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  • Welcome to all the new names on the thread

    3.1 am 7.25 miles
          pm 4.78 miles

    YTD 28.44 miles

  • A 10.25 mile run in the forest this morning.
  • GipfelGipfel ✭✭✭
    Happy New Year to all! 

    2018 was 1082 miles in total for me - I commented towards the end of the previous thread that it was a shame I didn't have time to get to a nice round 1100, and Steven had the excellent suggestion of converting it to km and aiming for 1700. Have just checked and I was on 1741 km - if I'd realised, I'd have done a few more km and got to 1750 :D

    YTD 4.6 miles. NYD run - nice in the sunshine, but sadly I was too lazy to get up at a decent time in the morning, so hit all the lunchtime crowds out on the local paths - was as busy there as I've ever seen it, and it was a mission dodging the people/crazy dogs in some places! (I preferred it last year when I freakishly woke up early and went out before 7.30 am - literally didn't see another person for my whole 12-mile run.) Will add another few miles tonight - I am planning a treadmill session, so am waiting till later this evening, as the gym will be full right now with everyone on their January fitness craze, and I don't want to queue for a treadmill!
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    Ytd: 10

    I'm also up and running. Two x 5 miles on the gym treadmill.

    Great to have some new people on board, please stay around, more the merrier really does help the conversation. 
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Hi all
    A slow 4.45 miles this morning.
    YTD 14.48
  • GipfelGipfel ✭✭✭
    Challenging 'lactate threshold' run for me yesterday evening - the session (taken from one of my new Christmas training books) dictated a random 38 minutes at that pace, and I did wonder near the beginning if I'd struggle to maintain it, but actually it was ok!

    YTD 12
  • P&D, Gipfel, or something else?
    A chilly 6 today - should have been an easy run but the cold had me going a little bit quicker than that.
    YTD 24
  • Afternoon all,

    Nice to see so many new people on our thread, as Donnie has already said the more the merrier!

    02.01.19 - 8
    03.01.19 - 6.25
    04.01.19 - 6.25

    YTD = 20.5

    Senidm, great to read you are doing the spitfire, I will probably struggle to find a team so maybe try solo next year, however if one of your team drops out and you need a replacement, let me know.
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭
    Morning all, another 4 for me last night.

    8 YTD 
  • Hampstead Heath parkrun - rather hilly! Lungs and hamstrings got a proper workout.
    YTD 27
  • Little NellLittle Nell ✭✭✭
    edited January 2019
    Wotcha peeps! Just noticed I failed to wish everyone "Happy New Year" earlier.

    What a lovely crowd of mille milers we have this year. Great to see so many of the old crew and welcome to all the new comers :smiley:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes Dubai, Cal and Hobie!

    It was a "Harmander/Cal-esque" run to parkrun, run round parkrun, run home from parkrun combo for me this morning. A work colleague, who is also aiming for Manchester mara. - it will be his first 26.2, drove to my house so we could run together. All was fine until about a mile from home when he felt all lightheaded then had to stop and walk - most unlike him... was a bit worrying tbh! He's since let me know he's all fine now though, thank goodness. Total for all three runs was 10.18 miles and I was 3rd lady (but only 2nd in age category - damn that speedy late middle aged other woman! :lol:)

    YTD: 17.23 miles.
    (Hahaha... just noticed the contrast between me logging to two decimal places and Andrew and Cal rounding to whole numbers - I'm not proud, I'll grab all the extra few inches I can!)

    BTW - "par" for 1000 miles in a year is 19.24 miles per week :smile:

  • Hello all. I managed to clock 1053 miles last year so hoping to up that a bit in 2019, my marathon debut year. Up to 20 so far and got a 17 miler to do tomorrow. Happy running!
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Happy belated Birthday Little Nell and Happy New Year to all.

    I thought I would watch the enthusiasm from the newcomers and the quiet reserved approach from the 'old crew' (as Little Nell put it).

    It's going to be an interesting year as I misheard a newbie to marathon running whom I am training for the London - I thought she said she has run a half in 1 hour 40 minutes and is taking on the full marathon challenge.  I started to push her to where I thought she ought to be regarding pace for a sub-5 hour comfortable finish and couldn't understand why she was struggling.  Turns out she had said she ran a 10km in 1 hour 40 not a half.  Revising her training programme to a 'GYA' (Get You Around) one with 14 weeks to go.  We will be doing the 10 mile stretch between Tower Bridge, around the Isle of Dogs and back to Tower Bridge tomorrow - might take an hour longer than I had planned but if I give my word, I keep it.

    After the initial New Years Day there and back (and a bit more) plus Parkrun, I did:

    Thursday 5.61 miles
    Friday 5.01 miles
    Today 7.09 miles (including my fastest Parkrun of the year)

    YTD = 26.66 miles
  • Well done folks, and nice to see you here, Will!
  • Good morning!

    4.1 5.2
    5.1 4.48
    6.1 10.16

    YTD 48.28 miles

  • 18 miles long run done.
    YTD 45 miles.
  • Parkrun yesterday for me, managed my slowest one yet at 21:52 but enjoyed it (I hate 5ks).

    17 miles YTD...hopefully get out later today to add a few more.

    Man V Horse entry done.

    Welcome to all the new 1000 milers
  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    Harmander - Oh dear, your newbie might need to reassess her aims, perhaps link up with the 6hr pacer? a 1:40 for a 10k does nor bode well, that's a 6hour + marathon ahead.

    Nell in answer to your ?, a GFA time for me is terrifyingly quick sub 5hours - oh the horror! Just about the only advantage of being a v old f*rt is no one expects much of you. Think I may make the time with a bit to spare.

    Finally got out for my 1st run of 2019 yesterday, following another age-related accident, managed to walk into  a half-open door on New Year's Eve and thought I'd broken my foot. Wouldn't have minded if I'd been drunk, at least if your'e drunk you can wake up sober, but when you're wake up still old!

    Anywho did parkrun+ and then my 1st LVSR of the year to start me off at 23.69 YTD
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    This is such a busy place! New Year resolutions??? Keep it going.
    Normally only running on alternate days, but have been out five days this week, notching up 50 miles for the first time. Only 34' counting in 2019.
  • Cool thread! I've just started up again with 3 short runs this past week. I'd love to hit 1,000 for the year! Challenge accepted :smiley:

    6.9 YTD
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭
    Nell - that’s because every run I do is exactly to a whole or half mile (which often leads to me running past the end of our road and back a little bit just to get a run up from x.92 (for example) to the next whole mile! Bit OCD I suppose).

    Well my run today doubled my annual mileage from 8 to 16! I won’t be saying that again this year!

    16 YTD 
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    edited January 2019
    Ytd: 22.2

    Parkrun yesterday was a good one, always like it when it's busy. Guess the new year resolutions boosted the field. 

    A slow time of year for racing, I'm not underway until the Sheffield hm in April. New race for me, apparently its 6 uphill miles and then downhill back to the city. 

    Been thinking about targets. Hope to meet this challenge, maybe pass my total from last year (1078) with an outside chance of 1200.

    I'm running the York marathon again where I'm hoping for sub 4, and I'll do 2, maybe 3, HMs during the year, aiming for a sub 1.45. Also have 4 or 5 10ks schduled, aiming for the sub 45 which I missed last year. All these are events I did in 2018, so can look for improvement. 

    Parkrun: should get my 100 milestone t shirt. 
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Evening all
    5.1 - 6.3
    6.1 - 10.22
    YTD - 31

    Running target for me in 2019 is my first marathon and staying injury.
  • senidM - Abosulutely, I have told her I can get her to go for 5:30 finish at best. Today I took her from Tower Bridge to the McDonalds on Whitehall past the finish line (to make up for the bit between 19 and 20 miles of the silly loop near the roundabout close to Poplar High Street) making 14.7 miles - I initially promised her that she could stop at Tower Hill but persuaded her to keep going. She did this in 3 hours 12 minutes. Will be making her do it again in two weeks before making her run from the Cutty Sark to the finish (20 miles) twice before the end of March.
    YTD = 41.32 miles
  • Little NellLittle Nell ✭✭✭
    edited January 2019
    Hi-dee-hi campers!

    Things really are proceeding apace on here - great going folks.

    Thanks for the belated wishes Harmander... I still have my cards up so it definitely counts :lol: Ah - your poor first time marathoner! That's quite a difference isn't it - a 10K in 1:40 versus a HM in 1:40. I'm sure your support will help her to get round in April though.

    Nice to see you streaking into the lead there, Dubai - with Cal hot on your heels! Looks like it's going to be interesting at the "pointy end" of the thread. HA! :grin:

    Cal - great that you're up at 18 miles for your LSR already. I take it that's part of marathon training? Might we see you back up in Manchester in April? :grin:

    Well done on your race entry, and your "slow" parkrun, Hobie - I'd love to run that sort of time! Mine was slow too - more than a minute slower than the last time I ran on the same course... but that's due to carrying round a post-festivities food baby.

    OUCH senidM - that non-drunk injury sounds painful!!! :open_mouth: Nice start up mileage in spite of foot battery though. Tee hee - shall we have a "marathon-off" then... if your GFA is not quite challenging enough? The VM70 in my club ran Chester marathon in 2017 in something around 3:36 and he was 6th in his age category - all the speedy mature gentlemen were out in force that day - he was FURIOUS!!! :lol: What time are you actually aiming for in Boston (UK)?

    Loving the minimalist yet to the point resolution, MrM2! A 50-mile week is good going, even if only part of it counts for this thread.

    Nicely off the mark there jtface - good to get those first miles in the bank.

    Andrew - that all makes sense now. I'm equally OCD, in a way, in that I have to do at least my scheduled mileage - so I'll never do 12.95 miles, for example... I have to push it up to over 13. That means I end up with a lot of XX.06, XX.13, etc. as I can't head home until my watch has beeped for the required whole mile. This often finds me milling around in ever decreasing circles near my house. We all have a little (or a lot of) crazy in us :lol:

    I loved your 2018 running year in review, Donnie - and I'm equally impressed with your 2019 running goals! :smile:  Your 10K goal is the same as mine... and I had the same goal last year, which I missed. Here's to us both ticking that off the list this year! I'm confident that you'll make your other goals too - I think your running pace sounds pretty close to mine.

    Looks like we're about neck-and-neck, JD1 - and well ahead of par for the week too! Which marathon are aiming to make your first?

    A nice LSR (had a little giggle at senidM's LVSR)  totalling 13.07 miles for me tonight. Made sure I kept it to a slow plod to get back into the swing of properly pacing my long runs, but made the final mile the fastest by far.

    YTD: 30.30 miles.

  • Ha ha Hobie, I'm with Nell on your parkrun speed. My best ever (in November) was cracking 25 for the first time. Hopefully I'll get under 25 again this year.
    senidM - ouch! :( But yeah, we might not be young any more but at least we're alive and running, eh?
    Nell - sadly, no - I'm off to Vienna this year! I had a mini-break there last March with Colin, my Manchester friend, since we both love rides and coasters, but it was freezing and snowed so none of the rides in Prater Park were open. I floated the idea of doing Vienna so we could go back and do the rides we missed. It's the same weekend as Manchester.
    I'm also down to do Liverpool again (I wasn't going to do it again after the last two but another mate signed up so I decided to keep him company). And then York, like Donnie. First time there - hoping I can target a sub-4 by that point but I guess we'll have to see. I took a big chunk off my PB last year (11 minutes off at Manchester and then another (almost) 8 minutes off at Chester, but I know I can't keep on improving at that rate. I need to be running 30 seconds per mile faster than Chester which is a big ask, as Chester was the most perfect race I've ever run.
  • Good to be ambitious,  Cal. Hope you get there.

    17 weary miles for me yesterday. Feeling it this morning, so having a rest day.

    YTD: 36 miles.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Morning all, 

    Ran 10 miles in the forest yesterday morning with a club mate. For some unknown reason, it was a real struggle and much slower than the same run on Thursday. Mileage so far is 26.
  • Another short one to ease another day into the running week.

    8.5 YTD
  • 5 miles of hill reps tonight 1000ft climbed.

    22 miles YTD
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