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Hey, I’m new to the forum and was hoping someone could give me some advice
im running my 4th Great Manchester run in May, but I can’t seem to get my time below 54 mins, which was rather annoying since 2018 was more like running in a furnace 😂 I was wondering whether it was better to run smaller distances at a quicker pace, sub 5 min/km and increase distance, or run longer distances and hope the speed comes natural. Any advice would be great


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    Welcome Kleahy :) I'm mainly a marathoner and was surprised to learn some time ago that doing a bit of short speed work is really good for upping your overall pace. It doesn't seem to matter exactly what distance, just as long as you do some. I have a mate that swears by 200m repetitions, I personally like 800m because by a strange coincidence that's an indicator of how fast you can realistically run a marathon. So says Bart Yasso. I also do hill reps, any hill, doesn't need to be particularly steep, could do with being 200m worth at least. The general approach on both of these is run 'em as fast as you can, then jog the same distance as slow as you like and repeat. Put one or both into your weekly routine, start with 2 and increase by one each week maxing out at 10. I don't have access to a track so estimate the distance on google between 2 obvious points like gate posts or lamp posts. I sprint out and jog back. No cheating though! As soon as your foot crosses the start line from your return dawdle; off you must bolt again! There is also a perspective that the stronger you are the better your frame will be at generating and sustaining speed, but where we are meant to fit all this in, and do the usual training runs too, has aways been a challenge for me.

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  • Maybe some longer distances, but interval training within that?
  • Hello, what training plan is better for beginner (now 2 hours/halfmarathon): Polar, Strava or McMillan?
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