P&D Spring Marathon 2019



  • HA - what Reg and TR said.  Sounds like sensible training to me.

    TR - agreed that’s a big week especially following a half and with a bit of MP.  I like the sound of your refuelling strategy.

    Hope the half goes well tomorrow SQ.

    A quick PR report if I may.  I always feel the last 2 weeks of the plan are optimum 5k time for me, long hard miles are declining and the vo2 sessions start to kick in.  Recalling a discussion on here re fast London courses (thanks Joe & HPR) I looked at the logistics and it was just doable in my short Sat am running window. Cycle 3m to station, realise I don’t have the key to the bike lock so 5.5m cycle home and back again.  No time for a course Recce but the mile from Elephant & Castle to Burgess Park serves as a decent warm up.  A decent sized field so I place myself a couple of rows back and wait for the off.  Only it doesn’t come and my 14min window back to the train is starting to shrink.  For a moment I thought of doing a freedom run but eventually we were off about 9.07.  There’s not a lot to say about the run other than it’s really quick, it’s flat and straight with 3 or 4 tight turns and a hairpin but no traffic, all good tarmac. 5:3x 1st mile felt hard but not reckless (as in Ha/Joe HMP reckless).  2nd mile was a case of hanging on to a 5:4x and barring a complete implosion a sub 18 should be there or thereabouts.  A bit of mental maths suggested I was closer to 19mins but I was fairly confident I could ignore that as a wrong calc somewhere.  There was a small gap to about 2 runners ahead but there was a chap running my pace immediately in front who dragged me through the last mile and a bit, amazing the difference against a solo run. From a reasonable
    way out a significant Pb was obvious so it was just a case of hanging on for an honest finish, 17:31 OT.  It dawned on me that the finish was further from the station than the start and with a late kick off, a faster cool down mile than I would have liked ensued. I missed the train by less than a minute, 20 minute knock on effect, so I’ve yet to learn my fate but it was worth it (I hope).  So great course, fast field, 10% went sub 20, 1st 20 runners or so either PB’d or were 1st timers, sizeable PB 37s and I’m now ticking off things that were never even on the list of things to be ticked off.
  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
    Well done Macca - great PB. I knew sub-18 was on the cards soon

    Went out for a 26 miler and ended up doing 30mi in just under 4.5hrs / 8:57/mi pace. Was feeling really good so just cracked on. 

    Definitely a good sign after 16mi and 15mi on Thur/Fri

    Thats 84mi at the moment which is my highest mileage week record by 10mi (mileage since last Sunday is 97mi)

    Really happy with that after the half PB last Sunday

    Bodes well for the 50 mile race on 6th April
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Seriously quick parkrun Macca.
    Nice LR TR & a very solid week off the back of a decent HM. You are definitely in a far better place than 3 weeks pre-Abo. Just need to turn down the heat & keep the pot simmering now.
    Hugely impressive week from you too AWC - that 50M is going to seem like a breeze.
    Not much to report here. Still stiff but shoulder's improving. Lousy time at parkrun although I felt like I was working hard HR was way at HMP yet pace was more like MP. Really fatigued this week - probably should've rested earlier in the week after the headbanging.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Macca - nice one on your pb, shows you are in good shape.

    AWC - good run there, big 3 days, thats a confidence booster.

    Jools - hope you felt better for your 1/2 today. Yes im defo in better shape than before Abo (when hammy issues affected me), yday was my 14th 20 as against 5 pre Abo, plus more miles, more mlrs, longer mlrs.......what could possibly go wrong, if only marathon times were awarded on coursework and not an exam.

    Lovely day for running, shame i had set a 6m limit for today.
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
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    Cheers TR
    Still really fatigued so wasn't expecting too much but figured I'd still be able to dip under 1:30. Would've managed it too but for my guts. Nothing like last weekend just the one tactical stop at 11.5M. Figured it was stop, slow down or embarrassing finish ;) Ridiculous queues meant I didn't get to fully empty beforehand so knew there was a good chance it was going to happen.
    Saw SQ on the start line but he disappeared into the distance as soon as the gun went & I didn't see him again. I set off OK but felt like I was working really hard. Pace was OK but slower than usual even on the steep downhill 2nd mile. Course basically climbs from 2.5M to 7M then undulates for about 2 miles before dropping for another 1.5M then an undulating 2.5M climb to the finish. Only 3 short climbs feel really sharp but lots of long, energy sapping drags. 5K in 19:25 but the climbing is only just starting to kick in then. Went through half-way in 44:xx so still on track & clawed a few more seconds grace over the next 4M but then the guts & final climb scuppered my chances.
    Couldn't even be bothered to do a cool down after so a relatively light week with just 57M on the clock.
    Definitely fatigued - HR never went above 164 & averaged just 160bpm throughout.
    Just refuelled with a large steak :)
  • Macca - so pleased for you mate. I think I predicted around a 17:30 right.. brilliant running. Really enjoyed the report, glad you went to Burgess, definitely one of the fastest around. Mental maths is always difficult during a 5km! Loved the way you ended that.. ticking off things that weren’t even on the list. Keep pushing, don’t set any limits!

    TR - decent long run, home stretch now! Currently making plans to spectate in both Manchester and Brighton so you’ll all have to give me numbers/outfits so I can offer some support.

    AWC - huge few days of running from you, really impressive stuff. 

    Jools - good run, shame about the guts. Sounds like you are pretty fatigued. Get on the right side of rested before Brighton.

    Another good weekend of running. Won’t spoil Millsy story but bumped into him at Bushy parkrun. I ran at tempo, legs felt absolutely horrendous, 18:08 was a decent outcome, heart rate below half marathon effort but felt like I was dragging a pair of anchors.

    Stark contrast to today, legs felt great, 24 miles @ 6:45mm with a couple of guys from the club. Flagging near the end but just a bit dehydrated I think. 96 miles for the week. Onwards! 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Jools - you've had a tough week with that crash in there. So thats a good run esp with the tummy trouble too. Csll it an MP run.

    Joe - cracking long run. All Brighton support will be gratefully received. Some of those 6.45s would do me nicely.
  • Tough week indeed Jools.  Take it steady for another week. Please!

    Macca. Unbelievable (except, it's believable).  What age-grading is that?

    Spoons.  Ouch.  Really tough for you.  Hope all the niggles clear up together.  Maybe you just needed to rack back a bit... but you don't know if you don't push.

    Joe... doing your super long runs at 6.45 pace is tantamount to cheating!  Honestly...  I think people look at my mileage and think I'm a lightweight but you were out for about 162 minutes.  That's a 17 mile LR for me on a good day!

    AWC.. that's a great pace for such a long run.

    TR good solid mileage building up - and bloody good pace after such a big week.

    SQ... great news on both medical fronts. Hope you enjoyed FoD.

    I feel utterly shattered today.  I've been fighting a cold - which meant no VO2 session on Friday - indeed no run.

    Saturday almost passed me by but got out late for a 8.7m trail loop, up one side of the river, back the other. One comical thing... I'm used to seeing lots of sheep and deer's eyes staring back at me when I'm wearing my head torch... but at a point where I entered some woods... the ground rises sharply a few feet, and staring back me were dozens of tiny pairs of eyes... almost at my own eye level.  Really odd and took me a moment to realise that the ground was covered in frogs.  For the next mile I saw loads more.  Certainly had to watch where  I put my feet - especially where frogs had their backs to me, where good camouflage is not a good evolutionary trait.

    This morning, was absolutely beautiful but tough tough tough. I managed 19.1 miles but it took me 3hr 25.   I chose a trail route, with one really nasty hill early on (that was an 18minute mile that included "speed" walking)... and all a lot of lumpy fields... and maybe my cold held me back a bit  but I was shattered at the end... and still am.   But it was enough to get me past 50 for the week - for the third time in 9 weeks. Unprecedented!  Good night's sleep now.
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Sounds like the thread members are coming into good form at the right time.
    Macca, awesome parkrun performance that will go nicely alongside your 100 mile times.
    AWC, TR, Joe, some solid days mileage going on pointing towards peaking at the right time especially with Brighton and SDW in the next couple of weeks.
    Jools, sounds like a tough race but well done for getting through it.
    NE, must be the season for the frogs. I had to sidestep loads on my recovery run on Thursday. Was very strange to see them all lit up by the head torch.

    As Joe had hinted, we had a club trip up to Bushy parkrun. The emphasis was supposed to be around having fun but I was keen to capitalise on my current form. Had a brief chat with Joe as I bumped into him on my warm up. And decided to go for it from the gun. A slightly optimistic first mile but settled in and pushed on (thanks to a few encouraging shouts from Joe) crossing the line in 17:54 (14th) not quite a PB but my fastest time in nearly 18 months. Had another chat with Joe at the finish line. Have been sweating on the result as initially everyone was quite a bit slower on the official results which they admitted had issues. All sorted now. Long run yesterday was a bit of a slog but another 70 mile week in the bag. Will enjoy my rest day today.
  • Awesome PB from "Macca the non Slacker" - everyone knew it was coming - at this rate the Olympics are on the cards!

    NE- well done on the miles logged - In the past I have found long slow hard miles over hills has done me good come marathon day. Careful you get the cold cleared up though!

    Well done millsy on more solid running

  • Could have been you Jools!

  • hamo44gfchamo44gfc ✭✭✭
    HA77...Tuning into your body and being confident in your fitness is an excellent way to be, i could certainly do with being more like that. The recovery will come, it really was a flying half, so a bit of tiredness is to be expected.

    TR...Super progressive long run, esp on tired legs, you'll really get the benefit from that.

    Macca...Absolutely class PB Macca, well done. Your confidence is bound to be soaring? I'm toying with trying to fit a 5k attempt in too, but think i might leave it until after London. I've unofficially pb'd over 5k in races during this training block, but would like an official time to show for the effort.

    AWC..Brilliant pace over that distance, and very impressive weekly mileage, esp a rolling week of 90+.

    Jools...when all is said and done that is still a good HM time, esp when you consider the crash, how fatigued you are, tummy issues, and it wasn't exactly a flat course. Treat it as a MP run, and as Joe says, rest up now for Brighton, you've certainly done the hard work for it.

    Joe...That is an impressive LR, that pace over that distance in training is some going. Funny how your legs can change overnight, its always nice when it goes from feeling hard work to effortless.

    NE...a LR on trails like that, with that hill is a good workout, you'll certainly get the benefit of it. Had a laugh at the frogs though, fair play to you for avoiding a frog massacre.

    I had the Larne half marathon at the weekend, that i had planned on racing, and using as a gauge of what time i should go after in London. So, after 2 easier days on Thurs and Fri (6&4, and 7 recovery miles) to give me a mini taper, i went at it on Saturday. I thought i was in pb shape, but completely shocked myself by how much. I ran 01:15:32 (which is a 4 1/2 min pb) including a fairly sizable unofficial 10 mile pb along the way too...delighted. I wore the magic shoes for the 1st time, and i have to say the are a good bit of kit (even if they are an expensive placebo, i don't think so, but, the confidence they give you to push on when you're near the limit is invaluable), and my legs didn't feel half as battered on Sunday as i would have expected. 4 mile WU, and 3 CD gave me a total of 20 miles for the day.

    As mentioned, my legs where feeling ok yesterday morning, if not a bit tired, so i managed to get out for a easy-ish 12mile MLR to bring the weekly mileage up to 86, the 2nd highest ever. Easy 6 this morning, followed by 4 tonight is the plan, as the legs are a bit tender but not too bad.

    The half time has genuinely shocked me, if not frightened me a bit, as it means i'm going to have to be braver than i reckoned on in London, to make the most out of this fitness. So, as I've already said to SQ on Strava, its out there now and i cant take it back, the plan/goal for London is to start out at 2.45 pace (if not slightly faster) and see how i get on. I think 6.00 -6.15 m/m range is where ill try and run in....and i'm honestly truly gobsmacked that I've been able to even think about writing that about myself. It all just seems to have clicked recently.
  • Joe, great report as ever. I’m definitely at the “will I ever get back to that shape” stage! :(  Your progress over the last few months gives some inspiration though. And reading about Katie’s continued troubles reminds me that while I’ve not had the best of times lately, it could certainly be far worse. Superb long run from you.

    I got in trouble with HA and Reg for calling a 16.3 mile run an MLR on Strava, so not sure what all this talk of 20+ mile MLRs is :D

    Great week AWC.

    HA do you think there’s possibly a bit of rose-tinted glasses there too? I know I’m guilty of remembering past training a bit more positively than it really was sometimes. Regardless, definitely better to be a bit cautious and stay healthy. And at least you know you really put everything out there for the half.

    Nice long run TR.

    Congrats on the PB Macca, deserved and not at all surprising given your current form. Love the line “ticking off things that were never even on the list”. Long may that continue for you!

    Sounds like a solid performance given the week you’ve had Jooligan

    That must have been a strange sight NE! Good work on the consistent mileage.

    Great parkrun Millsy

    Lovely image to see while eating breakfast FBT. Glad I didn’t go for coco-pops :D

    Glute felt fine at the weekend, but decided to play it safe with a few days rest. I’ve already written off London, so nothing to be gained by rushing back too quickly. Lovely sunny recovery with SQ this morning, we were both rather slow albeit for very different reasons! Glute felt fine during the run, just a vague sense of tightness when I stopped but that could be because I’m hyper-aware of it at the moment. Feels normal now so fingers crossed. Will keep to easy running this week (hopefully anyway), and concentrate of doing plenty of glute exercises and S&C.

  • hamo44gfchamo44gfc ✭✭✭
    Millsy...don't know how i missed you there, sorry. Class 5k time, very well done. Fastest time in 18 months is not a bad run at all, and nice that the timekeeping was sorted out and you didn't lose time.
  • hamo44gfchamo44gfc ✭✭✭
    ..and you too Spoons, must be having an off day, sorry. You definitely will get back to where you were, and more, head up. Your going the right way about it too, build it all back up slowly, fair play to ya.
  • 1SteveMac1SteveMac ✭✭✭
    Hamo - Superb HM PB!!!
    Macca - Knew sub 18 was on the cards! Congrats!
    AWC - Brilliant long run and weekly mileage!
    Joe - Superb long run!
    SQ / Jools - Well done at FoD.
    TR - Looks like you are in great shape, nice mileage.
    NE - Nice mileage and long run....that hill sounds tough!
    As for me....16 mile progression long run on Saturday, first 8 miles at 9:06 average, next 6 miles at 8:14 average and last 2 miles at LT, so 6:19 average. Deliberately went slower in the first half of the run compared to when I did it last year, to make sure I hit pace in the final couple of miles! Then 90 minutes (20 miles) on the bike and a 3 mile recovery run on Sunday.
  • Cross-post Hamo. Amazing work at Larne, congrats. That and the 10K last week definitely shows you're in sub-2:45 shape. I always think your marathon goal should be a little scary. But your training shows it's well within your grasp. 
  • 1SteveMac1SteveMac ✭✭✭
    Spoons - Forgot to add, keep your head up and be patient.
  • SorequadsSorequads ✭✭✭

    Morning all

    Early morning dogging is a first for this thread, TR. Strong long run. Out of interest, how to you gauge such precise pacing without a GPS watch – known landmarks?

    HA you remain the master of listening to your body. I am trying to follow your lead regarding the plan intervals tomorrow – and sack them off. Hope you feel yourself again soon.

    Absolutely superb parkrunning, Macca. Really well-deserved sub 18 time. Would you consider a crack at a 5000 on the track? Rapid also from Millsy.

    Blimey, AWC, not a bad three days there!

    I think you’re definitely right about the crash taking it out of you mentally and physically, Jools. Listen to the body and recover well. I must admit I went for a lengthy warm up in order to find a spot to do what bears do best.

    Great long run, Joe. Nice to have company. Not a bad think to practise getting a little dehydrated at the end – as long as you recover promptly.

    A good week and an excellent long run, NE. Very funny about the frogs – think I would find that quite scary in the dark.

    Absolutely outstanding half, Hamo. You are in excellent condition. Punchy warm up before a PB as well! Great that you will have a full crack at London – don’t want to miss the opportunity. Recover well this week, I would be careful of the intervals tomorrow.

    A super attitude regarding the injuries, spoons. You’ll be back stronger than ever. And a long run in London will be great timing pre Berlin.

    Nice long run, Steve. Any races soon?


    A pleasing week totalling 86M and (hopefully) full recovery of the back. Yesterday was the FoD half and it remains a real favourite. I was running it in the context of zero taper and no hill or trail training, but wanted to give it a good crack nonetheless. The weather was stunning and the trails were in great nick. Took a gamble and wore the VFs. I was unsure about this as it adds precious mileage and the softer trails might mean less return on the propulsion, but fancied the confidence boost if nothing else. Surprised and a little worried that no one else near me on the start line had them on - certainly not the norm these days.

    3M warm up, quick chat with Jooligan, then went pretty hard from the off. The first 2.5M is downhill, so wasn’t too shocked to see a 5:40 and 5:30 clock up, but knew I was working fairly hard. It then consistently climbs from 2.5 – 7M, and I found this very tough, getting overtaken quite a lot. Just a relentless hill. Lost motivation a little, but soon started enjoying things again when seeing family and then letting rip on the flats and downhills. Shocked to encounter a full-blown rave at about mile 9, and actually found the booming bass pretty hard to deal with. When at race effort it makes me feel a bit sick, and have experienced similar things when music is pumped out in the tunnels of Paris and London. Couldn’t quite work out if it was just getting started, although the comatose casualty in a ditch suggested it had been going on since the night before. Pushed hard towards the end, although the last couple of miles climb again, so felt slow. Delighted to finish in 16/2000 and 1:21:27. I’ll take that in a big week and with plenty of climbing in the race. Jooligan alerted me to a possible missed prize. It turns out the race doubled as the Trail Running Association short course national championship and I scoped 4th MV35 – some gender parity at last! Will see what might turn up in the post in due course.

    Quads feeling battered today. Probably the downhills that I hadn’t at all prepared for, but I do also wonder if the VFs result in a slightly different running style for me. Enjoyable 7M recovery with spoons in sunny weather. Might struggle to fit in the remaining 3 later, so perhaps tomorrow. Can’t see intervals happening tomorrow morning, so will play about with the week a bit.

  • george_george_ ✭✭✭
    Wow, lots to get through this morning so will stick to this page:

    Macca-Great 5k PB. Looks like your going to complete the full set of PBs this spring?!

    AWC-Great (very!) long run. Which 50 miler are you doing? 

    Jools-Time for some R&R I think. Your fitness seems to be there so hopefully it will come to fruition on marathon day 

    TR-Lovely weather outside yesterday. Hope you enjoyed it

    Joe-Great long run. I will try and remember to give you my Manchester number for tracking 

    NE-I think I would freak out at seeing a load of frog eyes! Sounds like a really valuable LR

    Millsy-Great parkrun and sounds very much like you're in good shape

    FBT-Christ man, that photo has ruined my mid morning hot cross buns!

    Hamo-Huge PB, congrats. Definitely look like you're in sub 2.45 shape. 

    Spoon-sorry to hear about your ongoing issues. Hope there is some progress soon

    Steve-Great progressive run 

    Final 20 miler for me on Saturday. 7:45 average and average HR of 152 which is around 15 BPM lower than marathon average. Felt pretty in control throughout. 

    Full taper week this week with probably only around 35 miles. I will try and fit in a sports massage too 

    Finally, Saturday night marked the start of two weeks off the booze in preparation. It's not so much the dietary concerns but the sleep ones too. The sacrifices we make...
  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
    Jools: you've been through a lot recently with the crash etc so your body is probably looking for a bit of a decent taper now. Hope you get your energy back soon
    Joe: great 24 mile long run at that pace and 96 miles is impressive
    NE: decent long run - hope you got a good night's sleep
    Millsy: well done on the parkrun season best
    Hamo: great half and sub 2:45 is definitely well on! I'm from Ballymena so not far from your neck of the woods (living in Southampton now), heading back there for a week at Easter
    Spoons: great news on the glute
    SQ: great run at the FoD
    George: I'm doing the Testway 50. Nice 20 miler to finish off the long stuff.
    Heading out for a recovery run shortly, although the legs don't feel too bad after last week. Got 6x1,000m intervals planned tomorrow which should be fun!
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
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    Some great times this Saturday at parkrun from MillsyMaccaHamo at Larne HM. You're surely in 73 minute shape tapered at the moment. Certainly well placed for a sub 2:45 marathon :)
    Great consistency & discipline NE. Keep it up & you should confound your gloomy post Newport Half predictions.
    That LR sounds very promising George. PB beckoning :)
    Likewise Joe. Can't quite believe how quickly you've recovered from Reading though not surprised your top end is suffering slightly.
    Legs bit stiff this morning - that 2nd mile is brutal on the quads. Cycled to work with half a mind to run back again but got out for 5 at lunch instead so cycled back too. Maybe tomorrow. Loving the weather the last couple of days B)
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Good work there NE

    Good pace Millsy, 2 good races in a row.

    Hamo - looks like 2.40 is on the cards, depends on if you have done the miles to back up a good conversion.

    Spoons - hope you are back to it soon. Have you ditched vlm totally or just being more relaxed about it?

    SQ - thats a great 1/2, good time on a hilly trail race. You are in good shape. I run lots of out and backs and loops even within my commute miles, i have measured them all with map my run years ago, and know where all the mile markers are in terms of lamposts, gates, fences etc although i realise id not get a WR ratified.

    No more silly long mlrs, so just the 15 today.
  • hamo44gfchamo44gfc ✭✭✭
    Steve....That's a good progressive LR, i always find them tough, well done, especially with hitting the paces you wanted at the end.

    Spoons...Cheers, definitely a little more, than a little scary. Just hope the weather behaves then i can have a good crack at it with no doubts creeping in trying to trip me up.

    SQ...Really glad to see that the back is behaving for you, long may it last. Super time on what looks a tough trail course, your definitely in good shape coming up to the taper.

    George...Class final long run, and even better that you felt in control throughout it, bodes well.

    AWC...are ya? looking forward to coming back to Gods own land? :D :D Do you get back often? Good luck on the intervals today.

    Jools...good choice on the lunch run and cycling back home, let the quads fully recover for Brighton. I agree the weather has been lovely, just in time for the clocks to change and plunge us back into darkness in the mornings :D

    TR...I has a chuckle at no more silly MLR's, just the 15, fair play to ya.

    I done 9 mile with 5x600 off 70secs this morning. The legs were feeling a bit tired and not at all zippy in the warm up 3 mile to the tow path, so was very pleasantly surprised with the 5 splits coming out at 5.19 - 5.27 m/ms, and the average of the 5 being 5.22 m/m.
  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
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    Hamo: yeah can't wait! Gonna have a blast round Ecos parkrun where I set my PB last year and hopefully get a new one. Get back 2-3 times each year. Kids love it there - Portmagic for Barry's and ice cream :) and the Wine Bar for a good feed  :D
    Gonna postpone the intervals until tomorrow as I'm in London and fancy doing them on Parliament Hill track.
    7 miles this morning with strides and gonna do a double with a recovery at lunchtime today.
  • Great progression run Steve. Always hard to muster LT at the end of a big run.

    Wise decision on the intervals SQ.

    Solid final long run George, enjoy the taper.

    Good luck for the intervals AWC. Having Parliament Hill track within easy reach is one of the biggest things I miss about London (friends a distant second :D ).  

    TR I’m hoping to still run London, just as an elaborate long run. It’s ironic that my main focus for several years was getting a GFA time so I could finally run London, but I’ve still yet to run it in anger. Third time lucky next year hopefully!

    Fantastic intervals so soon after the HM Hamo

    As I can’t run as much as I’d like I figured I’d give swimming another crack, and make use of my neglected gym membership. 30 minutes in the pool, although only 20 minutes of actual swimming according to my watch. I’m comically bad at it, but hopefully good cross-training.

    Easy seven miles this morning, staying on the river loops so I could abort if needs be. The top of my ITB was a little sore towards the end, but not like last week when it was getting painful. Feels ok now, so hopefully a manageable niggle that will improve as I continue the strengthening exercises.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Top bombing there Hamo

    Was a lovely morning for running round the lanes on my commute today, frosty and sunny. 10m inc 15x3min. Only got a few decent runs left now.
  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
    Spoons: hopefully just a niggle. Can you just rock up to the track and do they charge you for using it?
  • They charge, but certainly a few years ago it was 50:50 whether anyone would actually be in the office. 
  • Jools – on a trail half after the week you had that was probably a decent result.

    SQ – great placing, especially with little specific training for that sort of course. Sensible to move the intervals as far away as possible imho.  I do fancy a track 5000m, I think there are some nearby in the summer but by then I’ll have slogged any speed out of my body with a few ultras.

    NE – well done on the 50m week streak and the trail LR.  I’ve been surprised by the eyes of cows, horses, sheep and foxes but never frogs. The park run age grading was just under 82% which is almost in line with the recent half (83%).

    Millsy – 14th at Bushey must take some doing, excellent result. 

    Hamo – excellent HM time and PB, followed up with intervals this morning.  I think I’m in a similar quandry over how brave to set out in the marathon, well done for nailing your colours to the mast.

    Joe – fantastic 24m LR pace, especially after such a big week.  To be fair yes you did predict a 17:30 and I think I replied with a laughing emoji, I take it back.  In all seriousness, I do respect and take on board the advice and opinions here and am very grateful for them – I wouldn’t have set out at sub 1mile (old) pb pace last Saturday otherwise😀To that end, any thoughts on MP pace in 12 days time gratefully received, from anyone.  For info 1:18:44 half, training MP @ 6:30, hard but not having to desperately cling on, I’m leaning towards 6:25pace.

    Spoons – fingers crossed the glute continues to behave, glad to hear you intend to enjoy London as a long training run.

    Steve – Great progression LR, looks a bit like duathlon training though ? Watch out for the yellow card.

    George – great final 20 miler, good luck with the abstinence.

    AWC – 16,15,30 makes a great few days of training especially if feeling good.  I love the views from the top of Parliament Hill, recommended if you have time.

    TR -  as alluded to earlier, out in the real world 15m might be called a long run. Well done for backing it up with the intervals.

    Last LR of 17m in the bag for me yesterday,  only one double digit run left and its not even a half.

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