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  • Congrats Andrew, any running Steven? 

  • 7.21 miles this morning

    YTD 517.41 miles

  • Sorry for the short break from posting but here is the update.
    Tuesday and Thursday evening 13.71 miles.
    Saturday 10.19 mile parkrun sandwich
    Sunday 20.75 mile VLM course familiarisation run with two newbies (instead of the planned Manchester Marathon - more below).
    YTD = 749.75 miles.
    Yes, I attended the Sporting Equals, British Ethnic Diversity Sports Awards at the Heathrow Hilton on Saturday night and got home at 2:30 am on Sunday before going on the 20.75 mile run - it was worth it because thanks to all who voted for me and the curious decision by the judges, I won the British Army Unsung Champion award - alongside the likes of Raheem Sterling, Ama Agbeze and Brendan Batson.
    The full BC report is at the link below.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Well done Harmander,on your Unsung Champions award.Nothing like a 20 mile run to celebrate!
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Congrats, Harmander!

    Vienna was a good experience but it didn't pan out quite as I wanted. I got to do all the rides in Prater Park (which I missed last year due to snow) but I didn't PB the marathon. It turned out to be pretty warm and the wheels fell off after 17 miles, my feet felt like they were on fire and I struggled. My time in the end was 4:14:17 which is my second fastest marathon, but not the improvement on 4:10 that I hoped for (given that I am hoping to go sub-4 in the Autumn).

    YTD: 559
  • Congratulations Harmander,

    Great to see you back Nell, guess what??? still close to each other :-) I did 13 miles of coast path with 2700ft of nothing fast but good training I hope for 32 mile UltraBeasT on 11th May...I really don't know if I'm ready for this, don't feel like I've done enough & nursing a wee bit of a sore hamstring.

    Well done to all who've been racing in Manchester and other events...great work. Well done in Vienna Cal, guess hot weather is tougher than cold (I'm Scottish & live in Wales so warm is not something I'm very used to)

    389 miles YTD

  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

     Well done Andrew on your new 10k PB,and considering you've had a virus that's great running.

    Nell,I except your challenge!

    That's a monster climb Hobie,do you walk in any of that climb?I have a couple of local hill races in the summer but not on that scale.

    6.04 - 5

    7.04 - 15

    8.04 - 7.01

    YTD - 454.84 miles

  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Andrew....congrats on your 10k pb!
    Cal....Not what you wanted in Vienna but still a good result. Agree about the sight-seeing; I found it hard to only spend time on the red buses two years ago, and then I found the last couple of miles heavy-going; something about running in the city with huge buildings...? Who knows?
    Harmander...Huge congrats and respect for your recent achievements.

    Sicily is going OK (?) 5.5 miles yesterday and 9.5 today, but even a planned 20 miler will leave me having to accept that the pizza and pasta are well in the lead!   YTD:565'.
  • Little NellLittle Nell ✭✭✭
    edited April 2019
    A-hoy, hoy lovely folks!

    Thanks for all the marathon good wishes. Particularly thank you for your faith in me senidM - somewhat misplaced as I'll describe below :disappointed:

    Nice parkrunning Donnie... sub-22:30 on the cards soon, maybe?

    Hope all the bugs have been full fought off, Dubai - I don't remember you ever being ill before, you must have a strong constitution generally!

    Thank you Steven - turns out I didn't... (have it...)

    Hello good Sir Muttley! Hope all is well with you and yours.

    Oh, fab news Andrew - really well done... that's an excellent time - very impressive!!! Now I'm going to do to you what I do to one of my work running friends who tends to clock PBs just a few seconds past a whole number and say "43:02! Could you not have run 3 seconds faster!?" :lol: All in jest, of course!

    A brilliant achievement, Harmander - and very well deserved, as illustrated by you going straight back out the next day help others with their VMLM training!

    Cal - I totally empathise and commiserate with you. You've literally just describe my Manchester run... apart from the temperature, but everything else was blow-by-blow identical!!! Onward and upward - I know it's disappointing but at least we will have more chances in the future!

    Oh yeah, Hobie - my year would be bereft if it didn't involve either running away from or chasing after you, metaphorically speaking! :lol: That is, indeed, an epic amount of climb in your 13-miler. I'm sure you will prevail in the UltraBeast - not sure it would ever be possible to do enough training for such an event!

    Good, good JD1... I'll be running after you and away from Hobie (although his 32 mile race will offer a good chance for catch up). Nice steady mileage again from you :smile:

    MrM2 - well done on throwing any running into the mix on holiday. You're allowed to lose a brief tussle with delightful Italian fare once in a while!

    So... Sunday was a bit of a bust - essentially exactly as Cal described her experience in Vienna, except the weather was perfect for running - no complaints there. I basically ran like a complete novice - went off too fast and continued running too fast until the 18th mile where I fell off a cliff! I had set up pace alerts on my Garmin and, like an idiot, chose to ignore the warnings. I also chose the wrong shoes so, for the first time ever, I felt like I had blisters on my soles (I didn't have - my feet were just sore). My summary of the day is "Over goal weight, under goal miles, ignored goal pace" :neutral: Ended up running 3:53:30, which meant I missed my A-target (sub-3:45) and my B-target (London GFA, sub-3:53) by 31 seconds :angry: At least I made my C-target of "just get around". It was my second fastest marathon - so I've taken it as a learning experience. I've now tried out going off too fast and I know exactly how that feels and won't do it again!

    YTD: 404.66 miles. (Phew, at least that poor run pushed me over the 400 miles mark!)

  • Dear Little Nell, Sorry to hear what happened in Manchester (just hope United learn from that too tomorrow).
    Here is the good news, I am going to make you come down to London and pace for me at Richmond Running Festival at the super easy time of 2:15 - it's the only way of getting you to see the World Majors Six Star Finisher's medal.
  • Forgot to say, that is why I don't do Garmin or ANY other super clever kit, it reminds you of your mistakes (ignoring alerts etc).
    Well done on the 400 mark too.
  • Can I take this opportunity to thank everyone for the congrats on the BEDSA Award.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Nell, genuinely gutted for you missing the GFA by such a slim margin. I know second fastest marathon should be a positive achievement, but it's just not satisfying, is it?
    My next marathon is Liverpool and that is deffo not a PB course (I suppose I could surprise myself, but I've run it twice before and it's usually warm and always, ahem, undulating) so Yorkshire is my next real target.
    In the meantime, a bit of post-marathon insomnia has resulted in me entering Gatwick half. Oopsy!
  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    Not misplaced Nell, a 3.53 is a good run, do not beat yourself up!

    All right it did not go to plan, but thats Marathon running, we can all get carried away and end up going off that little bit too fast, but missing out by a minute must be soooo annoying.

    Massive commiserations, but it was still a good run.
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭

    Firstly the good stuff - congrats to you Harmander for your award which I'm sure is richly deserved!

    Next the commiserations - sorry to hear that things didn't go to plan Nell. There is always next time and you will have learnt a lot from the experience.

    Finally, thank you for the pb congrats. As Nell has pointed out, I do wish I could have found 3 seconds somewhere on the course to get below 43, but I'm generally very happy. Am considering another 10k in a few weeks to have a stab at sub 43.

    No running yet this week for me, so still 270 YTD.

  • Nell, tough not making the GFA, but still a great time, well done...I'm chasing you again now :-)

    JD1, Yup....I walk quite a lot...reckon I'm almost as quick walking hard up steep bits as I can run...I've never run all the way in a marathon or Ultra yet but I've only done Snowdonia (3:55) and the rest are trails, so all bonkers hilly ones.

  • Steven Morrison 2Steven Morrison 2 ✭✭✭
    edited April 2019
    Hey all,
    Quick shout outs to say Congrats on your Unsung Champion award Harmander ... although I'm pretty sure we're on here singing your praises pretty regularly ;)
    Nell, sorry it didn't go as planned - believe me I feel your pain. I think we've all had that experience of missing goals by slim margins. You're in great shape you'll romp home in a PB very soon ... we know it!
    AndrewD, Superb PB and I look forward to reading about how you've dipped under 43 minutes very soon.
    To all the others who are putting down excellent race results, awesome mileage and methodically hitting monthly targets, you are doing superb and I applaud you very very loudly - it ain't easy and everyone in this thread knows it.

    Apologies for the tardy reply Dubai but I had a deal with myself that the next time I posted I would have breached 100, I had planned to do it on Monday morning - but when I woke up I knew that wasn't happening. My rubbish year continues so far ... while the ankle injury was keeping me benched I got unwell and stayed unwell - so back to the doc for more blood tests to see how my anemia was doing/anything else. Inconclusive test results come back in fortnight ... I've got to wait until coming Tuesday and take that from there.
    I've tried to get back out and keep running but with shaky results, I'm just not right no matter how much I tell myself 'I'm getting better'. Without a doubt this has been the hardest fought 100 miles of my running life.

    20 Mar - 3.3m
    27 Mar - 4.6m
    29 Mar - 5.85m
    10 Apr - 3.4m
    YTD: 101.5 Miles
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Feeling better today despite another bad night (I've been waking up multiple times since the marathon...usually that only happens for the night after) so I went for a nice, gentle 3 mile recovery run.

    Harmander, I'm doing Richmond Half again, so might see you? Nell you should definitely come. Oh and I've entered Manchester again. Interested to see the new city centre route.

    YTD: 562
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    Nell and Cal: well done, don't be hard on yourselves. Enjoy the after glow. 

    Ytd: 308.0
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Sorry to hear about your woes Stephen,think I'd put running on the backburner and just concentrate on getting better.

    Nell I'm sure you'll PB in a mara sooner than later,especially after your PB in the HM,which will set you up for a decent crack at it.I think that going off too fast in my first mara will be my downfall,will have to be more disciplined time wise. Congrats on passing 400.

    10.04 - 8.16

    YTD - 463 miles

  • Keep going Steven Morrison, one step at a time, stronger with each.
    Donnie beat me to it - look forward ladies.
    Only did 10.48 miles yesterday - felt sluggish.
    YTD = 760.24 miles
  • Club run last night, did nearly 8 miles at a decent pace & felt really good for the first time in a while (probably since I gave blood last month, so hopefully all will be well by the time of my Ultra.

    Chatting to one of the boys in club last night who did Manchester in 3:14 he wasn't happy as he said he went off too fast and slowed towards the finish...didn't get a lot of sympathy with a finish time like that.

    Donnie, well done on the 300 & Harmander, awesome work on being over half way to 1500 already.

    397 miles YTD....will pass 400 sometime today

  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭

    Stephen - hope the further tests give you some answers and a route back to full health and fitness soon!

    5 miles for me last night. Legs felt quite achey, but hopefully that has got that out of the way and they will start to feel better from tonight!

    I am aiming for a pb attempt in a parkrun next Saturday - my 5k pb has been the same for a long time and really needs to be updated!

    275 YTD

  • Thank you Hobie1495, that 1500 mark seems a good target to go for by my 60th birthday late in July.
    Enjoy the step over the 400 mark later today.
    AndrewD, my last parkrun PB was several years ago - before I started pacing - will try to increase my age grading instead as a day after my next birthday I will be in a new age category.
  • Nell and Cal congrats, not what either of you wanted but you did it.

    Steven, 2 weeks seems a long time for test results. I have an aviation physical every year as a requirement for my job and my blood work results are back within 24 hours. I went to the doctor last Saturday, phoned at 1135, could pick an appointment to suit me, picked 1230, was greeted by a Filipino nurse. Had water and coffee provided, saw an English doctor, tested for bacterial infection, took 5 minutes for results and left with herbal medication - my preferred choice. I'm lucky as I'm rarely sick, but the healthcare here is first class.

    Donnie congrats on the 300 and Hobie for the pending 400, also Steven for the first ton, hopefully you'll be back at full fitness soon.

    10.4 4.32
    11.4 7.29

    YTD 529.02 miles

  • Dubai Runner, Yes the Filipino nurses make all the difference I am told.
    My son who spent nearly two and a half years in and out of hospital says so.
    Good to hear all is well.
  • Slightly less sluggish 14.16 miles tonight making
    YTD = 774.40 miles
  • Wotcha peeps!

    Thank you for all the commiserations, and encouragement - you are all correct, of course - I am very happy that I can achieve running 26.2 miles (or 26.37 miles as measured by my Garmin :lol:) at all.

    Thank you for selecting me as a pacer Harmander... will be happy to. Congratulations on that huge total amassing!

    Cal - you'll be way ahead of me at Richmond as I'm doing 2:15, but would be lovely to meet up again and say hello! I'm also in for Manchester 2020 - with a few misgivings about the city centre bit - there's a lot of (fairly gentle) up hill, and narrow sections with speed bumps and traffic calming measures - you don't want to be running near a pacer or in a big crowd in front of MOSI or when going up Lloyd Street, which is narrow! Well done on getting back out for a recovery trot after Vienna.

    senidM - I'm fairly philosophical about the whole thing now :smile: I am very impressed how you've come to know me so well after a few years on these threads... you know exactly when I'll be beating myself up and what to say to remind myself to get over it! Hope you have a better paced run at Boston.

    Steven - very sorry to hear that you're still struggling... and really appreciate that you're still with us and contributing on the thread! I can empathise with that feeling of things just being not quite right. I guess you and your GP have everything covered, but do you know your vit. B12 status? B12 supplements were the key for me... and you mentioned anaemia - iron related anaemia is not always the whole story, consider being checked for pernicious (B12) anaemia as well (apologies if you know all this already). Well done on breaking the 100 barrier in spite of everything!

    Thanks, Donnie. I am enjoying colleagues' amazement that I run 26+ miles at all :lol:

    Cheers JD1 - make sure you learn from my muppetry and have that in the back of your mind when you set off, to keep you on pace :smiley: That's a nice mid-week medium run... those are the ones I missed in my build up - so yours should stand you in good stead!

    Happy 400 Hobie - hopefully today! Sort of happy to hear even the speedy runners make the same rookie mistakes as me... Great to hear your running is feeling good at the moment. You'll be right for the Ultra, I'm sure.

    Best of luck for the PB attempt on Saturday, Andrew. I think you'll do it... your running has been really good lately and you fully deserve another PB!!!

    Thanks Dubai! I thought I recalled you being a remarkably healthy individual, generally. That appointment system sounds Utopian.

    No running for me yet - was going to go out this evening until my left eye and my nose started running like a couple of bath taps! Sneezing and snuffly... the classic suppressed immune system - never mind, at least it's exiting my head via the nearest exits :lol:

    YTD: 404.66 miles (still).

  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Well done Donnie on passing 300 and good luck in the Sheffield HM,hope you have a good one.

    Hobie you've given me an idea for trying the Snowdonia marathon next year........thank you!! and well done in passing 400 as well.

    Good luck in your PB attempt Andrew,I'm sure you'll do it.

    Harmander that's a monster mileage you're racking up,no doubt you'll be over 800 by the end of the weekend.

    Muppet is my middle name Nell.I still think I'm 27 and not 47 and go darting off too fast.Hope you feel better soon.

    Good luck to anyone else racing this weekend.

    As for me I have the Tatton 10k on Sunday.

    11.04 - 5.06

    YTD - 468.06 miles

  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭
    edited April 2019

    Thanks Nell - parkrun isn't until next Saturday though, not tomorrow. But I hope your faith in me is justified.

    Annoyingly, the official results from Sunday show my chip time as 43.00, so I was even closer to sub43 than I originally thought!

    3.5 miles last night - 278.5 YTD

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