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  • Long run last night as almost the final prep for the Yorkshire marathon. 20.3 miles in slightly over 3 hours. I passed 20 miles in EXACTLY 3 hours but called home for a drink of water at the half way point and was probably stopped for about three minutes.

    JD1 - good luck at Chester. I've also been shopping, new socks!!

    Hobbie: good luck with C25K, my cousin aged almost 60 had never run a step. Did one via work to help with anxiety, now park running with me every Saturday, a life being changed. I salute you. 

    YTD: 840.4 + 3.1 + 2 + 20.3 = 865.9
  • Thanks Donnie, finished week 1 with same number as I started so I'll take that as good progress. And that was in a monsoon.
  • Donnie2,
    Well done to your cousin - nothing wrong with being 60 lol.
    Oh forgot to tally my
    YTD = 2057.59 miles
  • Cal,

    Nell lives oop norf so probably not doing Ealing.
    Tried hockey balls for my glutes but found them a bit hard to chew on.
  • LOL, Harmander.
    Yes, I met Nell at Manchester a couple of  years ago.
  • Oak Hill parkrun today - didn't have time for my usual mile warm-up so a few strides and then just the parkrun itself. No official time yet due to some issues with the timer (I was initially given a time 30 seconds faster than I actually ran, as did everyone it seems, so they are working on a fix). Garmin made it 24:50 which I'm happy enough with. Sub-25 seems to be quite regular now, which I'm pleased about.

    YTD: 1401
  • Harmander, soo many miles, truly impressive sir.
    Cal, well done on 1400, also impressed. 
    Day 3 of my work C25K group yesterday in huge rain and puddles, who doesn't enjoy jumping in puddles.
    7 miles this morning so only 6 to go for the 1000.
    994 miles YTD 

    Got Cardiff Half next Sunday and the Ultra a couple of weeks later, trying to decide if I should go for it in Cardiff of go a bit easy and use it as training...thoughts appreciated. 
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Donnie2...well done for the 20' run. Nice training pace...easily translates to a sub-4!!
    Cal...congrats on passing 1400', and another sub-25 parkrun!

    Parkrun no. 92 for me today, as part of a 20' run. Not the best conditions; strong wind (generally unhelpful) and piles of sand on the promenade. (I can see Bournemouth's marathon reputation taking a dip next week, if things don't improve.) A mixed 7' run got me to parkrun with 2mins to spare! Time:30:30; keeping under 10min/mile pace. Then, after a mile on the track, set off on a mixed 9' run home. Longest 20' time ever: 3h:35 (10:45 pace) but happy to have made it this far. Seemed unlikely a few wks. ago.
    Another 2', treadmill warm-up, yesterday; pre-stretch. Gives me 48' for the week. (A big jump from last week's 35', but a calculated risk.) Still a few 'key' runs to fit in next week, but generally reducing distances and trying to sharpen what I have, without being greedy.
    YTD:1048'.    (previous tally, on 26th. should have been 1026')
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Donnie,nice 20 miles,you're in good shape for Yorkshire.

    Hobie,Id go for it in Cardiff,you have two weeks to recover.I find it hard to use races as training runs.Congrats in advance for passing 1000.

    Well done Cal on passing 1400,you're pulling away from me again!

    Great weekly milage MrM2.Chester is looking showery  with a moderate wind at the moment,so not too bad.

    24.09 - 8.06

    27.09 - 4.44

    YTD - 1340.5

  • Thanks for the positive words about my 20 mile in 3 hours effort and how it links to a sub 4 marathon. Being accurate, it wasn't really a training run, I was pretty much 'all in' and it was + approx 3 mins as I stopped having a drink. 

    Ipswich parkrun today, nearly all grass, fairly hilly and bit soggy in parts. 

    Ytd: 869.0
  • Hobie, I have Kingston two weeks before Yorkshire and I'm deffo going to go for it. I know I can recover from a half quite quickly, but YMMV.

    Donnie, you're definitely on track for a sub-4. Whether I am is another matter!
    I did 18 miles today as a sort of progression (not an exact progression as the route is very undulating, so the splits are affected). Started slow, then did a few miles at easy to steady pace before hitting current MP (Chester PB pace) and then three miles at sub-4 pace plus a cool-down mile. Got rather wet but at least it wasn't cold.

    YTD: 1419
  • Yeah, highly likely to just go for it in racing mist and all that will no doubt kick in.
    Did 7 miles yesterday and 5 today but Suunto app refuses to transfer them to Strava so I think I might be on 999 YTD. 
  • It was tough in parts at Ealing today, was doing well till about halfway, had to stop and stretch for a couple of minutes


    Came in 74th in age category AND although my watch said I did 2:29:59 (for a 2:30 pacing time), the buggers gave me a time of 2:29:57.5

    I am putting this massive error to me starting my watch a little early as I went over the start mat and a little too late after crossing the finish mat - I really must try to get this right in future.
  • With the 11.58 mile parkrun sandwich and the Ealing Half today, my
    YTD = 2082.58 miles.
    I think I would have got 2100 miles if I didn't take a break last week
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Harmander,well done on your age catorgory placing.Thought you would be a master of getting your watch timings correct!
    12 miles this afternoon,[email protected] a few short easy runs now and I'm ready for Chester.
    YTD - 1352.5

  • JD1, best of luck at Chester, is that this weekend coming?

    Harmander, nice work in Ealing.

    I've managed to hit the 1000...1004 to be exact...last couple of years it's happened somewhere during Snowdonia Marathon (end of October) but this year I've got there a few weeks earlier so with a bit of effort I'm still hoping to get close to 1500.

    Good luck to everyone racing Chester or (like me) Cardiff...being shown on TV nationally this year so I'll try to wave to a camera.

  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Thanks JD1...all the best for Chester; you sound ready to go!
    Harmander...Well done for the Ealing half!
    Hobie...congrats on passing 1000', and all the best for Cardiff!

    Six miles on grass this morning; a sort of progression run but I didn't progress as much as I wanted to! However, it went in the right direction, and only two days since my 20'.
  • Well done Hobie!
    Good job MrM2 - you probably have some fatigue in the old legs.
    8 miles for me today - managed to find a gap in the rain.

    YTD: 1427
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    edited October 2019
    Final long run planned for Thurs as prep for the Yorkshire marathon comes to an end. Event is 20th Oct. 

    6.1 treadmill miles across three gym visits in thellast three days. Lots of stretching done. 

    I'll be back before Sunday but to JD1, hope everything goes well in Chester. 

    Ytd: 875.1
  • Another 8 miles today - was going to do 10 but changed my mind. No harm in taking it easier this week with Kingston half on Sunday.

    YTD: 1435
  • I tend to run after work because I'm too lethargic before work. I'd love to run before work at about 7am, any tips on how to get my energy up for a morning run?
  • carlmeyer,
    It depends on how far you wish to run.
    Clearly if you wanted to run (say 10-15 miles) the clocking on time would determine the time you set out.
    I tend to train in the evenings during weekdays and early at weekends as it allows me the comfort of knowing I don't have to be somewhere by a certain time AND most races start early in the mornings so the body gets used to it.
    Sorry for the rambling reply but it works for me.

  • Yup same here Harmander, carlmeyer, I leave for work at 7 so although I prefer to run early, I'd have to get up really early to do one before leaving & waking up the household wouldn't go down worrying about time is no fun...early weekend, pressure free, runs are great.

    I like to run before eating much as I always feel a bit lethargic after food.

    Easy running club one for me tonight. Cardiff Half is being shown on the BBC nationally this year live...I'll try to wave at a camera.

    1006 miles YTD

  • I'm going for 1K miles too this year. A little behind atm though :p
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Today's 20' went to plan.....for 16', then I needed to finish with walk/jog. Not happened before but I know I've been sailing close to the wind since coming back from injury. Need to take the 2 wk taper seriously now! Then see what the body wants to do in York. At the moment it looks like I'll have to be happy with anything around 4:30 but I'd love to get closer to 4hrs. Time will tell.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    edited October 2019
    MrM2 - Hopefully the occassion and onlookers will give you a boost. I actually don't know what crowd support is like there - I imagine it's a bit like Chester with pockets of people and stretches with not much going on. (Anyone actually done it before?)
    Speaking of Chester, it seems the race course is currently a bog and they've had to reroute the start/finish!

    Hobie, good luck!

    6 miles this morning. Was going to do it at recovery pace but it was too flippin' cold for that, so just ran at my standard easy/steady pace. Nice sunrise today.

    YTD: 1441
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Thanks Donnie.Hope your final long run went well.

    Thanks Hobie,yes this Sunday.Good luck with Cardiff.

    Thanks MrM2.You've done really well getting back into shape after your injury.Enjoy your taper.

    30.09 - 5.1

    02.10 - 4

    YTD- 1361.6

  • GipfelGipfel ✭✭✭
    Good luck to Hobie for Cardiff Half and Cal/JD1 for Chester Marathon this weekend. I'm guessing it's going to be a rainy one, but at least it's not quite as cold as it was yesterday...

    MrM2, enjoy your taper – you've done well to get back to being marathon ready after that long injury period.

    YTD 838 miles for me. Had a pleasing run yesterday where I did one of my standard interval sessions and felt so 'ok' at the end that I tacked on a bit extra – not a usual occurrence at all (and unexpected, given that I'd run the day before and don't usually cope well with consecutive runs, although I'm trying to get used to them). It made a nice change from last week's intervals, which I ended up cutting short because I was struggling too much.
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    Hobie and JD 1: hope your weekend events go well, looking forward to the post race reports. 

    Mr MM and Cal: York only a couple of weeks away. Hopefully we all taper well. 

    My final long run was yesterday with 20 miles in three hours. Well I think it was, but watch died with 5.5km to go, I've run the same roads many a time, so could judge where my 20 mile finish line was. Good to do the miles, happy with the time but I was hurting by the end, not sure I had another 6.1 miles in the tank. 

    Ytd: 895.1
  • Thanks Donnie, looking forward to it, just acquired a nice cold so perfect timing, but who cares...apart from anyone running just behind and to the left of me.
    Well done on your long run, looks like all going the right way.
    Cardiff report to follow on Monday...its on TV Sunday morning if you want to see this brilliant event, support is amazing. 
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