a bit off the pace, just a few things:

    That's a real bugger spoon. Hope you can sort things soon.
    Great pb Millsy. Building nicely.
    Good report AWC. Sounds like you ran it pretty well in that wind.
    Hammo - That's definitely sub 2:45 sort of running. Get yourself on the champs start for next year.
    Some good midweek long runs (nothing mid about them). Well done everyone.

    I've been struggling to recover from Reading this week. Legs have felt pretty dead and not up for much. Decided on a few strides yesterday but pulled up with a sore left calf and right quad. Still managed a 14 mile MLR this morning but binned the lunch run and undecided about any further running over the weekend. Nothing serious I think and should be right to go for 3 more solid weeks from next week.

    I've been thinking this week how much slower I feel like I'm recovering compared to about 18 months ago. The thing is, I can't think I'm actually recovering that much slower over such a short time frame. I do wonder if I'm just more willing to listen to my body and am now more conservative with my training, cutting runs short if they're not going well or dropping sessions altogether. Compared to a year or two ago, I'm certainly more confident in my fitness and don't worry too much about having a bit of extra down time. Maybe I should take some of that conservatism into races too. Probably just getting old.
  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
    You're defintely getting old HA, how many 70 minute HMs have you run though!

    I need to have a read back.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    HA - you smoked it at Reading, its bound to take a bit out of you given how hard you went. You should be ok by next weekend. Theres physical and mental gains to be had from that performance though, so you will benefit.

    I did a pretty solid 20 on tired legs today. Went out aiming for a final P and D 20% (~8.00) thru 10% (~7.20) stylie, if i could get the legs interested. Came in at 10 av 7.55, 10 av 7.01, last few miles were tough, but ive had a tough week. With 20 (inc fleet), 13, 5, 18, 10 (inc 5 mp), 5, 20 for 91.

    3 weeks til the B of the Bang. Beer and curry tonight.
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