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  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Well done,David,that's a good result.Well done to your Mum as well.
    Good luck to anyone who is racing.
  • Well done, David - track races are always tough, mentally. A clubmate of mine is doing the new Centurian 100 mile track race. Totally nuts. He's 40 or so miles in already and in third place, with some very good runners.
    Lloyd parkrun today - did a mile warm-up and then the parkrun, which is a hilly off-road course. Like East Grinstead, this is a muddy bugger in winter so I wanted to get it done before that happened. It was still quite tough but I was happy to do it in 26:14 (More than a minute faster than East Grinstead).

    YTD: 1257
  • Cal, l am keeping an eye on the track race, all excellent runners, l was able to lap at 2.15, but only for the 1st 10 miles!
    Looking at how well they are doing, l am sure they will all easily reach the 100 miles.
  • Matt Dickinson's the guy from my club - he won NDW before. Sitting third at the moment.
  • And he stayed there - just finished and in under 15 hours. Absolutely nuts!
  • With the winner not much over 12. Insane.
  • Yeah, Tom Payn is something special, for sure.
  • I think they are all pretty special. Can you imagine doing 400 laps, 106 was plenty!
  • Ytd: 752.5 + 12.3 + 3.1 = 767.9

    Dave: great effort with the track marathon. I  really like the sound of the event.

    Mr MM and cal: well done on your progress towards York. Coming together nicely.

    Gipfel and Harmander: hope your respective events today go well, looking forward to the post race write ups.

    My two hour Friday run was cut slightly short due to a late start, so 12.3. Slightly sore yesterday morning at the parkrun but happy with 22.40

  • A decent parkrun time, Donnie.

    16 miles today (this was meant to be an easier week, but I still managed to log 50 miles by virtue of having run 6 days instead of 5). Decided to explore Mitcham Common, and now I understand why it's used for cross country. Lots of lumpy ground, so it'd be good for training for a trail race. My achilles didn't much like the bumps, though, so this isn't one I'll do too often. Nice to have another option though - my long runs are usually Brockwell Park laps or Wimbledon Common and back.

    YTD: 1273
  • Good afternoon all

    MrM2 well done on the 48 years!! And the return to running

    David congrats on the minimum training marathon

    Cal logging great mileage

    Missed a couple of days running with an ear infection, and it's still very hot and we've had a lot of humidity so still no long runs

    3.9 4.9
    4.9 4.22
    5.9 3.67 and 2.73
    8.9 3.1

    YTD 1242.16 miles

  • Well done everyone on many miles in many events, love the variety of stuff people can do in this country.
    I did a local charity trail relay yesterday & a chunk of coast path today in glorious conditions. 
    923 miles YTD 
  • The weather at the Ashes certainly looks glorious even if the score doesn't.
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Thanks, kind people, for all the congrats and encouragement.
    David C...Well done on completing the track marathon! And, Yes, it does feel good to have a 13' in the bank.
    JD1...You're stacking up the miles. Notice you followed your 20' with a 12' just two days later. You must recover well.
    Donnie2...Your 22:40 parkrun seems a bit sharp in the middle of mara preps. What would it normally be?

    After the 13' the left ankle insisted on an extra rest day (3!) before running 5' on grass. Then I couldn't resist a 4' seafront run in the sun today. Every run still needs careful consideration, and feel that I'm sailing close to the wind. Not home and dry yet, but glad to be getting in a few runs each week, now, and notching up some miles.
  • 5.24 miles at 8am, temperature 33 but high humidity giving heat index of 43, I looked like a drowned rat.

    YTD 1247.4

  • Hobie, love the sound of the coastal path, I think most people have a natural draw to the sea, hopefully get down to the coast in the near future, and I am sure you did well in the relay?

    MrM2, Glad to see you are still getting out, just take it easy and build up the strength again.

    Cal, Great mileage, well done.

    Donnie, Pretty decent PR time considering the 12.3 miles on Friday.

    Dubai, Boy that sounds hot, weather is back to rain this morning and only 10 Degree's, yesterday was nice though, although you can now feel autumn in the air.

    Just an easy 6 miles this morning, I need to work on increasing the mileage so took it easy at around 9.20 mile pace.

    YTD = 732.62
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    edited September 2019
    Mr, MM: you asked about my parkrun and marathon training. My time on Saturday at parkrun was 22.40 which is about 'par' given the conditions. My pb is 22.18. Although having done 12.3 on Friday evening, I was very happy with the Saturday time. As you know we're both 7 weeks away from the same marathon. 

    With the marathon I haven't trained to a plan, although I do want to do 4 or 5 18 to 20 milers. My attitude is that a marathon is the longest distance I'll run, so that'll be at a speed slower than any other. Short distance run quickly, longer the run, slower my pace. The consequence is every run is at a quicker pace than my marathon.I'veddone 12 and 14 mile runs in the last 10 days, both at 8.5 min per mile pace

    My marathon target is sub 4 hours. I've only done four previous marathons, three at 3.50 to 3.55 and one at 4.02.

    Any comment or advice most welcome. 

    Ytd: 772.8

  • Donnie, are you going to use the 4 hour pacer? I'm half tempted to myself, although I very much doubt I'll be able to stay with him for more than half the race. It is quite a bit faster than I've run previous marathons, pace-wise.

    8 miles today.

    YTD: 1281
  • Hello all,

    First I want to thank everyone for the good wishes for GNR.

    I have caught up with reading all the messages and am pleased that so many have started to overcome the little (and bigger) niggles with some making a great comeback into regular running. 

    As i have decided to cut down on my annual marathon total from 20+ to just 12 from next January, I am tempted to try the unusual ones forum members have described - but only the easy ones.

    You may recall me losing my left toenail just before Tokyo marathon earlier this year - it has now fully grown - BUT - it has decided to explore the bits of my toe I did not want - I have an ingrowing one now and it is painful - particularly when running on rough terrain and downhill.  I think I will get it sorted either today before my evening run or tomorrow so it should be okay for the Richmond Runfest marathon on Sunday.

    GNR went really well until the last 500m.  I started from almost the back and was pacing for a 2:45 finish which is a 12:35 mile pace. Easy peasy one might think  So I decided to do 12 minute miles instead and was at the 12 mile marker in 2:24:36.  I carried on running until the 1km to go mark and then thought it would be a good idea to showboat by walking backwards and asking the runners to give me hi-fives as they went past. I didn't look at my watch for a bit and when I did, I had about 500m to go and the time was 2:43.  I legged it but couldn't get past the stragglers who seemed to want to run in a way to deliberately get in the way (just joking) - I crossed the line 27 seconds OVER - this is the first time ever - I feel gutted even though the pacer coordinators said it was okay. I will wait at the finish line next time. The only comfort I got was knowing I overtook nearly 20000 runners  and managed a sub  8 minute mile pace at the finish (even though it was only over 500m)

    Anyways, since my last posting I have run 

    3 x 12.10 miles
    2 x 7.25 miles,
    a parkrun
    and the GNR

    My YTD = 1950.19 miles

    I guess all being well I will hit 2000 during the marathon on Sunday
  • Well, I guess you won't be making that mistake again eh, Harmander? Well done, though.
    I guess I won't see you at Richmond as I'm doing the half, but all the best with that.
  • I will be at the registration desk until 7:45 am at Richmond Cal.
    Yes I will be taking it easy on Sunday - chiropodist wants £40 to see what someone can do about my ingrowing toenail.

    I have decided to pour some peroxide on it instead - just kidding.
  • I used to get those when I was a kid (I guess it was footwear related as now I tend to live in bare feet or trainers, it's not an issue). I remember cutting a little V out of the top of the nail (the white, dead bit) which my mum said would help. Not rightly sure whether it did, honestly. I never had to have the nail removed, though, so there's that.

    10 miles today, fairly easy.

    YTD: 1291 (won't be at your level, Harmander, but 1300 will happen this weekend).
  • Well done on GNR Harmander, rookie error I guess at the finish...bit more experience & you'll be fine. Have fun in Richmond.

    930 miles YTD for me & running club speed session tonight, so not many miles but the ones we do will hurt.

    I appear to have entered another Ultra next month, 33miles Race To The Sea over and around some hills in Mid Wales.

  • Cal: you asked about my possible use of the 4 hour pacer at York. I'll be aware of the pacer rather than running with them. I think it helps my running to be constantly evaluating my pace rather than following another. With 26 mile markers and my watch set to record kms that's 68 reference points to think about. If nothing else it passes the time! 

    Ytd: 779.0
  • I think I'm going to have to go with a two Garmin set-up for York. My old Garmin (FR25) started losing runs and refusing to talk to my PC so I got the new FR45, which has a lot of bells and whistles and is very nice, except that it is absolutely crap at telling me what my current pace is. The readings are all over the place so I can't trust it. I'll use the new one to record the run and the old one purely for pacing. I'll try it out at Richmond and see how it pans out.
    6 quite pleasant, easy miles this morning.

    YTD: 1297
  • Absolutely Donnie2,
    That's what (good) pacers do - numpties like me make schoolboy errors by thinking they can showboat - it was really embarrassing.
    I might practice a bit more on Sunday at the Richmond Runfest Marathon.

  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Well done Harmander,with all the pacing you do,a little showboating
    won't do any harm,wish I'd seen it on tv though.Good luck with Richmond.
    09.09 - 5
    11.09 - 5 & 5.16
    13.09 - 20
    YTD - 1275.88 miles

  • Long run after work on Friday which is always tough. 14 miles in exactly two hours. Happy enough. Legs held me back rather than anything cardio. Hamstring was sore, slight concern. 

    Ytd: 793.0
  • Thank you JD1, Cal, Hobie1495 and others.
    another two 12.10 milers this week has got my 
    YTD = 1974.39 miles
    Little Nell is pacing in the half on Sunday - yippee
  • Say Hi to Nell for us all Hermander, have a great one...about to get out for a run myself.
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