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  • Good afternoon all

    Good luck JD1 for Chester and Hobie for Cardiff. 
    Well done MrM2 for being patient and now you're running 20 miles, well done.
    Great running from everyone else as well, the mileage is building.

    Had quite a few days of no running, life just getting in the way but been in my pool everyday. Been trying to put a plan together for next years Comrades, it's hard when you live somewhere with very few races and the races that do pop up I seem to be working that weekend. Anyway I'll get something sorted and trying to get my head around a 90.2 k run.

    26/27/28 no runs
    29.9 5.39
    30.9 7.41
    1.10 7.01
    2.10 no run
    3.10 6
    4.10 no run
    5.10 6.16

    YTD 1332.79 miles 

  • Well done, Donnie - sure you'll find it on the day.

    I've been feeling ropey again but today was my 100th parkrun so I wasn't going to miss that. Running felt OK but couldn't seem to get enough air in, and my time was pretty rubbish (26:05 - not a flat course but not a tough course either). Rather concerned about Kingston half tomorrow, now (I'll get around, but it might not be the PB I was hoping for).

    YTD: 1445
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Thanks JD1...hope all goes well in Chester.
    Hobie...all the best for Cardiff.
    Thanks Gipfel...Sounds like a great session; adding extra distance after intervals! Like you, I rarely do consecutive days; the body says, 'Thank you' for every recovery day.
    Cal...hope your week-end goes to plan, and that you are then ready for the taper 2wks..
    Donnie2...another 20'/ All sounds good to me. Enjoy your taper wks..

    Just wanted to do some steady miles this morning so ran a favourite, 6' loop twice. (Included a couple of miles at mar.pace in second loop.) 58:33 and 58:00 for the two loops, then added a mile for Half mar. distance in 2hr.07. Happy.
    Ran a couple of warm-up miles yesterday prior to a good stretch session at the gym.
    48 miles last wk. and 41 this week; will probably keep to about 20' next wk..
  • Well done on your 100th park run Cal, just 100 more than me!!

    Meant to say congrats on the 1000 Hobie and MrM2, hope I haven't missed anybody.
  • Up at 0530 for sons swim squad training and it was only 28 degrees, result 9.32 miles done, longest run since before the summer.

    YTD 1342.11 miles

  • "Only..."

    Kingston Half today. Got wet walking to Clapham Junction (no connecting trains from Balham, so I didn't have a lot of choice) and then the train was delayed, but the skies cleared once I arrived in Kingston and I felt a bit better at the start. The PB to beat was 1:53:45, but as I'd felt ropey this week and had a lacklustre parkrun yesterday, I wasn't sure I could manage it.

    I decided to give it a go and proceeded to run a very ill-judged race. I knew I had to keep a testing pace throughout, but set off at 10K pace and did about 4 miles before settling down. However, the damage was done and I started to suffer after the 8 mile marker, but once I got to 10 miles I realised I had enough in hand to get a small PB if I kept logging sub-9 minute miles.

    Despite some abdominal cramps (guts, not lady stuff, since I don't get the latter any more) I somehow held it together and managed to come in at 1:52:56, which I am delighted with despite my terrible pacing. I am quite proud of myself for holding it together when it got tough, as opposed to giving up on a fast time when I did Richmond a few weeks back. Let's hope I can maintain that mental fortitude when I go to York (minus the pacing stupidity).

    YTD: 1458
  • Cardiff Half race report, starts with sadness to report that a runner died during this years race, condolence go to their family and friends, no report yet but certainly takes the shine off an amazing race. Support was, as ever, just incredible all the way around the 13.1 mile course supporters were out in force. As always I started too fast and suffered for it (slight downhill for first couple of miles) mile 6 I knew I'd overdone it on 7:20 a mile pace so tried to back off a bit...mile 10 (bit uphill) struggled but bloody mindedness and a good group of runners all suffered together got us to the end...1:39...not a PB but it was hot & sunny out there so I'm happy
    1026 miles YTD 
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    Cal and hobie: thank you for the reports. I do like a good post race review. I admire your ability to commit early in a  race, I tend to hold back for too long. 

    Park run yesterday, first boggy one of the year, pity really had hoped the course would stay dry until Christmas. 

    Ytd: 902.3
  • Well done Hobie. I heard about the runner who died - unfortunately, the more popular races become, the more often this will happen. A good time from you, even if not a PB. I always start to suffer around mile 8 if I've started too fast - it seems to be my bogey mile.
    Donnie, I was hoping that too. I am 7 runs away from completing all the runs in London. Unfortunately, only one of those is fully paved. I have trail shoes but they're low drop (4mm) so I prefer not to have to use them given my achilles is problematic. (It has been good this week, though - I'm starting to think all the exercises I'm doing are finally helping, but I can't be sure!)
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Cal...well done on your Kingston Half p.b. and your 100th parkrun! (I'll try to get to 100 by the end of the year.)
    Dubai...thanks, and well done on your long run; almost double figures.
    Hobie...well done on your 'not a pb' 1:39 at Cardiff.
    Donnie2...congrats on passing 900'. Taper well. Not long now.

    Decided I'd go to the track this morning for a Yasso session, just as a snap-shot of where I'm at. Warmed up with the 2' run from home, then got into the 8oos, (with 400m recovs.)
    Hit my normal time of 4mins. for the last three (of 8) but o'all they averaged 4:04. Found the 3min jog recoveries ample. Taking into account the head wind on the back straight, I'm not that far off where I want to be. Happy. This morning's 10' gives me 1099' YTD.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Well done,Hobie,on your half,very good time.I heard about what happened there when I was driving back from Chester,very sad indeed .
    Well done Donnie,on passing 900,nearly there.
    Great Yasso session,MrM2.
    Cal,well done on the 100th parkrun.

    My marathon didn't go according to plan.I had been training to go sub 3:30 or thereabouts,so I started the race between 3:15 and 3:30 pacers.The first 8 miles were good and my pacing was spot on.I started to notice I was slowing down a touch around 10 miles but nothing to worry about.

    I went past halfway in 1:43,around 15 miles I slowed down drastically and by mile 18 I just couldn't run,I was just shuffling .
    I honestly didn't think I was going to finish the race.It was taking an age to pass a mile marker but the support from the spectators was fantastic.
    I finished with a time of 4:21,it had taken me over 2.5 hours to complete the second half.
    10k splits were - 10k - 47:47 20k - 49:12 30k - 59:27 40k - 1:24.I finished the 40k in 4 hours,so it took me 21 minutes to run the final 2k.It was just horrendous!

    I'm not sure what happened to me,I had trained really well,so I'll put just put it down to a bad day at the office!
    I have a more detailed race report in ' My Last Run'
    Going to have a good rest this week and maybe get out over the weekend.

  • I just got a membership at my track so I'll have to give Yassos a try, MrM2. Maybe not while I'm tapering, though...
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    JD1...Thanks. Sorry that your marathon didn't go to plan. You could possibly have gone off more conservatively? But sometimes we never know!
    Cal...Take your point about 'not while tapering'! However, schedules often have one or two interval type runs during the taper. Obviously it can be overdone, but, in moderation, can help to keep the body 'sharp'. 
    Enjoyed seeing the front runners of the Bournemouth Half go past the end of our road yesterday morning. Then watched some of the marathon in the afternoon. Sorry to hear that, after seven years, the marathon distance will not be included. (I ran it in 2017) But they have got an exciting set of events lined up for next year...including a 'Dog Jog'!! Yes, I am serious. After all the 'disagreements' I've had with dogs and their owners, over the years, I am not amused!
  • JD1 sorry your marathon didn't go to plan, but at least you stuck with it and finished, congrats!

    7.10 7.33
    8.10 6.17

    YTD 1355.61 miles

  • MrM2 I'm with you on the dog jog....
  • I read that on Facebook, MrM2 - seems a shame but from what I gather, the marathon route wasn't that great. I guess with so many other marathons on that weekend, they found it hard to compete. Too bad.

    6 miles this morning. Legs were good to start with but felt some niggles towards the end. Probably should have opted for 4 or 5 miles but it's been so long I've done a run that short (parkruns excepted) that it never occurred to me.

    YTD: 1464
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    An easy 2' warm-up around the park before stretching for an hour. Not sure how the rest of the week will go; weather looks terrible here. Also have family arriving for the wk-end; there'll be 15 of us, to celebrate my wife's 70th. (Still almost a secret...)
    Cal...I hear what you say about the marathon calendar, but if Bournemouth can't make a go of it, with all its natural assets and attractions, how do places like MK (e.g.) keep going? (Apologies to anyone from MK. No offence intended.)
  • Amazing comebacks, perseverance and PB's coupled with great build ups everyone - congratulations on the landmarks too.
    Since my last posting I have been trying that silly 10:1 lark (I have tried long and really short distances) and frankly it ain't happening for me (old dog, new tricks etc.).
    I have run the following:
    8.47 x 2 
    7.09 x 2
    Making my 
    YTD = 2147.56 miles
    I hope to reach 2200 miles by this time next week before I go to Toronto for a week
  • Well done everyone!
    Currently at 1157 miles, not bad considering I had a pulmonary embolism a year ago!!
    and I posted the attached back in April 2016 :#
  • Blimey, Bodmeister, I guess you have recovered then.
    I'm resting again today - not feeling 100% and there's nothing to be gained during the taper and everything to lose.
    Didn't get into London again, but I'm actually relieved given I'm already doing Tokyo and Manchester.
  • 10.13 miles today, longest run since the end of April, was a pleasant 34 by the end of the run, the water in my pool was 28, perfect for a cool down.

    Signed up for the Kathmandu marathon on 21 Dec, all part of training towards Comrades, entries for Comrades open 28 October if anyone else fancies it.

    YTD 1365.74 miles

  • Wow Bodmeister, great miles and superb recovery.
    2 and a bit miles with my C25K group...took them down a bit of trail, but forgot it's been raining for a week...laughter all the way in 6 inches of water.
    5 miles tonight while waiting for wife to return from a course in work.
    1037 miles YTD. 
  • I guess yesterday's rest day was a good idea as I felt much better today and got 8 miles done nice and early.

    YTD: 1472
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    Tapering for the Yorkshire marsthon but did 8 gentle miles last night and Monday was 5k on the gym treadmill whilst Mrs donnie went swimming. 

    JD1: I feel your disappointment. Brutal business 3.30 marathon running. I'm at 4 hours and could never imagine shaving a minute per mile from my time.

    Ytd: 913.5
  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    JD1, Hard to say what went "wrong" with your mara, but a 4:20 for a 1st timer is not too be sneezed at, still a good run, just not what you were hoping for.

    I tend to think that any advice is inappropriate, all of us need to run our own races, make our own mistakes, but if it's any consolation, my 1st was a 4:45(hoping for sub4) with a "Never, Ever Again" finish.

    I then changed my aims and training and the next one was just sub 4, so all good and over the years managed to bring it down to a PB of 3:03, so it is all possible - perhaps you just have to remember that greed is the worst way to start a Marathon. By which I mean if you want a 3:30, than starting at 3:15 pace may just not work - a mara will always catch you out!

    Donnie2, good luck at York and see above, not that I'm advising you but I have found that starting too fast means you just can't hang on in the last 6, but a slow start can reap dividends.

    My last was a 4:21, which is a long way to fall, but it's all relative, and that was a lovely easy run in the sunny Essex countryside during which I enjoyed for every mile - and that may be more important than the time.

    For me, injury has struck with an unspecified back-of-the-knee problem that gave me a dnf in my last half over the weekend, so my good string of halves came to a bit of a sad end, but on the upside I actually won my age group at Belfast (there was an extra group I wasn't aware of) so £75 better of, hurra. Am I now a Pro?
  • Good advice and congrats on the win and prize money senidM 
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Harmander....2200! Makes you twice the man!
    Dubai....Kathmandu sounds special (tough?). Hope you can get enough long runs in.
    Hobie...well done on the progress with the C25K!
    Cal...glad that your rest day refreshed you. Still pushing on...
    Donnie2 ...not long to 'easy eight' might do me at the end of the week.
    senidM...def. a Pro! but you might need a part-time job as well! Congrats on A.Gp. win!

    Four miles on grass, yesterday, turned into a progression run; 10mins to 9mins.
    YTD: 1105'

  • Yup, I'd say pretty much a pro SenidM, well done...just wait for the sponsors to come banging on the door offering you free stuff.

    Our C25K group are going to have a wet one today I think but the good thing is that we get back from the wet ones laughing. A couple of them are talking about having a practice at Parkrun tomorrow (walk & run) which is great, I know they'll have a massive boost by going.

    Not a lot of miles for me this week, bit of recovery & resting before 50k race next weekend. Cambrian Mountains in mid Wales in October after the rain we've had is going to be interesting.

    Good luck to anyone racing / running this weekend...might watch Eluid Kipchoge for a bit of inspiration...going to be awesome.

  • senidM - my first was a smidge under 4:45 too (it as only the appearance of the 4:45 pacer on my shoulder that got me running again during the last mile. Granted, I didn't have an expectations of pace going into the race as it was my first and I'd been injured, but I hung with the 4:30 pacer (and Ben 401!) for 16 miles before crashing and burning hard.
    Sorry about your injury. I was having an issue with that - there's a lot of things going on back there - hammy and calf tendons, and a little bastard of a muscle called the popliteus, the purpose of which is to unlock the knee. Mine got all tight and felt weird (not painful, just wrong). Has been OK for the past few weeks though.
    Good job on the age group win, though!
    Rest day for me too - raining out there again so rather glad, actually. Will do a parkrun tomorrow and around 10 miles on Sunday, then another lazy week before York.
  • Rest day for me, no injury, home from work and a few beers watching Ireland v Samoa before sticking the barbie on.

    10.10 3.46
    11.10 7.05

    YTD 1376.25 miles

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