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  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Harmander....congrats on the 400+     Have a great time in Tokyo!
    David C....All the best for your double!
    Cal....Well done on the 22'; I've never done more than 21' in training. Seems like you've got the niggles under control.
    Got out for my intended 14' seafront run this afternoon. No words to describe the February weather!!! It sure brings out all the dog-walkers, bike-riders and ball-bouncers....One dog skittled me in mile 5; didn't leave too much skin on the ground. Took me a minute to get going again. Then enjoyed the rest of the run.    YTD:302'.
  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    Good Luck with the double David C, not for me at my age, need my rest between big runs!

    Have been having a short break in Holywood, so though I'd not get any runs in, but turns out the daughter I'm saying with has entered the Belfast Marathon, so wanted company on a LSR, hurra.
    We ran the North Downs Coastal Path from Holywood to Bangor and back - just your sort of run MrM2? Lovely weather, dull, overcast, misty, no wind - just perfect for a 16+ looking out over Belfast Lough. Life is good.

    YTD:      239.29

    ps. Lots of dogs'n'walkers but all well behaved!

  • Hi-dee-hi campers!

    Sooooo much going on with this thread - great going everyone. Will take more time tomorrow, my non-running day, to go through it all.

    Just wanted to pop in and log my week's mileage and hope I'm in time to wish Harmander "Bon Voyage!" for the Tokyo trip. So excited for you... have a wonderful time! Phonetic pronunciation of the formal form of "Thank you" is "Ali gato gozaye maasht"

    My first week this year of hitting every session in the great god the plan - about time too :neutral: So far, I've done: Tues - 5.26 mi., Weds - 5.03 mi., Thur - 5.53 mi. inc. 8 x 200 m hill reps, Sat - 4.22 mi., today - 20.13 mi. ... yay!!! First 20+ miler of the year. That makes two back-to-back 40+ mile weeks - now 60+ miles behind both 2018 and 2017 but hopefully properly back on it now :smile:

    YTD: 221.67 miles. (Whoop - through the double tonne too!)

  • Harmander - enjoy the flight and best of luck in Tokyo

    SenidM - I've ran that path many times, I went to school at Sullivan Upper in Holywood. Hopefully the Belfast marathon is better organized these days!! I've run it twice and wouldn't rush to do it again, but that was over 10 years ago.

    8.16 miles this morning to pass the 300, about 80 miles behind were I was last year.

    YTD 300.32 miles

  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    Small world Dubai, eldest GD just been accepted for Sullivan's! Which probably means her and her siblings will all go there as well.

    I went to Cabin Hill back in the day, long since closed down, and if ever a school needed closing down.......
  • Well done to those going through the 200, 300 and 400 marks!

    I'm now on 170 YTD after 4 easy paced miles yesterday.

    Am struggling a bit generally with a problem in my inner ear - it is really affecting my hearing and balance. Makes going round corners when running interesting - I nearly careered into a bin on one run last week! Ear drops don't seem to be solving the problem, so it may have to be a trip to the docs to check for an infection or anything else serious.

  • Steven Morrison 2Steven Morrison 2 ✭✭✭
    edited February 2019
    Hey all,
    DCharman - Good luck tomorrow mate, and on the track marathon, just the thought of those scares a woose like me.
    Cal Jones - sorry to hear about the sore knee, but doing something other than running is just asking for trouble. How do you expect to get an running over-use injury being so sensible ;)
    MrM2 - It's nice to be back, although I'm starting to wonder when to start trying some longer work. I have to be careful that the running demon on my shoulder doesn't win! Congrats on the 300!
    AndrewD - watch yourself out there mate, nice mileage nonetheless!
    Donnie2 - I know what you mean about in-laws ... My wife and I met my Brother-In-Law and Sister-In-Law at the weekend and they made me to drink WAY too much. I was going home as I am a good boy (just ask my mum); but they forced another 5 pints of Amstel into my hands. Terrible people! ;)
    Dubai - As always - impressive numbers, congrats on squeaking through the 300! And you seem to have forgotten the golden rule DON'T MENTION THE RUGBY! (Scottish team is breaking my heart)
    Harmander - You won't read this you'll be winging your way east, but good luck mate and I hope you enjoy Tokyo every bit as much as I am jealous of you doing it lol. Well done on 400!!!!
    SenidM - Sounds like a lovely run, I'm very jealous - No idea how long it's gonna take me to get to 16+ miles again.
    LittleNell - Congrats on breaking 200! But, a bigger congrats for completing the week as planned. I haven't hit one yet and I'll do a lap of honour round my car when I manage it!

    I went out this morning, needed long sleeves this time Brrr! lovely sunrise, easy pace, pretty uneventful. I could still feel the after effects of Saturday's over-indulgence, that's my excuse anyway lol. Right Arch is pretty grumbly now - so it's tennis ball rolling time again. I'm managing a niggle - guess its back to normal ;)
    25 Feb - 6.95m
    YTD: 52.6 Miles

  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Steven M2...'tennis-ball-rolling' ...Certainly sounds like you're heading in the right direction! All the best.
    Andrew D...hope the balance problem gets sorted, meanwhile keep clear of the track.
    senidM...sounds great; any run with a sea view...(I had 20 yrs at sea)
    Little Nell...sounding as smug as the one student who turns in all the homework on time.(I had 20 years as a teacher) Well done.

    Today I said a fond 'Farewell' to three old pairs of trainers that have served me well. Wife tells me that there are two more pairs to go; says she is embarassed by the sticking plasters on the toe! But if they still work....?

    Another seafront run for me today; anxious to check-out the system after yesterday's tumble. All seems good. In fact the run was easier today. So 8' at a comfortable pace. YTD:310'.

  • Well done on the 20 and breaching 200, Nell!
    Steven - I swear I've had just as many injuries and problems from yoga and strength work as I have from running.
    Dubai - congrats on the 300!
    MrM2, your wife may have a point! :lol:Glad you're feeling OK.

    Recovery 6 for me this morning (well, it was a bit over 6, but I can't be bothered with fractions). Legs didn't feel that bad really. Usual niggles and a slightly shorter stride than usual which tells me they are, indeed, a bit tired, but they didn't feel leaden. So that's good I guess!

    YTD: 348
  • Just popping on to say, very best to Harmander, have a blast in Tokyo. We all look forward to the race report on your return.

    Done the 1st marathon, was going very good until around 34K, then fell apart, not the lack of training, just didn't fuel enough, actually thought I was going to pass out proper for a moment, so had to sit on the beach for a while! Will get it right one day. So annoying as I did the 34K in 3 Hours Flat, but ended up finishing around 4.30.

    Full report to follow tomorrow.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Good luck and have a great time in Tokyo,Harmander .
  • Thanks for all the good wishes for Tokyo.
    Did last training tonight, 12.75 miles making my 
    YTD = 428 miles
  • Oh David, not what you need! But well done for finishing. Marathons are always a learning experience - it gets easier over time to judge what works for you.
    Good luck Harmander!

  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Evening all

    Sorry to hear about your marathon,David.But well done for toughing it out.Personally I'm not looking forward to learning the art of fuelling during a marathon.

    Well done for going over 400,Harmander.Love your bonkers 50 in 49,if anyone can,you can.

    Well done,Cal,for the 22.Hope your niggles are getting better.

    Nell,congrats for the 200 and your first 20 miler of the year.

    Great running,Dubai,getting over the 300 mark.

    MrM2,I hate throwing away old trainers,they become part of you.I have several pairs hidden in the store room.Congrats on the 300 as well.

    21.02 - 8.03
    22.02 - 5
    24.02 - 10.14
    25.02 - 6.85
    26.02 - 6.04

    Ytd - 270.74 miles

  • SenidM, Cabin hill not far away at all, indeed a small world! Have considered boarding at Campbell College or Rockport for my boys a few times.

    Steven, I know it can't be easy being a Scottish rugby fan!

    David congrats on the first marathon.

    26.2 7.8
    27.2 6.42

    YTD 315.57 miles

  • JD, I don't know about that, my achilles was rather grumpy this morning. I did 10 miles and it moaned a lot. Tomorrow is a rest day - think I need it. YTD: 358
  • Afternoon,

    Dubai, Mileage is still increasing well and I am sure you will catch up the outstanding mileage at some point ;)

    Harmander, Congratulations on passing the 400 mile mark, I am sure the 50 in 49 will be pretty physical, however hopefully with a couple of massage's thrown in you should be okay, as you are aware, most people who do 10 in 10 etc, say once the first 4 or 5 are done it is plain sailing, just take it easy (no rush)

    Cal, Very nice 22 mile long run.

    MrM2, Glad you are okay after the dog incident, I nearly got taken out yesterday, well done on passing the 300 mile mark, cracking running.

    Nell, Well done passing the 200 mile mark and getting in a 20 miler, you will be fine for Manchester.

    A lot of talk regarding trainers, mine seem to go inside at the back which leaves a hole, then of course this leads to blisters. However, they are fine for day to day wear, trouble is I now have 6 used pairs in the hall, but they still look pretty good :D

    So, back to yesterday, I have now calmed down a bit, still grumpy, but less so.

    I arrived down in Deal around 07.45, the weather was cool but lovely and calm, there is a local toilet block which was being well utilised, however with no toilet paper, lucky a chap I know had a roll with him, good result.
    The course was a 5 lap out and back along the sea front path, past the pier a couple of castles and back, each one being 5.25 miles.
    We got away at 08.30 on the dot and as I said yesterday I got into a rhythm of around 5.10 km pace for the first trouble free 4 laps or 34km give or take, then as I left for the 5th lap, it was as if someone had switched of the power, I could hardly walk, let alone run and had to sit or I would have fell, I had that feeling just before you pass out. It took a good half an hour to start to feel better and I could carry on at any pace, the last 3km were back to normal. This was 100% down to fueling, I had a breakfast but apart from a sports drink, didn't take on nothing additional, however that worked fine last time.
    Friday I shall also take a few nuts and a bottle of coke to have a sip now and again.
    So it took 3 hours 1 minute and 8 seconds for the first 34K and 1 hour 35 minutes for the last 8K, I am still bloody annoyed as I write this, as I was on for an easy PB.

    However, it was another great event by SVN running, with a decent bit of bling and great goodie bag, the weather was lovely, and the sea looked so inviting, I am sure freezing but inviting.

    Anyway, Friday is another day, lets see how it goes, there is always another day.

    26.02.19 - 26.2

    YTD = 274.62 
  • Forgot to add.

    Final time was 4.36.56 (Ouch)
  • Harmander: Maybe you'll see this before the Tokyo marathon, enjoy the city and the run. Hope you have a fabulous time, I have to admit to being a little envious.

    Dave C: Quite an experience in Deal. Stewed apple and sultanas plus a bagel is my top marathon tip, plus fluid during the run and the occasional gel during the run 

    Andrew: Hope the ear infection and blisters are being overcome. Neither sound good.

    Dubai, Cal, Mr MM and SenidM: Keep on keeping on, well done on clocking up those miles.

    I've added once around my 5k and 10k routes since lasting posting. Weekly 10 milers planned in the run up to the Sheffield HM. 

    YTD: 170.0
  • Thanks Donnie - both seem a little better today thanks. 

    Managed a good 5.5 miles this evening including 3.5 at lactate threshold pace (7.03 average pace).

    175.5 YTD 
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    David C.....hope that you are able to put that one behind you as you prepare for Friday. (Breakfast + sport drink sounds good to me?)
    Harmander...virtually a half marathon just days before the big one? Enjoy!
    JD1....running 5/6 days? Is that your norm?
    Donnie 2....will you go over 10' in prep for HalfM.?

    Wanted to have a good stretch at the sports centre, yesterday, before a 1000m swim, so ran 4 laps of their mile circuit, on grass, used it as a little progression run. Worked well. So, should have been a rest day today, but after looking at the forecast for later this week decided, once again, to make the most of the February sunshine, and break my rule about consecutive day running. Completed 19' in a couple of minutes over the 3 hours. YTD:333'.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    David,the last few miles seemed really tough.I can feel your frustration whilst reading your post.Good luck for Friday,hope you nail it.

    AndrewdD,hope your ear has cleared up.Great threshold pace as well.

    Enjoy your holiday,senidM.

    When's your HM,Donnie?

    Great running,MrM2,don't blame you for making the most of this sunshine.It all depends on my shifts,I'm back on days so I won't be running as much.My legs always feel heavy come the evenings.I do more running when I'm working night shifts,strange how my body works.

    27.02- 4.45

    YTD - 275.19

  • Blimey, turn your back for 5 minutes around here & you lot are all off smashing in big miles in great times.

    David, great work marathons take it out of you so huge kudos to you sir....out and back on a sea front sounds tough.

    Well done everyone else...too many to mention.

    Running club last night was stunning 7 and a bit miles in the dark with crystal clear sky full of stars...head torches off to enjoy the experience.

    235 miles YTD

  • SenidM yeah heard the stories, had friends who went there. Hear very mixed reports about Campbell these days, would be sending my boys for their A levels possibly. Will see, at GCSE stage. Where are you off to, Maldives, Seychelles or Mauritius? I'm night shift tonight and then off for 4 days so no need to worry about me controlling you through our airspace.

    No running today, night shift last night and didn't sleep much...
  • 5 miles tonight to round off the month. 88 miles in Feb.

    180.5 YTD 
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    6 miles to kick off March. Can't believe it's only 5 weeks until Vienna. Yikes!
    YTD: 364
  • Very strange weather here, thunderstorms last night and heavy rain, rain was bouncing down driving home this morning, was glad to be in my wife's 4x4. Today duststorms, looks like no running. 
  • Hello all from a foggy and wet Tokyo.
    Flight took off at 2pm GMT Wednesday and landed at 10:45am Thursday because of 9 hour time difference.
    Got to the Tented City Expo (because the normal Expo building is being done up for the 2020 Games. Several hangar sized tents which were flooded in places. All regimented and each element of registration demarcated. Got the special sticker on my bib so I can get the six star medal when I finish.
    Hotel is massive, room on 38th floor (Grand Premier or something like that. Had briefing and then went out looking for a curry house.
    Went to bed after midnight local time - knackered.
    Breakfast on 45th floor. Gym on the 7th.
    Mate went on day trip to Mount Fuji but came back early due to fog.
    Just got back to hotel now, its nearly midnight.
    Weather clearing but expecting rain and 10 degrees on race day.
    Will add the treadmill miles later but done 5 today.
    Probably do 7 tomorrow.
  • Good luck Harmander, I do love staying up high in a hotel, have stayed at the Waterfront hotel in Vancouver many times, The outside pool is on the 22nd floor I believe.

    Will do a proper report later, but just back from Marathon No 2, a lot better today, had an additional coke and Cliff bar which I had a piece of each 20 laps.
    Finished the 106 laps in about 4.05.30, we had to finish the lap due to the chip timing, so an extra 200m!

    Good luck for anyone who is out this weekend.
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