The Thousand Mile Club - 2019



  • Hobie 1495Hobie 1495 ✭✭✭

    Well done everyone, nicely nudging 500 Donnie.

    I was fully expecting some seriously hurty legs after Saturday but weirdly they're fine...maybe staying up until 2am drinking is a cure...Needs serious investigation I think.

    A wee recovery run on Monday & club hilly 7 miles last night for me.

    639 miles YTD

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Nice one, Dubai - it'll be a while before I catch 900.
    I've had three days off (two really, as Monday is always a rest day unless I miss a run on Sunday) to let my achilles settle and my falling over injuries calm down. Out for 4 miles today. Achilles is still grumpy but not as bad as Sunday. Legs actually had a lot more pep than I figured they would - I'd have thought three days of sitting on my arse would leave me sluggish. I've been doing some mobility drills so they must be helping.

    YTD: 839
  • Dubai runnerDubai runner ✭✭✭
    Donnie, the last time I tried the treadmill was at the Polo club. Unfortunately it looks on to the swimming pool and there's too many yummy mummies, I get easily distracted...

    Cal hope the Achilles behaves, a bit of heat training? Was 47 degrees at 2pm here today!!

    Hobie, nothing wrong with a few drinks after a run. I got it the wrong way round on Tuesday, out with friends, some beers and then Laphraoig 10 didn't set me up greatly for Tuesday mornings run.

    11.6 3.35 and 3.53
    12.6 7.31
    13.6 4.32 and 3.36

    YTD 930.87 miles

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    You can keep your heat, Dubai. I don't do well above 15 degrees, honestly.

    Just 3 miles today. Feeling a bit tired.

    YTD: 842
  • Dubai runnerDubai runner ✭✭✭
    15 is a cold winter's day Cal!!

    3.56 miles today

    YTD 934.43 miles

  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    MrM2,well done on getting an England Masters Team place,something to be really proud of.What will you do with yourself with no running for two weeks.

    Dubai,47 degrees is some heat,I had to light the fire on Tuesday as it was that cold.You need a distraction when running on a treadmill as it's that tedious.

    Good luck to anyone racing this weekend.

    12.06 - 4.45

    13.06 - 6.04

    YTD - 719.32 miles

  • Dubai runnerDubai runner ✭✭✭
    Yes meant to say congrats to MrM2.

    Didn't get out as early as I wanted this morning so only 3.51 miles.

    YTD 937.94 miles

  • Just a weekly update on mileage.
    2  x 10.48 milers on Tuesday and Thursday
    10.19 miles (so far) today
    YTD = 1267.52 miles
    I said so far because at 7:00 pm I will be on the start line of the Midnight Marathon - it will be my 11th this year
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Good luck, Harmander. I don't know how you manage so many races without hurting yourself. I say that because my achilles is really unhappy at the moment and I blame myself because I did two trail races within two weeks of Liverpool Marathon. Stupid.
    So today's parkrun didn't go well. I did Bethlem, which is new (event 4). All grass, which was a bit squelchy after the rain last week, and some gradients, so I found it very tough especially as it was really humid. Lacklustre time and angry achilles after. May be looking at more days off. :(

    YTD: 845
  • Thanks Cal,

    I am just a plodder - not a speed merchant.
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    Playing with my phone whilst watching the India v Pakistan world cup cricket. Love cricket, dispite paying for sky hate the ecb for taking cricket away from the public and putting it behind a pay wall. The governing body is killing the greatest of games. 

    Decent parkrun yesterday, three seconds away from a pb, sure I could have found those seconds somewhere. 

    Harmander: hope the midnight run went well. 

    Mr MM: Rest up and get back soon. Hope you're tip top for York. 

    Ytd: 505.5
  • Donnie2 et al,

    I just couldn't get started into a running mode at the marathon but was consistent in my lap times within a minute except the last one when I was 3 minutes slower - made the cut off with 35 seconds to spare but it meant I was a minute a mile faster than last weekend.
    I don't have a marathon for three weeks now so will see if I can do some serious training without joining the 'niggle club'.
    YTD = 1293.74 miles

    Good luck to all on the recovery path and getting race ready as well as approaching century marks
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Hi everybody; still looking in but no miles to add for the week...and another zero week to follow. Then will hope to see  some improvements. So far, all I can say is that the muscles are more comfortable, but not ready for running.
    Thanks for your interest, and kind words re- Yorkshire Mar. and Masters Team. Really looking forward to it.
    Cal...sounds like you need a break (?) Take it easy.
    Harmander...another one in the bag, and 35 secs to spare! (Could do better?)

    Went to parkrun on Saturday, as volunteer. Always interested to see the results at Poole as well as Bournemouth; checking numbers, sub-20s, M70/75 times, and looking out for friends and familiar names. Noticed that a week ago, at Poole, the 18 year old Jakob Ingebrigtsen took 4th place (in his first parkrun) with a time of 17:35. He must have been taking it easy as his best 5000m is a little over 13 mins! Don't know what he is doing in the area, but what a talent!        Happy running!
  • Just been confirmed as Pacer at the Great North Run - Yippeeee
  • I won't get lost as it will be my 35th consecutive GNR
  • Dubai runnerDubai runner ✭✭✭
    Well done on another marathon Harmander and being confirmed as a pacer for GNR

    MrM2 glad you're being patient, you'll be back before you know it

    8.43 miles this morning

    YTD 952.77 miles

  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Harmander,congrats on the latest marathon and confirmation as a pacer for the GNR.

    MrM2,the Ingesbrigsten brothers are very talented runners,love watching them.Hope your recovery is going well.

    Well done,Donnie,on passing 500.
    16.06 - 17.52
    17.06 - 4.35
    YTD - 741.19

  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    Mr MM: take care, I'm sure with your experience you'll do the right thing at the right time. Be patient. 

    Harmander: your record at the gnr is impressive. I've been there a couple of times, once was my worst run ever (1991) which I think was an afternoon start and again in about 2004 which was much better. 

    Dubai: I'm sure the sun is still shining with you, my mood today is dismal, I'm sat waiting for the Yorkshire v Warkwickshire County cricket game to start, rain and more rain, looking like an early lunch. 

    Ytd: 513.7
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Did a 2 mile stress test after three days off - 1 mile easy, one at just under HM pace. Achilles wasn't as bad as Saturday (didn't scream at me when I stopped) so I'll risk the club relay tomorrow evening. Not that I'll be very fast.

    YTD: 847
  • Hobie 1495Hobie 1495 ✭✭✭

    Did a very weird local race on Tuesday evening....0.9 miles up a hill and then 0.9 miles back down...strangely tougher than it sounds, probably because it's so short everyone is just flat out on the limit and wasted by the mud or horses involved so I wasn't exactly in my happy place but managed it in 12 minutes in 10th place, so I'll take that.

    6 mile Running club cake run last night was better...lots of trails and mud. Nice to have some sun to run in again.

    Hope the Achilles is good Cal and the relay goes well.

    Thinking about entering Race The Train in July...anyone done it?

    659 miles YTD

  • Dubai runnerDubai runner ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all

    Missed getting out the last 2 days, thankfully not injured but was working night shifts and was in the high 40s during the day with UV rating extreme. Would have been foolish to venture out.

    Donnie, the sun is out and its hot hot hot!!

    Cal, glad the achilles is behaving

    Hobie, you certainly do some interesting races

    JD1, nice long run, no chance for me to run that sort of distance until the winter

    A very sweaty 7.7 miles this morning

    YTD 960.47 miles

  • Nearly there Dubai Runner - just a marathon and a half till the 1000 for you.
    Thanks to all for the congrats on securing a pacer place at GNR - like I said before, God willing I live to 74 and am able to run the London Marathon and the GNR each year till then, I will have done both for 50 consecutive years.
    With the 10.48 miles on Tuesday I passed the 1300 mark
    YTD = 1304.22 miles
  • Dubai runnerDubai runner ✭✭✭
    Congrats on the 1300 Harmander!!
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Hi everybody, Thanks for all the up-dates...and kind words; much appreciated. Still being 'patient'. As for what I'm doing, JD1, not a lot really. Use the gym 2 or 3 times/wk and do some upper-body work. Have also started using the stair-climber which doesn't seem to trouble the strained muscles. Also spend a good 40mins stretching. And then Spa.
    Harmander ... congrats on your 1300' and on your GNR pacing.
    We are clearly of a different temperament; I ran it in 1996, in about two hours, when there were 'only' 23400 finishers (of which I came 10087) and I have no wish to return.
    The significance of this run, for me, was that having been in a car accident just a month earlier, in Brazil, in which our niece flipped her dad's new car,writing it off, it was a very emotional experience to just get round. (The car flew over a barrier and rolled down a bank, finishing upside down in a little stream. Remarkable that all six of us were able to clamber through the broken windows and make it up to the roadside.)
    Dubai...already closing in on the 1000' and looking good.
    Hobie...Great result on that hill! and now you want to take on the train?!
    Cal...All the best for your relay; hope you've made the right call.

    Going to miss the Purbeck 10k tomorrow night which I really enjoy. Have a physio appointment next week and may try an easy, short run before that.

    Happy running!
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    edited June 20
    Well done Harmander!
    Sorry you're having to skip your race, MrM2. I'm with you on GNR - I have no desire to run it. I watched it on TV and it looks like two hours of fighting through Oxford Street Christmas shopping crowds. No thanks.

    I got out for 3 miles this morning which went OK, so decided to do the relay this evening. My left foot (which I hurt a couple of weeks ago slipping on the stairs) has been more of an issue than the achilles, but it doesn't seem to hurt when I run, just when I move in certain ways. Achilles was a little sore but not bad and stopped hurting as soon as I stretched it out after, so I think it's returning to it's usual level of grumpiness.
    Anyway, the relay, which starts at Westminster Bridge, goes up and over Vauxhall Bridge, back over Lambeth Bridge (which has horrible, bumpy flagstones) and back to the start, was quite fun. It's an odd distance to run, though - 2.3 miles. I'm not quite on form yet so I was happy to do it in just under 19 minutes, which is approaching my best parkrun pace.

    YTD: 852
  • Morning all,

    So the longest day today and it is sunny at last! (Dubai, I know it is sunny for you every day)

    Harmander, Congratulations on pacing at the GNR, and well done for getting around the midnight marathon, at least you can have a couple of weeks rest before the next one, I am tempted to do one of Rik's "Runderbirds are go" next week, he posted a message saying that there was still plenty of availability, and I haven't been to his Essex route as of yet.

    MrM2, Great news about the English Masters team, you have plenty of time before October, hope the first run goes okay.
    Reading about the accident, you were indeed all very lucky, sounded very nasty.

    Donnie, Over the half way mark, well done.

    JD1, Nice long run, and just about at the three quarters mark.

    Cal, Well done on the relay race, funny I only walked across Lambeth bridge yesterday, and was thinking, what a horrid surface, even for walking on. 

    Following the last one standing, I was told about "blister" plasters and wow are they good, both feet are more or less back to normal and with the plasters on I could run with no rubbing - great.
    I have been working on my speed, which has vanished since my injury, I managed 10 x 200m intervals yesterday at 4.45 pace with 300m recovery at 5.45, but a lot slower than earlier in the year, I have also been on the look out for hills in preparation for next months 50K, I went on a lovely trail route around our local reservoir, which had 600ft of elevation for 8 miles, and was a beautiful run partly around the reservoir, across corn fields with the deer and finally through a national trust gardens, all before 06.30.

    11.07.19 - 4
    13.07.19 - 4
    14.07.19 - 6
    17.07.19 - 8
    20.07.19 - 5

    YTD = 550.17  
  • Dubai runnerDubai runner ✭✭✭
    MrM2 sounds like you were lucky to escape from that car crash

    David, glad to see you're back running consistently. Although you've logged for July, it's still June!!

    Been humid the last few days which is a killer, hopefully it will not last too long

    21.6 4.75
    22.6 5.18

    YTD 970.4 miles

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Well done everyone and congrats MrM2.

    I'm supposed to be doing a 10 miler tomorrow but decided to test myself at a parkrun. I went to Richmond as a few club mates were doing it. Turned out to be roasting (Dubai you'd laugh because I don't think it was even 20 degrees, but I was dying out there). I could feel my achilles and while my foot didn't hurt during the run, I felt it afterwards. Starting to wonder if I actually fractured it.
    Anyway, decided not to do the race. I won't get a good time in this weather so there's no point risking my foot for it. I'll likely take more days off now and try to see a doctor, if only for my own peace of mind.

    YTD: 855
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Still keeping an eye on everyone.....
    Cal...Thanks, and well done on your relay; looked like a good time, especially considering the bridges, surface, pedestrians...Glad that you are going to give your 10' a miss; have felt for quite a while that you should be taking some time out to get your 'niggles' sorted. 
    David C...Thanks, Like the sound of your trail route; and all before 6:30!! Congrats..
    Dubai, and David, Yes, the accident was spectacular, and remarkable. I was in hospital for a few days; couldn't do anything for myself for some time. There were more people than seat belts, so you can imagine....Two of my brothers in law are long distance lorry drivers in Brazil, and they have seen many road accidents. They said that people don't normally come out of those situations alive. You can understand why I thank God for every day. They are all good, and every one is a bonus.
    My muscle issues are still improving but it might take another week before I will feel confident about running. Meanwhile, the garden is the one to benefit from my 'spare' hours.
    Checked on the results of my missed 10k; !st 65+ came in at 41mins. 1st 70+ in 43:13. There is some real talent in this area! 
    Happy running...enjoy the summer!
  • Sensible Cal.
    Good to know you are well MrM2.
    David Charman, I have one eye on the Runderbird's series for later in the year.
    Did the 10.48 miles on Thursday but felt I needed to do a bit more with the parkrun sandwich yesterday as I was pacing for real slow runners (35 minutes - did 34:49) so ran a 10km before parkrun after getting there. Total was 21.4km - 13.29 miles.
    A muggy 13.72 miles this morning makes my 
    YTD = 1342.71 Miles
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