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  • Morning,

    Dubai, What a shame you can't make the backyard ultra, you must be gutted :D to be honest, I imagine it would be horrendous in those conditions.
    Hope you are enjoying the new car, I love the smell of a new one.

    MrM2, In fairness I probably wouldn't make it much past half way, so maybe a few years time, we shall see.
    Hope you have a lovely time in Sicily, you have earnt a rest.

    Cal, Hope the vitamin c and echinacea do the trick, best of luck for Vienna.

    Harmander, Fauja Singh birthday challenge looked good from the pictures I have seen, although the only one with you in it, is of the back of your beany hat, were you hiding?

    I managed a couple of loops yesterday, I am glad to say the leg is fine now, although I now have a very tight calf, strange.
    It was a lovely morning, and sunrise was stunning, although it did seem strange to be starting in the dark again, but not for long.

    01.04.19 - 8.25

    YTD = 349.18

    I am away next week, back down to Falmouth in Cornwall with the wife & kids, will hopefully get in a couple of coastal path runs though.
  • Dubai runnerDubai runner ✭✭✭
    edited April 2019
    Afternoon all

    Cal hope the cold leaves before Vienna

    MrM2 take it easy in Sicily and let me catch up

    David yep hard to beat the smell of a new car, petrol went up the day I bought it! Paying nearly 40p a liter now for Super 98!! Enjoy Cornwall next week, the scenery on Poldark looked stunning and it was always sunny.

    Went for a run at a new park this morning, was a pleasant 31 with a slight breeze. Did 9.35 miles.

    YTD 495.81 miles

  • Dubai,

    You can grow to dislike a person, 40p a liter, we are paying around 1.19 here, although I did change from a Golf R last year returning an average of 32mpg to a Golf GTE, which is the plug in hybrid version with 210ps. Generally it does 30 miles on electric (this costs about 1.20) then onto the engine, and I am currently averaging around 80-90mpg, so not that expensive.

    We have been very lucky with the weather on our previous visits, so fingers crossed, and they were filming Poldark last year whilst we were visiting some national trust place, helicopters everywhere!

  • Sorry, been away a while...not away, away (nothing so much fun) just busy with work. But have managed to get some miles in while the weather was nice.

    Best of luck in Vienna Cal, should be stunning

    Great work everyone else to, some epic mileages.

    David, I to changed my car the other day...Fiat 500x replaced by a Tipo (the cheap one) mainly because it's got a bigger boot...and dealer offering 5k off a brand new one.

    Couple of decent length runs for me & a Couch to Cardiff training to help my Niece...oh and boy wanted to go running all good. 7 miles on Pendine beach (no speed records were broken) last night before dinner with the company CEO.

    365 miles YTD

  • David, also the pump attendant fills the car up to save you getting out and washes the wind shield as well! I believe it used to be like that in Britain. I've just bought an Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV, turbocharged 2L giving 280 BHP, I also have a Volvo V60 Polestar, love that car 3L turbocharged flat 6 giving 350 BHP with AWD, 1 of 1000 models. My run around is a 2L VW Tiguan, was thinking of selling it but sold my Volvo XC90, was a 4.4L V8, great car but don't need 7 seats anymore. Road tax is APPROX 50 quid here, considering my polestar would have been 2000 a year in the UK due to emissions.
    The Golf R is also a great car, nearly bought one once, many of my friends have them. No diesel cars here, all petrol and mostly automatic, I haven't driven a manual car in years. Tesla are dipping into the market with electric vehicles, but don't see many yet.
  • Dubai/Hobie

    Love the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, a friend of mine who is an accountant picked his up last week and was showing me yesterday after work! Very nice.

    My wife currently drives a Tiguan, I do enjoy driving that on occasion, nice, well built car with a decent ride height for the potholes we have here!

    I have been lucky enough to have some lovely cars over the years, my favourite by a mile was the Porsche 911 Turbo 996, and not forgetting the Subaru P1 I picked up into 2000 whilst there was a petrol strike. However I find there is so much traffic now, you just can't enjoy the experience, or is that youth talking? 

    Anyway you both enjoy, I know I will when it is my turn.

    Hobie, Running with the CEO, hope you did a sprint finish :D
  • David 911 great car, on the horizon some time, brother in law has a GT3, that's a bit extreme I think, would be happy with something classic.
  • David Charman, Yes the Birthday Challenge event went really well and we have had nothing but very positive feedback.
    I ran 11 laps of the course (2.024km) before setting up and another 11 during the day while combining it with joint Race Director duties making a total of 44.308km (27.53 miles) - and awarded myself a finishers medal as the total counted as a short ultra - everyone else got a gun time, mine was a actual run time of 5:47:22. This is a tad faster than the VLM pacing time I have been asked to deliver
    YTD = 691.39 miles.
    Incidentally, I have never learnt to drive but have a classic - I don't own it but it has been with me for 40 years (on 5 May definitely) - yes you have guessed it, it's the missus - one careful and very cautious 'keeper', good firm shape, noisy at times - not a particularly good runner (half marathon in 3 hours 29 minutes and 38 seconds), high maintenance, 
  • I hope her indoors doesn't follow your posts Harmander!

    7.24 miles this morning

    YTD 503.05 miles

  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    MrM2 - Enjoy your three weeks in Sicily.You'll have to get a few miles in to run off the pasta and wine.

    David - love the idea of the 24 hour race with the diminishing time for each lap,gets faster the longer you stay in the race,sounds totally illogical !Glad your leg is feeling better.

    Well done,Andrew,in passing 250.

    Harmander - love the description of your classic,just make sure you don't get traded in for a younger model!Great  Birthday Challenge and congrats in advance for the 700.

    30.03 - 5

    02.04 - 5

    YTD - 427.65

  • Dubai Runner, congrats on the 500 - it's all downhill now.
    JD1 thanks for the warning about being traded in - if she does, I will shoot her new partner's guide dog (just kidding).
    Did the 13.71 miles recovery run to get over the 700
    YTD = 705.10 (in 92 days)
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    LOL Harmander! Well done on the Birthday challenge!

    I had an extra day off as I've had a scratchy throat but copious amounts of vitamin C and echinacea has seen it off. I got out for 4 miles today. Legs felt terrible!
    Early flight tomorrow so won't be able to post again until I get back. (Well, apart from today, obviously).

    YTD: 533
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Ollie...Moving house, and running! Serious multi-tasking. Well done.
    Cal...Glad to hear that the Vit.C has helped. Have a great run in Vienna!
    David C...Good news about the leg. Enjoy Falmouth. Not sure about resting in Sicily, with another two weeks to go before the taper...(?)
    Dubai...Well done on the 500'. Sure you'll soon be passing me with your frequent runs (solar-powered). Think I would be 'solar-overpowered'!
    Hobie...Well done on encouraging all the family.
    Harmander...Congrats on the Birthday Challenge, and passing 700'!
    JD1...Yes, looking forward to the tricky balancing of calories in and calories out in Sicily!

    This morning looked less than promising with temp. just above freezing! Then the sun got going, and by 10 it was ideal running conditions for my 17'. After the warm-up mile I was unsure how many Mar.Pace miles I would include. Then they came along, one after the other, all the way. Recorded a 1:57 half mar. within the run, and O'all pace was 8:59/mile. Not really a training pace but there is at least one 'method' that that recommends gradually taking up the distance of mar. pace runs to 17/18'. What are your thoughts?  Will have to leave my hills session to Sicily; believe they have a few there....     YTD:550'.
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    Ytd: 288.5

    Been out tonight for 8.1 in 67 mins as a final hard run before the Sheffield half marathon 14th April. Its a course of the first 5.25 miles uphill and then the remainder downhill, the course profile suggests you're never on the flat. Target is anything under 1hr 50, it'll be tight. 

    Harmander: geninue lol for the post above. 

  • Want to build up a sweat? Running in the desert when it's 38 degrees will have you dripping.

    Only 4.12 miles though

    YTD 507.17 miles

  • Evenin' all!

    Sorry for another somewhat prolonged absence again... not as bad as last year though :lol:

    So much great running running being done by all - well done everyone. Hope illnesses and niggly injuries clear up soon though.

    Congrats., Harmander on so many achievements already this year... heroic nomination, heroic Tokyo running and six-star obtaining (so jealous!), heroic passing of 600 miles already...!!! All very impressive :smiley:

    Well done to our 500+ cohort too... Cal, MrM2 and Dubai (sorry if I've missed anyone!)

    Welcome Ollie - good to have you on board.

    Enjoy your visit to my homeland, David. Wave at Saltash as you cross the bridge into Cornwall... it's the town where I grew up :smile:

    Cal - all the best for Vienna. Your training has been great and I'm sure you'll have a good run.

    senidM - good luck for Boston (Lincs.). You've also had a good tranche of training and racing and I think you'll acquit yourself well.

    Donnie - you asked about HR training a while back... I don't do formal HR training but I do always run with a HR monitor. It is very helpful to understand relative training and racing performances. As I understand it, the key to HR training is knowing your true max HR though - otherwise training by HR zones is meaningless - and I don't know mine (I've never done a treadmill test to exhaustion). I just use HR as a guide.

    Well done to everyone I've failed to name check - I have read back over everyone's progress so far (and even some offspring updates... Dubai's globetrotting son and Hobie's mountain goat son!) :smile:

    I have managed to generally keep training - but I'm light on mileage compared with the last two years. Having said that (and after my abysmal performance in Wrexham) I raced a 10K at the start of March about 30 seconds shy of my PB, and three weeks later ran a HM PB in Wilmslow, which was a pleasant surprise! Manchester marathon this weekend... no real idea how it's going to go as I've had a "bubbling under" cold for 10 days or so now - really hoping it doesn't head down to my chest. If it's still just a cold I'll definitely run on Sunday.

    Harmander - do you know if you're going to run Manchester? I'm guessing an awards event is a much better offer... than slogging 26.2 miles around the streets of south Manchester... sounds good to me :wink:

    YTD: 370.17 miles.

  • Little Nell,

    Seems Manchester can wait - simply cannot make it after a midnight bash in West London.

    Incidentally, I am over the 700 mark now (not 600).

    Going to send you an invite to pace at Richmond Running Festival on 15 September.

    I need to have two pacers for each slot to choose from - in case one cannot make it on the day as happened last year - I had to fill in for the 4:30 pacer with five minutes to go - did 4:31
  • Eeek - sorry Harmander... yes, you're 700+ miles now, great going!

    I fully understand you canning Manchester - it wouldn't make sense to try to hot foot it up north in time for a 09:00 gun! So - how am I going to get to see your six star??? :grin: Photos needed!!!

    I'm a possible "yes" for pacing at Richmond - it would fit well with my Chicago/NY mara training. PM/text me the times you need covering... I'd prefer the HM rather than the mara to be honest.

  • Thanks Little Nell,

    You will receive an invite to pace email from me later today.

    I could whatsapp you the pictures but you don't have whatsapp I recall
  • Afternoon

    Harmander, Well done on the 700, going very well. I am choosing to ignore the comment about your wife, just incase she does ever read the posts. If of course she does, it was nice knowing you :D 

    MrM2, Harmander and I both know a chap who runs a running group called SVN, his name is Traviss, and he used that very method when he was training for marathons, he has written quite a lot about it and said that he used to enter a marathon, just to train up to a distance at marathon pace, then walk the rest, until one day he was able to run the whole thing.

    Donnie, Best of luck for the 14th, as I will be away, look forward to reading the report with a new PB ;) 

    Nell, Nice to here from you again, well done on the new HM PB. Very best of luck on Sunday, and remember to enjoy it.
    If you want to look at some pictures of Harmander, if you have facebook, search for the "Sikhs In the city"- running group, you will find plenty of him, all wearing the beany hat!

    I have been out a couple more times this week, my right calf is still very tight and took a good km to relax this morning - I must be getting old. I will see how it goes whilst on holiday and if it doesn't settle down, see my lady for another session when I get back, as I need to up the mileage very shortly.

    04.04.19 - 8
    05.04.19 - 5

    YTD = 362.18
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Good luck to everyone who is racing this weekend.Hope you enjoy them.
    Nell, well done on your HM PB, great running.

    4.04 - 8.2
    YTD - 435.85 miles
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭
    Good to hear from you Nell and well done on the pb!

    David - enjoy the holiday and if you need to rest up the injury while you’re away don’t be afraid to do so.

    11 miles so far this week - all easy paced as part of my taper for Sunday’s 10k. Still feel pretty sluggish at times, so I don’t really hold out much hope for a good time on Sunday, but you never know I guess!

    262 YTD 
  • Thanks guys!

    Cheers for the pacer invite Harmander!

    Take care of that calf David - not sure you'll be able to rest it much in fair Kernow... everything is either up or down, a real calf workout! Thanks for the Facebook suggestion, I have lots of photos of Harmander... just none of his six-star medal. I was hoping to be able to drool over it in Manchester :lol:

    JD1 - hope you don't mind... I'm going to try to chase you down on the mileage front as you've got a nice total stacking up :blush:

    Think positive for your 10K Andrew (yes - I'm aware of the irony of me encouraging someone to be positive). The best piece of running advice I've ever been given was from a work friend who told me to "run happy"... and it works! When I have poor runs or races I have usually forgotten this mantra. Which 10K is it you're doing?

    An easy little 3.11 miles run this evening. I needed to try out a new t-shirt I'm thinking about possibly wearing under my vest on Sunday - I'm worried about being too cold in just a vest (and tights!) :neutral:

    YTD: 373.28 miles.

  • Ola peeps!

    Just dropped in to log my final pre-mara. leg stretch: 4.01 miles @ goal MP. Still undecided which shoes I'm going to wear tomorrow... this is the least organised I've been, ever!

    Enjoy the awards ceremony, Harmander - good luck - hope you win :smile:

    Best of luck to everyone racing and training tomorrow - have a good one everyone!

    YTD: 377.29 miles.

  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    Good Luck, Nell, looks like weather is on your side, flat course, and you've been piling the miles up, am expecting you'll run a good time!
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    Dropped by to wish the Manchester people well tomorrow. Hope those targets are achieved. 

    Satisfactory parkrun of 22.40 which is 10 secs from my pb, ideal conditions htlped. 

    Ytd: 296.8
  • Morning all. Good luck for today Nell, is Vienna today Cal? If so good luck as well.

    Missed a couple of days running with a virus, managed a slow 3.03 miles this morning, feeling quite a bit better so back to work this afternoon.

    YTD 510.2 miles

  • Hey folks,

    Just dropped in to wish any racers good luck

    Just remember ... you've got this!
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    Hello all ... it's been a while. Just wanted to say well done to Harmander for this piece about Mr Singh senior: (scroll down):

  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭
    Reporting in with a new 10k pb of 43.02 this morning! 

    270 YTD 
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