The Thousand Mile Club - 2019



  • Sorry to hear you're on the injury bench senidM. Handy having medical help in the family.

    Congrats on the 1600 Cal.

    MrM2 long time since I've been to Lanzarote, enjoy.

    So my parents are here for 10 days so missed a few days running to spend some time with them.

    8.11 6.01
    12.11 5.17
    13.11 6.3
    14.11 11.18

    YTD 1504.23

  • Thanks guys. Had a tweaky knee since yesterday but seems I can run on it so did 7 miles. (Knee twinges only when leg is straight, and it's never straight when I run). Hopefully it'll clear up - if not I'll need to see my physio again. Eh...I practically pay his salary.

    YTD: 1608
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    So many 'milestones'; 
    Donnie2...congrats on your 100th parkrun.
    Cal...well done on passing 1600'. Hope your 'tweaky knee' soon gets sorted.
    Gipfel... Tempted to run Lake Garda but 1km short is a bit shabby. Approaching 1000'!
    Hobie...soon be passing 1200'.
    Dubai...congrats on passing 1500'.
    SenidM...hope you can get your troublesome knee sorted out in time for the Half.

    With 8' earlier this week and yesterday's 20' (at 10 min/mile pace) I'm going to cut down on the distances but try to sharpen the pace in the next week or so. Not sure about parkrun, tomorrow...perhaps go for something around mara pace?
    YTD: 1251' .
  • Sorry missed your achievement Donnie on the 100 park runs, 100 more than me!!
  • That's the problem of living in a country with no parkruns, I guess, Dubai!

    Beckton today - small parkrun in Docklands. Fairly slow time (26:11) as half of it is on grass and that grass was basically mud. Had trouble even with trail shoes on. But due to the small field I got my highest ever finish position - 11th overall, and 2nd lady. I'll definitely go back and run it in summer when it's dry as it's a nice community parkrun and is flat so could potentially be quite fast.

    That and a 1 mile warm up takes me to YTD: 1612
  • I've had to rejoin as I was locked out by runners world, anyone else had any problem?
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Me I allowed to say that?
    Insisted I changed my password!
    Gave parkrun a miss today as left knee was asking for an extra rest day. Have to listen!
    Hopefully we'll agree to run tomorrow?
  • Yeah, had to reset my password too.
  • Congratulations about the VLM senidM and the 1600 Cal,
    The Grumpy Ol Girl is back after her mum's funeral.
    I forgot to add the 13.22 miles that I did last Sunday (my last posting was on Saturday).
    I did the 11.58 mile parkrun sandwich today after an intensive week at Court (so missed the two midweek training sessions).
    Going to run a 10km tomorrow to mark the 550th birthday of Guru Nanak  (founder of my faith) - will be jogging with tail enders (my excuse in early).
    YTD = 2362.04 miles

  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    SenidM,hope you make speedy recovery.

    Enjoy your holiday MrM2.

    Well done on reaching 100 park runs Donnie.

    Congrats on the 1600 Cal.

    Dubai,well done on passing 1500.I had to reset my password as well.

    Birkenhead parkrun today,finished in 20:44.

    14.11 - 6.81
    15.11 - 6
    16.11 - 3.1
    YTD - 1509.88

  • Forgot, Yes well done on the 1500 Dubai Runner.
    My parkrun total is 317 - it includes over 175 volunteerings too.
  • Thanks everyone, thought my computer had a glitch. The email address I used to join several years is defunct and so had to set up a new profile.
  • 15.11 3.81

    YTD 1508.04 - just behind you JD1!!
  • That's annoying, Dubai.
    Had to force myself out today but managed to get 13 done (well, a half marathon really, it was 13.13). Hamstring was grumpy as feck.

    YTD: 1625
  • Didn't force myself out today, lying by my pool with barbie lit...
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Harmander...hope you enjoyed your tail-running at today's 10k.
    JD1...what is your parkrun best? 20:44 sounds healthy to me. See you only clocked the 3.1', do you not need to warm-up/down with a few km?
    Cal...13' with 'grumpy' anything sounds like bad news? When is your next race?

    Left knee got it spot on; the extra day kept us all happy, so we went out for a steady 8' in the cool sunshine. Averaged 9:39/mile pace (6min/km) . Happy.
    Checked on my club's website (SWVAC) yesterday, to see if they had a report on the Yorkshire marathon, only to find that my time shows up as their Champs. record for M75 and my Newport time now shows as the Club record (M75). Don't know how long that will last; there are some brilliant M70s around. 
    YTD: 1259' .
  • Wow, champ record! Nice one!
    Haven't got much booked for a while other than my club's 5K track meet next month.
    The hammy is not a new issue - it's high hamstring tendinopathy. It's been quiet for a while but it's always been there in the background. Why it's flared up now I don't know. It's like the achilles in so far as I can run with it, I'd just rather it went away.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    I can see my youngest daughter has said Hi at 08:14!

    I can hear your footsteps right behind me Dubai!

    MrM2..........well done champ!They're brilliant results.I do warm up but I never  record the distance,and I never usually warm down,always rushing home because of family commitments!That result yesterday must be close to PB,need to check but yesterday's course isn't as tough as the other park runs.

    That's a massive total Harmander,very impressive.

    8.1. miles along the canal this afternoon.

    YTD - 1517.98

  • Congrats MrM2 on your status of champ, out of interest at what age did you start running?

    18.11 6.6

    YTD 1514.64 miles
  • Congratulations MrM2, great results.
    Couple of hill rep sessions for me and my Couch to 5k group in work...they're on the 30 min straight run now and loving it.

    1205 miles YTD 
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Cal...Thanks...and Congrats to you; spotted on another thread that you were awarded the 'Vet of the Year' at your club. Well deserved for all your achievements in 2019, and the affirmation from fellow runners says a lot!
    JD1...Thanks. Thought you wouldn't go 'cold' into a 20 min. 5k.  I include my warm-up distance if it's more than a mile (nearest one for me is exactly 2'...just right.)
    Dubai...Thanks. I ran a handful of tentative 10ks in the year before I turned 50, but had a messy 5yrs before that, including key-hole surgery for left knee (cartilage trim) not running related. Thankful for about 25 years of running!

    Just a couple of treadmill miles today, and plenty of stretches.   YTD: 1261' .
  • Ytd: 1030.5

    Mr MM: great to have a record to your name. Interesting that you only started running at 50. I'm 53, but plan to keep going as long as I can. Think the secret is to never stop. Restarting is difficult. 

    What are peoples thoughts on this. A colleague has a number for a sold out race on Sunday however is injured and has offered me the place. Won't be a transfer I'd run has her. I won't be anywhere near the prizes. Any issues with this? 

    Ive also had to reset my password. 
  • Donnie, a lot of races frown on running as someone else...details logged such as next of kin contact details etc...I know a lot of people do it as I would to be honest.

    Always funny on a race with names already printed on the numbers....big butch bloke running with Kimberly written on his bib.

  • Thanks MrM2 - yes it was really unexpected. Most of the vets in my club are 40-somethings - there aren't many over-50s. And there are some very good ones - one woman who actually wins races, and several people with sub-3 marathons. But I guess my improvements, along with the fact I do the club's results round-up, were noticed, so I'm pleased as hell.

    Donnie - there's a risk you could be disqualified so check first.
    I've run off and on since 16 but it was mostly for fitness, and I was mainly interested in lifting big weights in the gym. I only got into running properly in my late 40s and did my first marathon at 48. I also intend to run as long as I can. I think the good thing about starting late is you can still improve and aren't worried about how much slower you are than when you were in your 20s and 30s!

    Didn't really want to run today as it was cold and horrible out, but once I got going I enjoyed it and managed to knock out 10 miles.

    YTD: 1635
  • Another 8 today - 6 miles working up to MP and then two cool-down miles.

    YTD: 1643
  • Congrats Cal

    MrM2, thanks was wondering if you'd been running all your life. I ran school cross country and started seriously when 16 with 10k. Been running ever since, 31 years with only a broken ankle stopping me for a couple of months when I fell down a step whilst out running. Never taken my running too seriously, mostly for relaxation and keeping fit. Like the way it makes me feel.

    19.11 12.02

    YTD 1526.66
  • And 4.01 today, a cool 21 degrees so had a long sleeve base layer under my t-shirt<div>
    YTD 1530.67 miles

  • Running club (slightly short of) 5k Handicap race last night didn't go well...I gave blood on Monday so kind of knew I'd struggle but blimey, I was ready to bin it after 1 lap...(it's two laps of town)...of course I can't DNF a 5k so backed off and got round finishing in a magnificent last (started 3rd from last) in 21minutes.

    Giving blood I suspect really took it out of me I think, had a stitch most of the way, no energy despite feeling fine.

    Our work Couch to 5k group are up to the full distance now and we're doing a Parkrun on the 30th....time to rattle the charity pot around work.

    1212 miles YTD.

  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    Yes Hobie, that's why they call it blood doping, put an extra pint in and your flying, take a pint out........ ;)

    Off for an MRI on my knee this pm, hope I can get a diagnosis and sort it all out, 7 weeks is too long to not be doing any running at all! :s
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