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  • Oh no, JD, what a shame!
    Great mileage, MrM2!

    An easy 10 miles for me this morning, as I woke up early. Legs aren't bad (they felt better than they did at this point last week - perhaps because Hampton Court is a lot flatter than the Olympic Park).

    YTD: 296
  • Cal,

    Too right about the difference between Olympic Park and Hampton Court - have paced at both and was having to walk at Hampton Court (to stay slow enough and on target).

    You will be in the Triple 100 next time you go out - congrats in advance
  • Afternoon,

    Wow, plenty of events over the weekend, race reports left, right and centre.

    Cal, Many congratulations on yet another PB, I agree with Nell, the consistent high mileage is paying dividends.

    JD1, Great HM from you, a 1.33 if that was me you would never here the end of it, and I expect more to come. Really well done.

    Senidm, That was a really good long run and must be bang on for around the 4 hour mark when Boston comes around.

    Hobie, Great outing from you as well, I am sure there would have been about 2000ft of elevation to boot! brilliant effort.

    Nell, Still a great time, you did say anything under 2 hours. I would agree looking at the pace that you could do with a few longer runs to be super match fit, however Manchester is still a while away, so plenty of time, don't worry, even though you will ;)  

    Donnie, Nice PR time, must give one a go one day.

    Harmander, Congratulations on another year pacing at the VLM, I tend to agree, most people who can sub 3 or 4, generally have done the training, however if you haven't or its your first 26.2 miles is a long way and they are going to need some nice caring words from you!
    Also very well done on Sunday, I have seen loads of pictures with you in with various people, you must have been in a good mood :) 

    MrM2, Really good mileage building, nice consistent running.

    Just a couple of runs for me as taking it slightly easier this week as I have 2 marathons next week on Tuesday and then on Friday.

    18.02.19 - 6.25
    19.02.19 - 10

    YTD = 242.42
  • Thanks JD1, are you near Conwy? I saw a pic of Louise Minchin with a pack of welshcakes from a half in Conwy...I'm not fussed about medals either, T shirts I can use but Ras Cors Caron hats are good...a new wooly hat every year in a different colour...there must be people out there with the full collection.

    4 mile recovery run yesterday & looking for a new trail for lunch time run in work.

    196 miles YTD

  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    David C.....two marathons next week...isn't that being greedy? Will be interested to hear how you you are going to tackle them..and what your hopes/expectations are.
    Recently signed up for the Newport marathon, early May.
    Just an easy 10km from me today. YTD:278'.
    Hope everyone is recovering well from their races (and parkruns....).
  • Newport eh? Do you know what that's like?
    I'm doing Vienna and Liverpool with 7 weeks between the two, so not looking to add another Spring one this time around. Rather stupidly, I'm also doing a trail half two weeks after Liverpool, as a clubmate had a free place and I thought it might be good practise in case I end up doing that ultra I've been thinking about.

    Anyway, 12 today, so I'm over the 300 mark as Harmander rightly noted.
    YTD: 308 B)
  • Thank you David Charman - not sure if the words I say to those who may be struggling sound very nice though, I would imagine they would prefer me to just shut up for a while lol. It must be annoying to see and hear cheerfulness when one just wants to lie down instead, but I do try to encourage them it is true. Where are the pictures? I am not on social media though.
    Well done Cal, a few more on this Forum will be joining us by the weekend I think.
    Cheer up Little Nell, 
    Had a slowish recovery run of 12.75 miles last night makingmy
    YTD = 378.55 miles.
  • Steven Morrison 2Steven Morrison 2 ✭✭✭
    edited February 2019
    Hey all,
    Well done to the racers, excellent work. Congrats to the ever-increasing 300 club. The thread is too busy to keep up this year.
    I'm trying not to think about things too much at the moment, but it seems to be going ok. Wet and windy this morning, it's just good to be out running.
    13 Feb - 6.9m
    15 Feb - 4.0m
    20 Feb - 4.35m
    YTD: 39.3 Miles
  • I did manage another 5 miles last night, albeit at the cost of some potential blisters caused by wearing some new orthotics in my shoes. Hoping it won't cause a long term issue.

    155 YTD

  • Thanks Nell, it's good to be back! Having an easy week this week and despite planning not to run while on holiday I did get out for just over seven miles this morning under the sunny Iberian skies, took it easy as it's my warmest run since last autumn and got done in about 1h10. Back home tomorrow then a 10k on Saturday perhaps just to take me over 100 miles for the month.

    YTD  150.05
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    No,Hobie,I live just outside Llangollen.I received a decent wooly hat in the Betws-y-Coed trail 10k,comes in handy.

    Good luck in your two marathons,DavidC.That's going to be a tough week.Is this a build up to an ultra?

    Well done on your 300,Cal.Which ultra are you thinking of doing?

    Glad your enjoying your running,Steven.

    A hilly 7 miles trail run today.

    YTD - 234.68 miles

  • Nell: 1.45 take that any day of the week, well done. Count down to Manchester really is underway.

    JD1: 1.33, if I'm taking 1.45 any day of the week, 1.33 is turning somersaults stuff. Again, well done.

    Harmander: Great admiration for your pacing. What ever your pace, providing your in the red zone you deserve respect from your fellow runners. Well done.

    Dave C: Two marathons in a week, are you mad!!!

    Mr MM, Pompey Matt , Cal and Andrew: Good consistent stuff, I'm liking your work. Its noted.

    Steven: Always like to see a post by you. Enjoyment must be first, second and third on the list of reasons to run. Keep going. 

    Sheffield HM in April approaching, I need to get some longer runs in, at the moment its frequent but short. 

    YTD: 156.8
  • Donnie2, Thank you. I am in the Red Start this year but am slowly getting excited about this time next week when I shall be in Tokyo for the marathon on 3 March. 
    I think I am on target to get 400 miles before end of February after another 12.75 miles today, making my
    YTD = 391.30 miles.
    David Charman and others, I hope you are training to join me in about four years time when I am planning to go for a world record - 50 marathons in 49 days with TWO Marathons on the last day which I would like to be on my  (63rd or 64th) birthday. I will need to enlist at least 20 runners every day to run a marathon with me and hope 15 finish for the record to count.
    The 20 runners can be different runners and not mad like me although that wold be welcomed.
    I am at the early stages of planning but feel confident that I can make it happen once the clubhouse is built as that will be the base point.
  • Steven Morrison 2Steven Morrison 2 ✭✭✭
    edited February 2019
    Howdy 1000 milers, (and those romping much further than that)
    AndrewD, I miss the calluses on my feet - I've lost them all with not running. So I'm looking forward to some blisters to build them back up. Who said runners were normal?
    PompeyMatt, I knew you would take your kit! So do I every holiday. Don't always run, but just having the gear makes me feel better lol.
    JD1, Sounds like a fun trail run - something else I keep promising myself I'm going to try.
    Donnie2, Always nice to see your posts too. You're well on top of your Sheffield HM - you'll do the necessary work I'm sure. Nice consistent work sir.
    Harmander, sounds awesome, I wish you good fortune with that. And if I'm still running in four years (I hope to be) count me in for making up the numbers somewhere.

    It was a weird run this morning, shorts and t-shirt; in February; in Scotland, at 6am, and it's pitch black ... in February, February?? The daffodils round my way are totally confused, they'll be dead before March.
    Going to have a break from running over the weekend (busy weekend, some work and some fun lol) so decided to open the taps and see what was there. First Sub-9 run of the year, better!
    22 Feb - 6.35m
    YTD: 45.65 Miles
  • Morning,

    Steven, Good to see the run frequency is increasing, soon be back on our tails.

    Cal, Isn't about time you booked that Ultra, Go on, Go on you know you want to :D 

    Harmander, 50 in 49, that sounds exciting, it would be my pleasure to come along to as many as I could fit in, I am sure you will be able to get the 20 needed per day, there are plenty of nutters on our circuit.
    The pictures of your good self were all on facebook tagged from various people, but you made quite a few and looked surprisingly fresh in the picture with the race director. 

    So next week on Tuesday I am down in Kent, Deal to be exact, this is a lovely run along the coast, which is nice and flat. I will be looking for around 4 hours, the weather is looking great so really looking forward to it.
    I probably won't run again until Friday, but may have a splash in the pool. This will be my first track marathon a nice 105.5 laps around the newly built track in Walton upon Thames, my mum is doing the half and hopefully will be able to get around the 4 hours again, we shall see.

    As for being nuts, no I don't think so, I have run two in a week a couple of times last year, myself and Harmander run with a lot of people who are doing 4,5 or 6 a week, and are at every event I tend to do, so this seems the "norm"

    Have a good weekend, and good luck to anyone who is running.

    21.02.19 - 6.5

    YTD = 248.42
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    edited February 2019
    Harmander, you'll be there for the cherry blossoms. Can't say I'm not a little bit jealous!
    Steven - got daffs and blossom and the Egyptian geese on Tooting Common already have a brood of fluffy little babies. I really hope the Beast doesn't make another appearance as it'll kill everything off. (Well, that and messing with races and parkruns!)
    JD - there's one in Reading - a nice "beginner" ultra in August. "Only" 50K. :lol:

    I hurt my knee a bit doing pilates on Wednesday (it's a pilates/HIIT fusion class - my knee suddenly objected to the squats) so I am a bit concerned. However, I did 6 miles this morning and it doesn't seem to be affected by running, at least not that I can tell (probably because I have such a short, shuffling stride!). Achilles is grumpy again, though, so I've booked an appointment with my physio on Monday. He usually sorts me out pretty well.

    YTD: 314
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Thanks David C. for (re) defining 'normal'. Always suspected that I wasn't...that confirms it!!
    And Harmander,,,don't tell me that '50 in 49' is anything other than extremely ab-normal!
    Steven M 2 good to have you back...even if it involves 'weird' runs!

    Fairly committed to this week being a 'cut-back' week so an extra off day for me, yesterday, and then a comfortable 10' seafront run this afternoon. Mist had cleared, but didn't see the sun all day! YTD:288'.

    Hoping to do a 14'(?) over the week-end, so could be starting next week with 300' done. Going to steer clear of parkrun this week; it could easily spoil my cut-back.
  • Thanks Donnie.

    4 for me today, 159 YTD 
  • I logged 6 miles today, in three parts. 2 foggy miles to Streatham, where I met my lift who was taking me to Harrow Lodge. Then the parkrun. Then another mile from where I was dropped off to my home. The parkrun is very nice but the fog did detract from the scenery, somewhat, but I enjoyed the mixed terrain course.

    YTD: 320
  • No parkrun, bugger. Unavoidable stuff with the in laws. 

    Ytd: 159.9
  • Evening all, all this talk of park runs, I'm still probably the only one never to have run one and with no plans to be in Europe this year that will hardly change.

    Harmander that's an interesting proposition. If anyone can do it I'm sure you can, physically I'm sure you're up for it but mentally would be a challenge.

    Good luck David for the upcoming marathons this week, the closest I've done was 10 days apart.

    Anyway no huge miles for me, enjoying my running but I'm not going to Nepal for the ultra, fancy it sometime but not on St Patricks weekend!

    17.2 6.27
    18.2 6.04
    20.2 8.33
    21.2 7.03
    22.2 10.37 in 2 runs
    23.2 4

    YTD 292.16 miles
  • 7 miles for me today - a bit sluggish in places but got it done.

    166 YTD 
  • Dubai Runner, I can assure you that I am more concerned with the physical bit, I know my wife often says I am mentally challenged lol.
    The 50 in 49 are my plans, I might see sense before I get there.
    Another 10.19 mile double parkrun sandwich has helped my total go past 400.
    YTD = 401.49 miles
  • Good grief, Harmander, that's a lot of miles! You must go through a lot of shoes.

    Perfect Spring weather today - fresh but sunny and blossom and daffodils already. So a good opportunity for me to do my longest ever training run. 22 miles in the bag.

    YTD: 342
  • Cal, probably. I have about half a dozen pairs on the go at any one time so not really kept track of how often I have to dispose of them. I estimate each lasts between 650 to 750 miles. I tend to stop using them as soon as the hard sole is worn out to about 1mm.
    13.77 miles LSR (2:33 pace) today making
    YTD = 415.25 miles
    Just one training run left before jetting off to Tokyo - will try an aclimatising run before the marathon next Sunday.
  • I have 9 pairs of Saucony Kinvara sitting in my garden on rotation, I can always feel it when they're done. The good thing here is that they dry quickly after washing. 
    No run today, up for work at 0430 and just been at kids school for school trip meeting. Next up 6 nation's!

  • Who you flying with Harmander?
  • Have fun, Harmander - enjoy the cherry blossom! And take photos.
  • Well done on passing 400 miles Harmander, great work.

    9 and a bit miles around Preselli Hills early this morning for me, absolutely stunning morning, bit of mist hanging in the valleys, warm & sunny.

    224 miles YTD
  • Thank you all.
    Am flying with British Airways
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