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  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    YTD: 39.1

    Another parkrun update. As others have said its wonderful to see increased numbers, my parkrun, Doncaster in South Yorkshire, has topped 300 in both post New Year events, by way of comparison, in 2018 I'd say 200 was average, I'm sure numbers will drop but the trend is sharply upwards. I agree this can bring problems especially if the paths are narrow and the final funnel blocked, but overall its great to see increased participation. At Doncaster we're fine for space to run in, the issue is a muddy section which with increased numbers really is getting ploughed up!

    Dave C: Last one standing, I really want to but this time round, I wont. Good luck.
  • Been struggling with a groin spasm for the last week, so only some very gentle miles done and quite a few rest days. Hoping it holds up and I get back on track for my marathon debut at Manchester in April.

    YTD : 48
    I run, therefore I am.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Hi everyone
    Very busy on here.Re-reading both of Vassos' books,Cal and also Feet in the Clouds by Richard Askwith,history of fell running.Hope your massage has tweaked a few things.How many park runs in London,Cal? There' a new one not far from me in Oswestry,only started in October,I'll give it a go when I get a Saturday off.

    Hobie - impressive climbing,did you get new lungs for Christmas .

    Nell - nice running in the wind and rain

    I was working the weekend and couldn't be bothered going out after work.Out first thing this morning for a 14.16 miles LSR.

    YTD - 67.03
  • Hi all,

    Really enjoying this thread, sorry I can’t name check everyone. It’s a bit awkward typing on my phone. It won’t even let me bold the names for some reason. But some good running from all. 

    David: no I haven’t seen “where dreams go to die” I’ll make sure I check it out. 

    Managed another 14m yesterday. Did 1m warm up and then a half marathon “max effort”, but something felt off and it did not go well. Still I made it back just about in one piece. Didn’t manage the 1m warm down jog. Decided to do a 1m warm down walk / hobble instead. 

    YTD: 68

    Theoretically I’ve got 7m to do tomorrow. Im hoping if I write it here it will make me do it. 
  • Little Nell,
    No I could not manage the second part of the double - 'er Indoors vetoed the idea and I thought I had better visit our eldest in hospital given she had been there a week (she is 37).
    I did do the usual there and back plus Parkrun on Saturday 7.08 miles and a 15.02 miler LSR on Sunday making my 
    YTD =81.84 miles.
  • 'Ey oop me ducks!

    Just popping in to keep up to date - no running for me today, just Pilates but only a mat class as was too slow to get on the mixed equipment class tonight.

    Cal, Donnie, and MrM2 - those parkrun numbers are huge! My nearest is a relatively new one and there were 271 runners on the 5th Jan, which was about 100 more people than when I was last there in October. I suppose it's not a million miles behind the numbers in Doncaster but nowhere near the numbers mentioned for London ones, or Poole.

    Nice hill session hillstrider... the clue is in the name, eh?

    Best of luck managing the injury Will and fingers crossed for you toeing the line in Manchester ... you've still got 12 weeks to get sorted :smile:

    Cheers JD1! Are you a bit of a fell runner then? I was inducted into the ways of fell racing for the first time this summer just gone... main thing I learned: scrunch up your number before pinning it to your chest - apparently that's "de rigueur" :lol:

    Adam - that write it down approach was my theory for the run day double... but it took me five days to get it done!

    Hey there Harmander - hope your daughter is OK - all the best to you and yours! You've got a nice total racking up - don't think the lack of a double will be detrimental in the end :wink:

    The other thing I did today, as well as Pilates, was submit my HM qualifying time into the application process for the NYC marathon in November this year. It's first come, first served and the website crashed when I was mid-application just after 5:00 pm (opened at 5:00 pm on the dot) but I managed to complete my submission at about 6:20 pm. This might be too late though. If I get in it will be a busy and expensive Autumn 2019 as I'm already in for Chicago in October... we'll see...

    YTD: 62.73 miles (still!)

  • Hi all. Some great efforts from everyone, getting the year off to a flyer.

    Thanks for the wishes, Little Nell. Thankfully,  my groin seems to be almost back to normal now, although I'm still taking it easy and looking after it. I had a nice morning run of just over 7 miles, at quite a sedate pace, in my local cemetery. Everything held up well and so I appear to be back and ticking over, getting some more miles on the clock.

    YTD: 56
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Morning all,

    Thanks Little Nell, yes you're right, I love hill running. My user name stems back from many years ago, when during a lunchtime run, one of my work mates said "He really strides up those hills." Hope you get into the NYC  Marathon.

    Will C, good to hear that your groin is almost back to normal. Gentle running is the ideal solution.

    No running for me this morning, but a very tough workout at the spinning class. 
  • Had a rest day yesterday and got my massage. Hip/groin is better today. Not 100% but definitely better than it was, so I attempted an LT run which didn't go quite as I wanted (I was hoping for 8 miles with 4 LT, but did 6/3 because I was starting to struggle more than I'd like). I haven't done a lot of LT training in the past so I'm still getting an idea of the correct pace for it. On paper I was doing the right pace but I've based it off race times and I'm probably just not race fit quite yet (that and a couple of extra Christmas pounds...). Worrying as I have my first half in four weeks!

    Will, glad you're feeling a bit better. My masseur gave my pectineus a good old gouge which hurt like hell but it seemed to help. Groin pain sucks.

    JD, there are something like 53 parkruns in London. I've done 26 of them (plus two in Manchester) so not even half way yet! Oswestry is quite a good one for parkrun tourists as it counts as a west in the compass challenge. I only have a north and a south at the moment.

    Harmander - all the best to your daughter.

    Adam, good run but don't push yourself back out there if something feels amiss.

    Nell, which is your parkrun? Good luck with NY. I'm sticking with old York this Autumn. :lol:

    YTD: 88
  • Afternoon all,

    Hillstrider, I am not that far from the lovely New forest, I am pretty sure it wasn't 28 Degree's though :D

    Cal, I hope the massage has helped, I try and have one every 8 weeks or so, they do seem to help, plus I hate the foam roller!

    Sendim, Thanks for the input, I would agree with your strategy, if you finish to early then you must be prone to cramp and getting cold and maybe even falling asleep :D . I believe it will be  a mental challenge for the first 12 hours at least, after that who knows, we shall see.

    JD1, Yes, I do run on a Sunday evening around 10pm, but much prefer mornings. Vasos books are very interesting, he has run in many local ultra's over the past few years, however he did pull out of the Autumn 100 a couple of months back after registering and mentioning it on air the morning before, I was looking forward to following him live, on the race app!

    Hobie, That is one monster climb, I love the costal paths, unfortunately around my way they are mostly flat, with the exception of Beachy head, which is around an hour away and parking in the country park is awful, just have to wait until Easter and our break to Falmouth.

    Donnie, Maybe next year ;) 

    Adam, Yes, do give it a watch it is brutal, you will feel for the guy!

    Parkrun's, as yet I haven't done one mainly because of two reasons, firstly my local one is 4 miles away with no footpaths, so would need to park etc and secondly the course is multi lap around a cricket pitch and small wooded area with very narrow paths, I notice that numbers are up around 25% at the moment, but what is the answer? I do however think they are a great idea, and would love a local one for Burgess hill, maybe one day.

    A couple more runs to add, managed to get out on Sunday afternoon to recce another route, which was lovely, just a gentle jog, so many people, horses, bike riders and families out enjoying the fresh air, good to see, and it was dry down here Nell!

    13.01.19 - 4.12
    14.01.19 - 6.25
    15.01.19 - 12.5

    YTD = 73.87

  • Harmander,

    Hope your daughter is okay and out of hospital soon.

    Just noticed that Traviss is doing different routes at Gravesend, I think you have the nasty route :D , mine looks okay for the 31st.
  • Just a quick update from me as I'm struggling a little at the moment but hopefully a decent 20 miler on Thursday will perk me up a bit. Five runs in the last week adding just under twenty eight miles.

  • Thank you all for the good wishes for my daughter who has a cyst on her pancreas which is painful.
    David Charman, am sure he said it is the 177 route.
    I did 11.33 miles of hills at sub 5 hour marathon pace tonight.
    YTD = 93.17 miles
  • Easy 12 this morning starting just before 6am.
    YTD: 100. Woohoo!
  • Congratulations on reaching triple figures first Cal.
    Keep it up.
    Panning to join you tomorrow.
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭

    5 miles for me last night, including 3 at tempo (7.08mm average).

    43 YTD

  • 4.75 mile progression run of sorts this morning. Lots more Snowdrops about and the wind beginning to turn cold. Looking forward to a bit of cross country at Reepham on Sunday.

    Big up Cal with the 100!

    YTD : 60
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Harmander, Yes, you are correct, it is the 177 route the same as mine, Sunday is the nasty lighting bolt route.

    Well done Cal, not bad going in only 16 days, if my maths is correct that is 2281.25 for the year :D
  • Little Nell, so I didn’t make it out for 7m but I did manage 5m yesterday and then 3m more this morning. I have 5m this evening which I will hopefully make it out the door for as well (write it down approach)

    Im taking Friday and Saturday off so I’m looking forward to that. Just got to make it through Thursday. 

    YTD: 76 
  • Very unlikely, David... :D I'll be pleased if I beat 1500, which is what I did last year. There will be plenty of weeks where I am tapering or recovering (or have a cold or a niggle...hopefully not too much of those, though).
  • Good morning, great running going on everyone!

    I took 4 days off with tightness in my hips, hamstrings and back. Been swimming and stretching (which I normally don't do). Had a massage, not sure if it made any difference.

    Anyway went out a couple of days ago and seemed to be on the mend, so back at it.

    15.1 3.58 miles
    16.1 10.68 miles
    17.1 10.59 miles

    YTD 103.22 miles, so joining Cal and probably Harmander on passing the first hundred.

  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    edited January 2019
    Ytd: 55.4

    Will: you mentioned your heading towards your first marathon, enjoy. Mine was 2014, only three more since but I've loved them. The adrenaline rush is far more than for any other distance. Stay healthy and remember just how time consuming those lsr are. 

    Cal: way back you asked about my impressions from the York marathon. Its overwhelmingly positive although its the only marathon I've run. Essentially flat, the talked about hill at the end is nothing like it's made out to be, you're well fed and watered on route with completely closed roads, it's a big event but a smaller field than you may anticipate (6000) so feels rather homely, York uni is a decent venue for the race hq (loads of space and futuristic 1960s architecture) and the city in general seems to get behind the event. York is also a cracking place to  spend some time if you're there on the Saturday. 

    Less positive stuff although not significant issues, the signage around the uni could be better eg where exactly is the start, the sites, well York Centre and the minister, have been and gone by the start of mile 3, there is a lot of rural quiet running with no people about, the 10 mile event which meagres towards the end attracted comments on the race thread, I didn't mind but think others posted they weren't keen and likewise a smallish out and back section attracted a little criticism.

    Overall, I've enjoyed it each time and feel confident you'll be happy. 

  • 7.5 around Cardiff Bay on Monday night waiting for my daughter to come out of a concert and Running Club handicap race last night (5k in 19min 26sec).

    70 miles YTD

    Well done to all reaching 100 already

  • Very cold this morning and I ran 8.1 miles in the forest. The first few miles were into a very strong icy wind, making the going very tough.

    66 miles YTD
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    Ytd: 58.5

    5k on the gym treadmill as a result of a train delay and OH needing an early tea in order to get to her monthly book group. Life's rich tapestry and all that. 
  • Donnie - I've done Chester and it sounds similar (Chester is a very rural race so there's no support along a lot of the lanes, just in the villages you pass through) - and there's the metric going on as well, plus a hill close to the end. Sure I'll cope.
    Rest day today - did yoga and went for a walk. Sunny but a lot nippier out. Sleet forecast for next week...ugh.
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Went through the motions of another 11', seafront run today. Faded badly on the return leg. Something bothering lower back, but thought three days of rest would have it sorted. Obviously need to be more patient! YTD: 79'.
  • 5.16 miles today

    YTD 108.38 Miles
  • Amazing resilience you guys.
    Despite a belly ache due to a dodgy and late burger and chips did 12.05 miles of hills last night 
    YTD =105.22 Miles
  • Morning,

    Well done to Dubai & Harmander for joining the 100 mile club!

    Will, Enjoy the Cross country on Sunday.

    Hobie, Very impressive 5k time, I am still around the 21.30 mark, I don't think I will ever have the extra pace to sub 20 :)

    MrM2, Hope the back soon improves, thought of a seafront run does sound lovely.

    A couple of runs to add.

    17.01.18 - 6.5 + Gym Session (Boy was I knackered afterwards)
    18.01.18 - 8

    YTD = 88.37

    Have a good weekend everyone.
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