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  • Just bobbing in to say good luck to everyone doing Manchester!

    Got a fair bit to catch up on the thread tomorrow so.will be interesting to see the before and after bits from the Manchester folks.
  • Is it just me or is the live tracking not working? Can’t search for anything :(
  • HA77HA77 ✭✭✭
    Yep, same here spoon
  • NorthEnderNorthEnder ✭✭✭
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    Put this URL into the browser... see the number that starts with 64...  then replace the 5 digits that follow the 64 with the runner's number  (put zeros in front if they don't have 5 digits in their number.  So Macca would be 6401285

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Tried that already, still wouldnt work.
  • A quick check in, stoked with a 2:45:19.  Conditions were almost perfect, great to see Joe and Katie, especially the boost Joe gave at mile 24.  More detail later but thanks for all the support these last months.
  • Well done Macca!  

    TR...  I've a friend who tried the workaround on their phone, and it didn't work.   It worked fine for me on my laptop.    
  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
    Awesome Macca - thoroughly deserved 
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Great stuff Macca. Even left a little carrot to tempt you into going for another PB next time - this Autumn? Look forward to the report once you've sobered up ;)
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Well done Macca, very strong run. More to come too, with a slghtly quicker first half. Good return on investment, happy days.
  • HA77HA77 ✭✭✭
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    Awesome Macca. Looks like you finished strongly as well. Must be feeling good this morning.

    I've come down with a lurgy. Woke in the night with a blocked nose and sore throat, nothing serious. Skipped my session this morning for a sleep in but tossing up whether to do something at lunch. Two days off in a row feels like too much but not sure what is the best thing to do. It's hard to objectively make these decisions about your own training sometimes.
  • Top Running Macca - sub 2:45 n3xt time then.... Awesome stuff and well deserved.

    HA - Ive come down with a lurgy today as well - sore throat, presume the start of a cold. Hopefully clears before next Sunday. Get well soon.

  • george_george_ ✭✭✭
    Macca-great run and look forward to the full report. I think I saw you in the final mile looking very strong! 

    The frustration from yesterday is still pretty raw, but went along to spectate on the basis that I'd rather that than moping around on my sofa feeling sorry for myself. Incredibly jealous but great to watch a marathon finish from the other side of the barrier. 

    Thank you all for suggestions re: another spring marathon. Unfortunately I've already filled up my upcoming weekends on the basis that I wouldn't be running a marathon on them! I will take the positives and the motivation from this forward to the autumn-everyone seems to wax lyrical about Valencia?  
  • hamo44gfchamo44gfc ✭✭✭
    George...sorry to hear that. I've heard very good things about Valencia, and at worst would be a nice bit of autumn/winter sun if nothing else :D

    AWC...absolutely top class run, very well done. Super time, and 4th, awesome.

    Macca...That is just a mighty run, excellent. Delighted for you, and so glad to see that all the hard work has paid off..brilliant.

    HA77...i agree, hard to know when its yourself. Maybe a very easy few miles to see how you get on at lunch? with the option to bail if and when needed.

    I had an easy 6 miler on Saturday, followed up with the last proper long run of the plan on Sunday. 22 mile progressively ran, aiming for 5 @ 7.30, 5 @ 7.15, 5 @ 7.00, 5 @ 6.45, and last 2 @ MP (or MP if all works out perfectly on the day) Happy with the result, every 5 mile interval was slightly faster than planned, and i was able to hit the last 2 mile at circa 6.00 m/m pace, with an average pace of 6.55 over the 22. So that's it now, taper timer started with a recovery 6 this morning, not sure what to do with myself this evening, with no 2nd run of the day planned, i'm sure the wife will have something planned for me to do around the house though :D
  • 1SteveMac1SteveMac ✭✭✭
    Macca - Awesome result....congrats!!
    AWC - Brilliant running, sets you up nicely for the 100!
    Jools - I like to have a massage about 2 weeks out, as any soreness is then gone. But if closer to race day, they will go lighter.
    George - Gutted for you, but like you say, 10k and HM PB's along the way.
    NE - Nice LT run, building nicely for Newport.

    16 miles on Saturday, first 8 @ 9:19 average, next 5 @ 8:22 average and last 3 @ 6:25 average for 16 miles. Sunday was a 4 mile recovery run then 90 mins (22 miles) on the bike. First 50 mile run week for a while.
  • A bit late, but regarding carb loading I don’t get too obsessed with precise amounts. Last year, when I was working with a dietician with that magazine thing, she gave me a precise carb loading plan. However, if you’re travelling to a race and eating out, it’s impossible to stick to it as you’ve no idea what’s in the meals you’re having (I was pretty obsessive about getting every detail right, but not enough to take scales to a restaurant :D ). I just stuck to the principals - mainly gradually increase the proportion of carbs, and cut down on fat, dairy and fibre. It led to a very boring diet of mostly pasta for a few days, but compared to all the training for months on end, it’s a small sacrifice.

    Good to hear from you Chicksta

    Glad you got the all clear Joe

    Really sorry to see Manchester was a DNS George. No doubt the sensible decision long term though.

    Congratulations AWC, fantastic result. If I’ve got my maths right, you were about 2% slower than the 2:30 marathoner, so that gives you a target of 2:33 for your next marathon :D

    Congratulations Macca too. Amazing time, really pleased for you that everything worked out and you got the result you deserved. Look forward to the report, from what I saw on Strava you paced it very well. I’m also genuinely in awe that you ran today, don’t know how you do it!?

    Get well soon HA and FBT.

    Superb long run Hamo. Sub-2:40 the goal now then?

    Great to see you continuing to build Steve.

    Quality running from everyone else too.

    I’m slowly building things, managed 13 miles yesterday with no pain and just a mild ache afterwards. Not perfect, but getting there. HR seems to have taken a backwards step the past few days, but choosing to just ignore it for now. If things continue to improve, I might give parkrun a bash on Saturday for a bit of faster running. It’s funny as I feel like I’m doing practically nothing at the moment, but I still racked up 53 miles last week which must be more than 90%+ of people ever run. Warped expectations!

  • Really well done Macca, much deserved. Nice to speak to you before the start as well. 

    DNF for me yesterday. The calf problem started playing up from about 3 miles and by 5 or 6 I was already having thoughts about packing it in. I ended up stepping off the course at 10 miles.

    Struggling to put into words how I’m feeling at the moment, it’s still very raw. I need to get to the physio and find out the extent of the damage before I make any comeback plans. Although I drunkenly last night looked at late spring marathons and none of them worked for my schedule.
  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
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    HPR: so gutted for you. I literally know exactly how you feel. Manchester 2016 I had ITB problems 2 miles in, by 5 I knew I was done an it took me until 10 to jack it in and step off the course on Brooklands Road. There's not much anyone can really say. I did the same and looked at a spring marathon straight after. Did MK Marathon at the start of May and put myself out of running for 3/4 months, so just take it easy if you can.
    Spoons: love those calculations! I guess HR is a secondary consideration atm. Good luck with parkrun if you do it.
    Steve: great progression run - I found those more difficult than the LT runs in the P&L plan
  • hamo44gfchamo44gfc ✭✭✭
    HPR...sorry to hear that, gutted for you, but you made the right decision, and deserve credit for doing a brave thing.
    Spoons...that's some weekly mileage for someone easing back in  :D Sub 2.40 might be a push, i'm planning on running between 6 and 6.15 min miles and seeing where that gets me. 6 only if its all perfect on the day, more than likely closer to 6.10/6.15 i think though.
  • HA77HA77 ✭✭✭
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    George and HPR - that's really shit. I imagine it  must be really gutting. You've both trained really well so think of it as a block building towards the next one. Marathon training is a game of years rather than weeks or even months.

    Good long runs Steve and hammo.

    Felt alright by lunch and squeezed in a decent fartlek. 7x about 2min on, 1min float. Hopefully a decent sleep tonight will go a long way to clearing things up.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    FBT - what start are you sunday?

    HydeP - i feel your pain. Id revisit yr diary and get a spring mara in. I had to dns vlm last yr after hammy issues in the last 3 weeks, then ran yeovil and the provlems came back and i was walking after 6m. Its tough.

    HA - hope the lurgy buggers off quickish.

    Went back to fizz today as i wasnt happy with my back and hammy still, and got him to have a poke about higher in my lower back, and he hit the jackpot for sure. Very sore. It radiated into my hammy, which led him to find a spot higher in my hammy too. So hopefully im better off for going back there. Got to keep the heat and freeing off exercises going. Glad i didnt put it down to taperchondria, my head is still tingling from the improvements.
  • HPR...  b*gger.  You and george had some terrible luck there.

    Hopefully you've had much better luck TR.

    AWC... great fifty!

    Everyone else.. going good.

    I couldn't get my long run in on Sunday... so was stranded on 29 for the week :(  -  now thinking that I might do it tomorrow night when, really, I should be sat front of a Sky TV watching Preston against Leeds...  hoping (in the nicest possible way) that HPR's week doesn't get any better ;)
  • TR - managed to qualify for the fast start at withdean... not much atmosphere there but I need all the help I can get.

    Hope this bloody sore throat goes - very painful now! Not been ill all year and a few days before Brighton Boom ...Not a happy chicken!

  • hamo44gfchamo44gfc ✭✭✭
    HA77 ...glad to see your feeling a bit better, hope its continuing to improve today?

    TR...good thing you didn't shrug it off as tapering madness for sure, at least now you've an idea of what your working with and how to improve it...fingers crossed for a speedy recovery, with the heat and exercises.

    NE...back to the old days with the headphones in listening to the match while you run  :D Hope you's get the result (Making the assumption that NorthEnder means you'll not be wanting Leeds to win obviously  ;):D )

    9 mile with 5x600 efforts off 70 secs for me today, was a lovely sunny but fresh morning on the tow path too which helped immensely. Efforts ranged from 5.12 - 5.23 (averaging 5.17 over the 5) so more than happy with the result. 14m MLR is the plan for tomorrow, not feeling very taper-y yet, still relatively big miles.
  • SorequadsSorequads ✭✭✭
    AWC that is incredible. Absolutely no idea how you can run that pace for so long. Amazing endurance. And what a placing result. Not surprised you got swept up in it at the end. Recover well. 
    George and HPR I’m so sorry the day didn’t work out for you. It is hard to deal it when you invest so much in the training. Doesn’t seem fair. Recover well and smash whatever comes next. No doubt this disappointment will have lit a fire in you both. 
    Macca - I am absolutely over the moon for you. What an amazing result. You have sped up an unbelievable amount in all distances this year - if anyone deserves this success it is you. Enjoy the moment! And you are now in an exclusive club with spoons and Reg. look forward to seeing you at London. Your powers of recover should time things nicely to pace me to a PB. 
    Get well soon FBT and HA. 
    Very strong long run Hamo. If anyone should have some goal creep it is you. Sub 2:40is on. You and Joe could be close. Look out for the flat cap. I agree that the taper doesn’t really start until next week. In fact I think this week is a repeat of two and four weeks ago. 
    Pleasing long run and week spoons. Hope to see you at parkrun on Saturday. 

    A good final long run for me on Sunday. 23.8M at 7:08average pace. Mildly progressive. Decided to drive a few miles north to give me access to a nice road loop around Bredon Hill. Very quiet, undulating and loads of wildlife - deer tracking ahead of me on the road for a mile or so, rabbits, pheasants. And of course a few having a little sleep on the road side. Wore the Adios, so quite stiff calves still. Hopefully they’ll hold up ok during intervals later today. 
  • SorequadsSorequads ✭✭✭
    Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery TR. Heat/cold treatment and loads of gentle core exercises worked a treat for my back. 
  • 1SteveMac1SteveMac ✭✭✭
    HPR - Gutted for you. Take it easy with the comeback.
    TR - Good news, hopefully sets you up nicely come race day.
    Hamo - Nice miles still!
    AWC - I struggled hitting pace at the end of those runs last year, but running the first bits slower is definately helping hit them this time round.
    Early morning 13 miler today, nice and easy.
  • MaccatheknaccaMaccatheknacca ✭✭✭
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    Hamo - agreed, I always think the first week of taper is a bit of a false taper, speedy reps.

    Hope the colds clear up HA and especially FBT.

    Again, really sorry things didn’t work out George and HPR.  As others have said you’ve both got a good block of training in and your rewards are there, just delayed a bit.  Probably not much consolation now though.

    TR - glad to read the physio has improved things.

    RSR - I remember when I first started running thinking 50 mile weeks were the preserve of the semi elites or nutters.

    NE - hope the match and the run went well.

    Nice progression run Steve, do you feel near back to where you were ?

    Just seen your post SQ, thanks & great LR at the weekend.

    Thanks for all the comments re the 2:45, still can’t believe I’m typing that.  Work has brought me back to earth with a couple of busy days so hopefully I can scribble down some thoughts and recollections in a day or two.  Apart from sore calves I’ve no obvious after effects from Sunday although I’ll be taking it very easy.  The calves felt like they would benefit from a slow recovery run so I managed 4 miles yesterday morning which felt better, stiff again though this morning so hopefully another 4 will help.  I’m not a particular fan of run streaks but today or tomorrow will be 100 days.  I think the one piece of advice I ignored was RSR “have a cushion of 7 secs in the last mile” although it was 19 in my case 😂 An itch I will have to try and scratch.
  • SorequadsSorequads ✭✭✭
    I definitely know what you mean about feeling better for a recovery run, Macca. Mentally and physically. How you feeling now?

    Solid vO2 session. Good to be back at the track. 9M with 5 x 600 at 5:40 pace, 400 jog recoveries. Happy with that after the long effort only 50 or so hours before. 

    Medium long tomorrow morning. Must not over indulge in the Pinot noir. 
  • NE and Hamo - you tw*ts, am I not allowed anything to lift my spirits?!  :D

    FBT - Hopefully you’re beginning to feel better and it clears off soon.

    TR - again, hope everything is a lot better by Sunday. Good that you got to the bottom of the issue now rather than discover it on the day

    Thanks for the commiserations everyone. The last couple of days have been a rollercoaster of emotions. I’ve been thinking it might be cathartic to put something down on paper about it. If so, I’ll pre-emptively apologise for boring you all. Although it’s possibly a missed corner of the blogging market, as Joe is too selfish to not smash a race  ;)

    I’ve had the last 2 days off work and spent very little time sober. Hit the turbo today and it doesn’t give me any pain, so it’s good to know I can do that even if I’m not able to run. I have a phone appointment with a physio tomorrow and I should hopefully get referred for a face to face appointment. It doesn’t hurt doing day to day activities anymore though, so hopefully that means it won’t be a long lay off.
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