P&D Spring Marathon 2019

Here it is folks new thread so time to post those targets & get some motivation for Spring PBs :)

17 weeks til Manchester, 18 til Brighton & 20 til VLM

Brighton 14/4/19
Jooligan 15weeks P&D based 55-70mpw 2:59:59


  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
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    Nice one Jools

    Brighton 14/4/19
    Jooligan 15weeks P&D based 55-70mpw 2:59:59
    London 28/4/19
    P&L 31-47mpw to Wokey followed with custom marathon plan sub 2:45

    I'll be training for a PB at Wokey A goal sub 75 b goal sub 78. Then I will probably pick up the 55-70 P&D but adapt it by reducing the mileage, in partcular the long runs.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
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    After a few month away from serious racing I’m hoping to be back for the spring.
    have spent the last 4 months following the physios advice to strengthen my weak hips and glutes. Mileage has been slowly building up from scratch and am ready to start proper training again. Have done a handful of track sessions and hard parkruns (best 18:04) and a half marathon (1:24) so feel in a good place to start the next campaign.

    Hoping to do a coastal 50 miler in Feb, if all goes to plan and then pick up the P&D 12 wk 55-70 plan for London hoping to regain GFA. It’s a long way off so target will be decided a lot nearer the time.
  • Jools - the new thread has already started mate?!  :D
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    Well now I'm confused. Is this the official thread or the imitation?
  • Who started a new thread without telling anyone then?  :D
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    Shortest thread going: THIS IS NOW CLOSED

    HA got there first but kept it quiet :D

    We're over there https://forums.runnersworld.co.uk/discussion/347945/p-d-spring-marathon-2019#latest
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