The Thousand Mile Club - 2019



  • Hi all, happy new year. Mind if I join in? Seems like a great way to break down a year to achieve a goal. 

    I’m running the Milan marathon in April so hopefully I’ll manage to keep going past that and keep it up for a whole year. 

    YTD: 35.8m 
  • Morning all,

    A warm welcome to Will, JTface & AdamK, good luck with your personal targets over the coming year.

    Harmander, Oh dear, poor women, I have to agree with Senidm 6 hours is going to be tight, but if anyone can get her round its you :D 

    Cal, Great 18 mile long run.

    Two more runs to add for me.

    07.01.19 - 6.25
    08.01.19 - 10

    YTD = 36.75

    So my goals for 2019 are as follows, I am aiming for around 12-15 marathons this year, my first is on the 31st January with SVN, Harmander is doing the same event but a couple of days later, and of course would be nice to sub 4 a few of them.
    I have the Worthing HM coming up on 10th February, it would be nice to get a 1.40 finish, last year was 1.45 and a few seconds, so we shall see.

    But my biggest goal is the "last one standing" challenge event in June, hosted by challenge running and taking place in Suffolk, basically you have 1 hour to run a 4.2 mile circuit and be back on the starting line for the next hour to do it again, yes, nuts I know.
    Last years winner lasted around 35 hours I believe, I know I couldn't do that but I am aiming and will be training to get at least 18 hours or 75miles.
     In America where this event was started, the winner managed 78 hours!

    I will also do the Downslink Ultra 38 miles again in October as this was my favourite event of last year.

  • 6 miles in the winter sunshine. Felt slow and tired but actually wasn't all that slow by my standards, so it as a bit weird, really. Eh...

    YTD 51
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Your'e going to have a very busy 2019,David,puts my goal of a first marathon well and truly in the shade.

    Nell - I'm aiming for the Chester marathon.

    Just an easy 6.03 miles this morning.
    YTD 37.03
  • Hi JD1,

    I only started running in late 2016, with my 1st HM in Worthing Feb 2017 and 1st Marathon June 2017, with a fair amount of training you won't have any trouble completing Marathon No 1 which is still an incredible goal, and then maybe 2 or 5 or 10 for 2020 :D

    P.S, and have you seen Harmander's schedule, he is the daddy here, it is said he is often seen running in his sleep! 
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    YTD: 24.2

    David C: I love the idea of the 'last one standing' although I'd be fairly hopeless! What are your tactics? With minimal thought just now, think I'd aim to complete each lap in about 54/ 55 mins to conserve energy but have a little time to relax and refuel. Really interested in your take on it.

    JD1: enjoy your marathon, I did my first in 2014 and have managed only 4 since. Its a great experience. 
  • Donnie,

    Having watched a fair few you tube races, I would agree that the strategy is generally to run each lap around the 50-55 minute mark, giving you time to take on fluid/food and have the required "comfort break"
    I believe a lot fail as they start to fast and also when the night running arrives as they have never run though the night, I plan to do a 9 hour night session in training and aim for the early fifties and see how it goes.

    If you get time have a look on you tube, "last one standing" there are many to choose from, I find them most interesting.
  • GipfelGipfel ✭✭✭
    Cal, it is P&D of sorts - but I have the 5k to half marathon book (actually P&L!) rather than the marathon one - from what I've read about the latter, I wondered if it would be too much weekly mileage for me at the moment. I impulse-entered a half near the beginning of February, which didn't allow nearly enough time to follow any sort of plan, so I'm just ticking over and am picking random sessions out of the 31 to 47 miles/week plan. There's a fair bit of emphasis on lactate threshold pace, which I haven't been doing much of recently, so will see if there's much effect from doing more runs at that pace.

    Should have gone for a lunchtime run today, as it is so sunny, but fancied a walk instead! I plan to head out later - but will probably go easy on my legs to save them for a club 'effort session' tomorrow evening. My last run was in the countryside around my office yesterday - arrived not feeling very awake (after late night followed by early start to avoid traffic/lack of coffee) and sat in the car for 20 minutes before I could bring myself to move, but it was lovely once I was finally up and out. I have a vague resolution this year to become a regular morning run person - I'm terrible at getting out for early runs and only manage them every now and again, but I always enjoy them when I do!

    Lots of good stuff going on here. Love this thread - it's interesting to see all the different runs people are doing!

    29 miles YTD  
  • I will join the 1000 mile club ,just starting out again after a few months off
  • 6 mile road run this morning, 32 miles to date.
  • It's a slow start from me this year following a slight injury but I finally got going yesterday with 5 miles, hoping to get a few more miles in tomorrow on my day off as I steadily build up up after a couple of weeks off.

    5.16 YTD
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    This thread is buzzing; never known it this active. Welcome everybody.
    D.C. ...just '12-15 marathons'? 'Last one Standing' sounds like some sort of punishment, and as for a 9hr night session...I sometimes manage them, but I call it sleeping!
    JD1 Chester for your first marathon...great choice!
    Gipfel... love the robust commitment of a 'vague resolution'!
    Me? Out along the seafront today for a comfortable 6' easy/steady. Hoping to do a track session this week to break out of my long/slow routine! Although I surprised myself at Saturday's parkrun with 25:36, giving me an age-grading of over 72%. (Let's see if I can improve on that.)    YTD: 40'
  • Zoiks and gadzooks!!!

    As MrM2 says, this thread is, indeed, buzzing :grin:

    Nice mileage so far everyone! Quite a few of us aiming for marathons, I notice, which should help with the mileage.

    Great that you're doing Chester JD1 - that's my neck of the woods, I'm in Cheshire. Plenty of time for you to be ready.

    Vienna sounds interesting, Cal - enjoy. You're racking up a really nice total so far this year.

    David - good to hear your crazy marathon schedule continues into 2019. Like several other have said, I'm also reeling at the thought of Last Man Standing.

    I'd normally name check everyone but it's so hectic on here it'd take me all evening to do that, so sorry to everyone I haven't mentioned! :smile:

    I actually missed my planned lunchtime run today as I had a 1:00 pm meeting and didn't have enough time to get out - I'll do a double tomorrow instead. Just thought I'd pop in to see how everyone is doing and found the flurry of activity. I have managed to get back on my strength and conditioning schedule with two hours of Pilates last night: one mat class and one equipment class, then my PT strength training and a sports massage tonight. It all helps, I guess.

    YTD: (still) 30.30 miles.

  • David Charman - thank you for your confidence in my coaching skills. Made her run 12.75 miles uphill training tonight, nearly killed her but according to her Garmin (I don't use gadgets as you know - totally useless and distracting and they don't actually make you run any faster) she managed a mile in 11 minutes 19 seconds before nearly collapsing (lol). She was muttering something about a dodgy knee which I ignored at first but then told her to stop making excuses as she still had another one. It worked.
    Also am doing a marathon before your SVN - mine is on 27 January (one of Riks - Phoenix races).

    YTD = 54.07 miles
  • Harmander, you made me laugh there - it reminded me of Dilios in 300 after he loses an eye and carries on, saying "the gods saw fit to grace me with a spare."

    10 miles in the dark this morning. Now that it's light it looks to be a nice day for running, but I have a pilates class at 10 so I needed to get it done early.

    YTD: 61
  • 3 very tired and sluggish miles last night. Marathon training has hit a tough patch.

    YTD : 39
    I run, therefore I am.
  • A very pleasant 28 degrees and sunny this morning, 18 miles around the tracks and cycle paths of a desert park.

    7.1 5.21 
    8.1 3.8
    9.1 18

    YTD 75.29 miles

  • Gorgeous sunny 5 mile lunch run of those runs that just feels good...Mojo is up.

    Running club tonight will add a few more.

    Great miles everyone's adding up here, well done all.

    27miles YTD

  • Al good running by everyone.

    I can detect Dubai Runner is going to give me a run for my money this year - I really welcome this given my planned race schedule.

    Last year I managed 657 miles of races - might be able to at least match that this year.
  • Howdy pardners!

    Nice running everyone.

    Cal's right up there in second place at the moment Harmander - it's good to see a lady giving you a run for your (and Dubai's) money this year.

    Cal - I ran at the other end of the day from you... just as dark though! Well done on going out so early, don't know how you do it!

    Push on through, Will - without causing injury, of course - it will all come good in the end :smile:

    Your temperature sounds lovely, Dubai... Garmin tells me I ran in -1.5 degrees tonight :lol:

    Great to hear the mojo's rising Hobie! You're right, today was a lovely running day.

    Sadly, I had an epic fail for today's planned double as I forgot to take spare underwear to work for my lunchtime run, resulting in another cancellation ... so tomorrow will have to be the double instead. Did manage a cold, crisp and frosty 8.10 easy miles tonight though. Kept an easy pace but the first mile was the slowest and the second half got increasingly quicker with the final full mile at close to target MP. Lovley! :grin:

    YTD: 38.40 miles.

  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Good running everyone,impressive mileage getting clocked up already.

    Nell - don't you have a lost property box in work with some dodgy looking underwear you could use!!

    Club session last night,7.74 miles

    YTD - 44.82
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭

    5 miles for me last night, including 2.5 at tempo (7.05; 7.06; 7.00 pace for the half mile).

    21 YTD

  • Some superb running being done in this thread this year - too much to mention - keep it going!

    I look forward to trying to catch up with some of you later in the year, but unfortunately I'll have to wait and see just when that is. After finally getting my quack to agree to blood tests - it turns out I'm folate related anaemic (and based on my training diary, I probably have been for 4-5 months). It certainly explains why I've went from illness to illness to illness and why all my runs since September felt like an absolute slog.

    I'll be taking folic acid for 4 months, but hopefully it won't take me that long to feel good enough to run again - but methinks its time to channel my inner tortoise and leave the hare for later in the year.

    I will be lurking ;) keep running folks.


    YTD: 0.0m

  • Hope your feeling much better soon Stevie...with luck the drugs do work.

    Club 7 miles last night and a bit of 3 miles encouraging one of the boys in work to get out there (actually he dragged me out) at lunch today.

    38.6 miles ever Nell, we're keeping it close

  • Nell, I'm an early waker. It's rare for me to wake up after 5am.
    A bonus run of 4 miles today. It's usually a rest day although I do yoga early and then an afternoon pilates/HIIT class, but I decided to scrap the latter as my shoulder is being a git.
    Groin is gnarly at the moment. I need a new body.
    YTD: 65
  • Harmander, I doubt I'll give you a challenge this year, I'm sure you'll end up several hundred miles ahead, again!

    Nell, that temperature sounds terrible, it's been several years since I've experienced such coldness.

    Nice swim session today and then an easy run of 3.18 miles

    YTD 78.47 miles
  • And welcome back Steven, hope you're up and running again soon.
  • Completed another 30 minute easy run last night - trying up mileage without getting injured. Hopefully be up to 20mpw in a couple of week.

    12 YTD
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    SM2 At least you know the problem now. Hope you recover well!
    Lovely day for my track session; a set of 8 x Yasso 800s (4:00)with 400m recoveries (3:00). A mile each end gives me a good 8' today and 48' YTD.
  • Managed a few runs this week. 

    8.1. 5m including 12x200m repeats on the mall before work. 

    9.1. 3m In the morning and 5m in the evening with the club. 

    At the moment I’m sitting on the sofa watching the Barkley marathons and trying to get the willpower up to head out for the run I bailed on this morning. 

    YTD 48 miles. 
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