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  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    .....and I thought going to Lanzarote was pushing the boat out!
    Amazing results at Valencia; worth watching the 10k world record....doesn't take long!
    26:38....I'm happy to do that at parkrun, these days! Beautiful running! And new course records for men and ladies in the marathon. Wow!
    Really enjoyed running Valencia in 2017.
  • Well, as my mum used to say, you can't take it with you. And since I have no kids I intend to spend all my money on myself. :D
    Another progression run today - same as last week, 7 progressing to MP and then 2 cool-down. Rather cold but legs felt pretty good today, so I guess that 16 I did on Sunday didn't tax them.

    YTD: 1720 (at this rate I'll be over 1800 for the year!)
  • Just excited to hear I have VLM Pacer place again - Yippeee

    As for the pace time - don't ask, I am just grateful to help slower runners.

    Will add the mileage since last posting after tomorrow's run
  • Ytd: 1073.6

    Just 4.1 for me at the start of the week. 

    Harmander: congrats on london. I'm glad they recognise your commitment to others.

    Cal: can't take it with you. I like that, hopefully I'm generous with others, but can be mean with myself. Must try harder! 
  • Nice one, Harmander. You must have done a lot of Londons, pacing. Out of interest, do you run any of the big marathons just for yourself?

    12 miles this morning - rather slow. It was dark for most of it so was being a bit careful with my footing (there is street lighting, but away from the main roads the lamps are further apart so there are a lot of dark patches). But it's done.

    YTD: 1732
  • Congrats Harmander on getting selected yet again.

    2.12 5.49
    3.12 6.5
    4.12 12 - same as Cal!!

    YTD 1613.33 miles

  • Congratulations Harmander, experienced Pacers make a huge difference.
    Nice, sunny day off work for me...nothing to do but go for a nice, easy pace 13miles on the coast path...stunning & slowest yet.😜.
    Great to come home and see my work couch to 5k group on strava getting out for a lunch run.
    1269 miles YTD 
  • Thanks Donnie, Cal, Dubai and Hobie,
    This will be my 36th consecutive London - and 5th as a pacer.  Have paced over 40 times in total of all races including half marathons.
    As for big ones, I already have done all of the Majors and some.
    I just enjoy doing each race at least twice just to see if I can either improve my time or just enjoy the bits I didn't see the first time around.

    Going out now for an evening run.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Hobie  - well done on your c25k parkrun.Good that they're getting themselves out for their lunchtime run .

    Donnie,well done on your 10k.Those elite times are just mind boggling.

    Harmander,well done on getting selected for VLM pacer again.36 consecutive London's is very impressive.

    Dubai,well done on passing 1600

    Couple of lean running weeks for me.

    20.11 - 5

    22.11 - 5

    23.11- 6.8

    25.11 - 4.75

    1.12 - 3.1- Bushy parkrun

    4.12 - 6


  • GipfelGipfel ✭✭✭
    Congratulations on the pacer selection, Harmander - they must surely think of you first when they're sending out the invitations!

    MrM2, good luck for Lanzarote and enjoy the trip - the race looks lovely - a perfect coastal running route. Let us know how you find it. It's on my (long and growing) future marathon wishlist! I did watch the 10k world record at Valencia and had a moment of wistfulness remembering how fun it was to run along that platform over the water at the end!

    My Tokyo Marathon training plan is just starting to ramp up the mileage a fair bit (am trying a new plan, which is working well so far), so as long as I keep up with the plan, I'll be fitting in more miles than usual this month! Today's run was 5 miles at marathon pace - I'm training for a time that would knock a good few minutes off my previous PB set a year ago, so I guess I'll see over the next few weeks whether or not this turns out to be too ambitious...

    YTD: 1057
  • Ytd: 1078.6

    5 today taking me beyond my 2018 total and also to my highest ever annual figure. 

    Tokyo people: genuinely keep talking about it, doubt I'll ever get there and this is my vacarious way of experiencing it. 
  • Same here, Gipfel - it's a bit of an arse, really, as I usually try to take it easier in December, but no rest for the wicked eh?
    Donnie, you won't know until you put yourself into the ballot (although obviously it's not just getting in, it's having the money to cover the considerable costs).
    8 miles for me today - mostly easy - tried to inject some strides into the last mile but it was very gusty and that freaked me out a bit so I never managed to hit a decent pace on that bit. Never mind. Got a 5K track race tomorrow - conditions look much better for that.

    YTD: 1740
  • 5K track race today plus a 1 mile warm-up.

    YTD: 1744
  • 18 miles today, which I did very slowly as it was windy.

    YTD: 1762
  • Experienced a first today...for the first time (and probably the last) I led a "race" from start to finish...local charity 5k fun run, but I did get to experience following the lead quad bike...windy coast path return...26 minutes...and a nice hamper to show for it.
    1276 miles YTD 
  • Nice one, Hobie! That'll help with Christmas.
  • Thanks Cal, I might have peaked...time to retire....or maybe not.😊
  • 21-mile charity run with a group of runners from my village for a local 8-year-old boy to help raise funds to get him to America for the cancer treatment he needs. 2008 miles to date - that leaves 11 miles to my target 2019 in 2019. If anyone wants to donate my Just Giving page is:

    Many thanks
  • Parkrun conditions yesterday were more normal, a relatively dry week and a gusty wind had dried the course. A santa dash was happening in the same park at 11am, the charity runner organisers were setting up marques, loud speakers and music playing as we jogged along , giving our weekly event a different feel. 

    Hobie: leading a race, I'd assume for 99% of 'ruuners' that never happens, it never has for me, it never even comes into our thinking. Hope you enjoyed it. 

    Cal: good mileage, the long march to Tokyo? 

    Ytd: 1089.7
  • Donnie, I had to hot-foot it out of Brockwell Park on Sunday to avoid getting run over by Santas. (To be fair, I had done three laps by that point). They were setting up when I went into the park but the runners were arriving when I was on lap 3. Thought it best to GTFO and continue my run elsewhere.

    Nine miles today. I'd like to call it another progression run but in reality, it was a failed tempo run. I wanted to do three or four miles at MP but couldn't seem to hit it until the last one (after which I did a couple of recovery miles). I think the lesson here is do my speed work later in the morning, or at least when it's light enough to see where I'm putting my feet. My stride is really short first thing in the morning so my cadence was hitting 190s and it felt like 5K pace.

    YTD: 1771
  • 8 miles today - was supposed to be 10 but I was going so slowly I just didn't see the point. I think I must be tired.

    YTD: 1779
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    edited December 2019
    Ytd: 1097.7

    All a bit quiet on here. Maybe cold days and dark nights keeping us off the roads.

    My paid events are done for the year. Only been 5, a marathon, a HM and 3 10ks, but a parkrun most Saturday mornings, ill write a review soon. The much anticipated Donnie 'race of the year' award awaits. Well, it's not really much anticipated, but I'm whiling away a train journey, so will give it some thought. 
  • Oh my race of the year - no contest. Yorkshire Marathon.
  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    Yes Donnie, does seem a bit quiet on this thread, perhaps its because most of you have completed the 1000 (he types bitterly  ;)) plus dark wet & miserable out there!

    Got the result of my MRI on my knee, absolutely nothing wrong with it, so why the pain?

    Get a horrible feeling its because my new shoes, Altras with a zero heel drop, have changed my stride pattern, more mid-foot landing than heel compared to my Mizunos and consequence is a strained ligament connecting my gastrocnemius to knee. Whonose, but I'm at a loss to think of anything else.

    Anywho leaves me stuck on 750 YTD and no more races to come, but, hopefully, back on track in the new year and still got London as a big target to aim for (might even trot round with Harmander, stranger things etc.etc)
  • One race left for me this year...Saturday night at 7 I'll be doing the Night Nobbler...10k trail race through the woods in Pembrokeshire...there will be mud, fire eaters, wolves and beer.
    1287 miles YTD 
  • The Sheffield half marathon gets my 'race of the year' accolade. Reasons tomorrow.

    Although no wolves or fire eaters, so perhaps a rather mundine choice, but I enjoyed it. 

    Still 1097.7
  • Sounds eventful, Hobie!

    After feeling pretty rubbish yesterday, I took a rest and went out today feeling a lot better. Easy paced 6 miler - easy pace was back to normal thankfully (ran between 10 and 10:20 pace). Which is good.

    YTD: 1785
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Hi! I'm back. Internet was not straight forward where we stayed in Lanzarote, so saved the report until we got back.
    Did no running at all for 8 days before the marathon on Sat 7th;  ITB got really bad-tempered. Tried the usual rest... but didn't seem to improve. Saw the physio just 4 days before the run! (2 days before flying out) Seemed OK on the morning of the marathon, so set off quite confidently. About 600 runners, so only took 30 secs to cross the line.
    Had a shock after 5mins when seemed like I was having some breathing difficulty, causing me to slow, and even think of walking or pulling out. But after taking it easy for a few minutes it all came good. Phew! (Looking at my h.r.trace when I got back, there was a single spike; straight up to max, then straight back down again. Not happened before, nor since...thankfully.)
    The course is slightly undulating, out and back, mainly along the coast. Never got up to my expected pace, and generally got progressively slower. It was a strange mix of being really happy to be running, and frustrated that I wasn't firing on all cylinders. The temp. was around 20C, but I didn't find that too bad. The N'ly breeze freshened on the return half, which was adverse but refreshing. My time was 4:35 (should have been about 4:15?) and that placed me 373/589 o'all, and 3/9 M70+ (oldest category). There was a lot of running on 'tiled' paths, with rough surfaces, and some very hard, rough, black pathways; possibly volcanic shingle?
    Thought my quads would never recover, but after a day's rest I went out for a 4' easy run. Next day a 5'. Then, on Wed. I was feeling really good, and did six laps of a block that was just over a mile loop. Even enjoyed running up the slope section each time. End result was a 6.5' run with av. pace 9:23/mile. (Found something that wasn't there for the marathon!)
    A really well organised event, with a passionate director who gave lots of time to thank sponsors, volunteers and overseas runners. Made a big thing of presenting prizes to winners of all events (there was also a half mara. and a 10k which were very popular)
    Would love to run it again, but probably wont.
    YTD: 1340'.
  • Welcome back, MrM2 - glad you had a good run (runs?) I've had races where I've felt like I can't pull enough air in - last time was Kingston where I ran a half PB but set off much too fast and paid for it later.

    Nonsuch parkrun today (and a mile warm-up) which was fantastically muddy and resulted in my second slowest time of the year. Even had to walk across one bit of skiddy mud to avoid falling over. I think XC spikes would have been the best bet for this one, but I don't have any.

    YTD: 1789
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Hobie... Well done on last week's 5k; leading all the way!! And will be interested to hear what you made of the Night Nobbler.
    senidM... How frustrating for you; a clear scan can sometimes be harder to take than to find out exactly what is wrong. Hope you see some improvements soon.
    Cal... Thanks, and well done on another parkrun. 

    When I saw the forecast for very strong winds, and knowing how much rain had fallen, parkrun was last thing on my mind for today. Then I had a sudden change of mind and headed out for my 94th parkrun. Bournemouth's route is part grass and part pathways, (mainly tarmac). Very muddy and slippery, and I wouldn't have run if I'd had any serious events coming up. Settled for 27:45 today, but would like to reduce that by a minute or two in the new year. Only event that I've signed-up for is a Boxing Day 10k (Round the Lakes, in Poole, which I've done several times.)
    YTD: 1344' . 
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