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  • senidM - congratulations on the age cat win!
    MrM2 - great going! I tend to run faster when it's cold, too.
    Harmander - :lol: Why on earth does she need to take all those bags? Good grief!

    10 miles done today. I guess I should be tapering a bit for my half Well I won't be parkrunning on Saturday at least, as I'm run directing at my local.

    YTD: 219
  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
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    Morning all,

    Atrocious weather yesterday so I had to cut my forest run short. I had planned a 10 miler , but with the torrential rain and vicious biting wind, I turned back after 3 miles as "I was getting nowhere." A disappointing total run of 6 miles, which has left me aching this morning :anguished:

    YTD 126 miles
  • Morning all,

    Dubai, Hope you found the wipers!

    Donnie, Well done on passing the 1st 100 miles.

    Cal, Well done on the PR 4th lady, great achievement. Best of luck for the upcoming HM's, look forward to the race reports.

    JD1, Nice Cross Country report, definitely sounds like a Hobie sort of race, he loves mud for some strange reason :D. Good luck for Wrexham HM.

    MrM2, Nice 17 mile mid day run, sounds lovely.

    Andrew, Great work on passing the 100.

    Nell, Nice double day and well done on for being the good Samaritan, I would like to say idiot, however I was young many years ago and did some stupid stuff, just glad you were there.

    Senidm, Great HM time and age category win, brilliant work. I was aware of the North downs 30K, and you are correct it is only a short walk from where we were, it looks a lovely outing its just getting the pass from the misses!

    Hobie, Another 1800ft of elevation, boy your legs must be in good shape, well done to your Son on a very good PR time.

    Harmander, Extremely well done, what a great time on that course, the pictures l have seen show a lot of snow and ice.

    I managed to do another couple of training circuits yesterday morning in the belting rain and wind, I believe they call it "character building" on the funny side I was running down a path, besides a tall bank in a wood, in the pitch black as it was around 06.15, and a rabbit jumped from the bank in front of my face, My heart missed more than one beat.

    This morning another 10 miles, I must admit the legs definitely felt heavy today.

    04.02.19 - 8.25
    05.02.19 - 10

    YTD = 175.82

  • Sorry this is not connected to the thread but I have searched and searched on this forum but cannot find out how to post a new post? Can anyone help?
  • Marcus - there is a blue button at the top saying 'New Discussion'. Think you may have to have posted a certain number of posts first though before it will let you start a new thread?

  • It looks like I'm back in business after a very challenging January having done 39 miles so far this month, I had a nice easy half marathon here in Portsmouth on Sunday and followed it up with a 16 mile long run this morning which went like an absolute dream, so much so that I took a wrong turning briefly as I was so deep into auto-pilot mode! I'm expecting to hit 100 miles by the end of the week.

    YTD: 94.24 miles.

  • Really good news Pompeymatt. Keep it up and yo will easily get the 1000.
    Did 12.75 miles as recovery run last night, makes my
    YTD = 265.30 miles
  • David Charman,  Yes the temperature at the start was below freezing but it warmed up later.
  • Cal, most of the stuff was what her sister left behind years ago - she never came back to collect it as she died, sort of made it difficult I suppose. 'er indoors kept hold of it for 'sentimental reasons' apparently. She had five suitcases with another two bags (under her eyes lol).
    She will probably bring back tons of tat as usual.
    Twenty three years ago we moved from a three bed, two reception house to our current six bedroom, four reception with a cellar and a double length garage - we can't even hoard up for no-deal Brexit as the house is full of her clothes, shoes, handbags etc. - and she says I cannot display my 1000 plusrace medals because they attract dust - bless her.
  • PompeyMatt - you don't really believe in easing yourself back in slowly after injury do you?! A HM and another 16 miler in 3 days!! Anyway, hope you don't have any reaction to it.

    4.5 miles for me last night - 107.5 YTD

    Weather forecast looks 'challenging' for the next 3 days here, so it is going to be a case of juggling my weekly runs around a bit I think in order to fit them all in. Hoping to get out this evening and get the run finished just before the monsoon arrives!

  • That's grounds for a divorce, surely, Harmander? :D
    Great news, Matt! (And yes, what Andrew said).

    I was lucky with the weather today - it rained during the night but was nice this morning. Went out in the dark but it got light about four miles in, and the sunrise was so pretty I stayed out for 10 miles again. Not really an ideal taper for my half, but eh...
  • Cal,

    You should have read what he wrote about her last year :D:D
  • David Charman, is that the bit when I said we are having a kitchen extension so she feels as if she has been given more freedom to move?
    I felt so generous that I invested in a chain nearly 3km long so she could do the 2 lap parkrun and still be attached to the house. lol
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Andrew D......with you on the weather-watch; enjoyed a 'brisk' 10k run early yesterday, so by my own rules, today should have been a rest day but when I saw the forecast...So out today to enjoy some sea air and a comfortable half-mara distance, including some hills.   YTD: 201'.
  • Congrats on the double ton Dubai and MrM2. - I can feel you guys catching me up.
  • Got 5 miles in comfortably before the rain which came an hour later than forecast in the end.

    112.5 YTD 
  • Cold and miserable so some treadmill stuff for me.  Well done to those braving the elements.

    My first event of the year is the Sheffield HM in mid April - notoriously hilly, need to get some proper running in if Sheffield is to be what I want it to be! 

    YTD: 115.1 
  • Tough little session at running club last night...1minute fast (5:40 min/mile pace) followed by 1 minute rest...20 times.

    155 miles YTD

    1st half marathon planned for the 17th Feb...Ras Cors Caron (Tregarron Half Marathon) guess what, it's hilly but mostly race T shirt, instead it's a different coloured hat every year.

  • Steven Morrison 2Steven Morrison 2 ✭✭✭
    edited February 2019
    Hey all,
    50% Inspirational reading and 50% jealousy inducing, but I keep reading nonetheless.
    Some mega running this year ... people in the double century already. I'll go find my cap so I can doff it.
    Congrats to all those who have broken through the first century as well, superb stuff.
    I have reached my own milestone this morning ... double figures - GET IN!
    Recovery after my 1st run of the year took ages, DOMS was simply awful. So I elected to wait until all the discomfort was gone before going again (took a week) went for a run on the 25 January and it felt like I was carrying someone on my back - just miserable. Partly through a thought to use 'common sense' and recover completely, but mostly through outright trepidation of how bad my recent runs have been I waited almost a fortnight to head out again this morning.
    Felt like a different body. I was heavy legged, slow, rubbish rhythm, didn't know what to do with my arms ... but I wasn't struggling, dreading every step and wishing for the end. I'm hoping I might be finally starting to feel the benefits. BUT - until I settle into a weekly ritual again, this is all false dawn/fools hope stuff.
    Anyway nice to be in double-figures.
    25 Jan - 3.3m
    07 Feb - 4.0m
    YTD: 11.3 Miles
    PS - In case it's a while before I update again - good luck to those with fast approaching races.
  • Glad to hear you’re back at it Steven - hopefully the start of a better spell for you 🤞

    Hobie - that does sound like a horrible session!

    5 miles for me this evening including some intervals.

    117.5 YTD 
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Well done Steven; not easy to give it a proper rest. Hopefully see you adding a few more miles in the near future!
    Wanted to have a decent stretch today, so just went to the local park for a pre-stretch, warm-up run. (A very small park) So 10 laps measured just over 5k. YTD: 204'.
  • Steven Morrison 2, Great to see you back. I had a horrible year last year and am still nurturing my comeback.
    Was going well for about 8 miles tonight when I could feel a twinge so eased off to complete the 12.75 mile session of hills.
    YTD = 278.05 miles
  • Forgot to say I received confirmation that I will also be pacing at the Big Half on 10 March  just a few days after returning from Tokyo marathon where I am looking forward to getting my Six Star Medal for completing all of the Marathon Majors (assuming I finish).
  • Harmander - I was reading yesterday about the 7 marathons in 7 continents in 7 days that was recently held. Is this something that would interest you?
  • Harmander, I've no doubt you'll finish, even if you break a leg halfway and have to crawl the rest. Hopefully it won't come to that, though!

    Steven - sounds like every run I've ever had after a break. I feel completely dyspraxic. It comes back quickly, though.

    7 miles today (7.26 really, but I round down). Wet and windy.

    YTD: 236
  • Thanks Cal - fingers crossed.
    AndrewD, yes it would and a friend of mine (Jagjit Singh) did it two years ago but had remortgaged his house to pay for the associated costs - I think he said it was in the region of about £20k  He is younger than me so has the time to repay the loan - in 25 weeks I will be a pensioner.
  • Just checked - says it was 37,000 Euros
  • And some say £50 for VLM is too much.
    It is costing me £3k for four nights trip to do Tokyo and I have a ballot place.
  • Morning,

    Pompeymatt, Glad you are back in the swing of things.

    Hobie, Blimey that was a tough session - well done on that pace.

    Steven, Sorry to hear you are having such a rubbish time, hopefully it will improve shortly.

    Mrm2, Thought you were unsure of multi lap races, however I note 10 laps around the park :D 

    Harmander, I hope for your sake the said wife never reads this, I know it is tongue in cheek but she would make you pay!
    Jagjit is a lovely guy, have run a few laps here and there with him, I wonder how the conversation would go if I told my wife I was remortgaging the house to go running - I think I would be in a hole at the bottom of the garden, so won't ask.

    Just one more training run to add for me, Weather is looking a little blustery for Worthing HM on Sunday, but we shall see. Last year was 1.45.31, so as long as I can shave a few seconds from that I will be happy.

    07.02.19, 6.5

    YTD = 182.32

    Good luck to Cal, hope it goes well.
  • David Charman,
    Agree about Jagjit.
    'Er Indoors is currently abroad and on 5 May we will have been married 40 years (we were both 19). I think she has learnt to ignore ANYTHING I say. I on the other hand do not have that privilege (she says). I am told (by her) I am happily married. Can't complain (not allowed to).
    She tried to convince me to stop running but seems to have caught the bug herself - 190 plus parkruns to date.
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