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  • Cheers Gipfel and David

    Cal- this isn't Saudi! The arabs aren't runners, if they are doing something its going to be soccer or the gym. Plenty of women running in basically sports bras and little else. In expat areas, beaches ..etc not a problem at all. At the mall a bit of common sense, but you'll see plenty of tourists in their daisy dukes, and plenty of my arab friends are more than happy with that!!!!
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Good afternoon all

    Thanks,Harmander,for the link,great article,at least I know where to go for clean loos.

    Well done Hobie for reaching a century,your team pursuit sounds interesting,good luck.

    Well done,Dubai,on your 10k race,think you deserve a medal for just getting over the start line.

    Congrats,Nell,on your NY acceptance,very jealous indeed.According to Harmader's interview,you'll need to look out for potholes.

    DC,I use inov-8 for trails and XC,love them.New pair of Saucony guides arrived yesterday,I'll take them out next week for their maiden run.

    23.1 - 6.54
    24.1 - 14.24
    25.1 - 8
    YTD - 134.2 miles
  • Dubai, I did see a lot of westerners in more revealing clothing. When I went, it was with the rollercoaster club for a parks trip (we did go up the Burj, of course, as you do) and the trip booklet talked about dressing fairly modestly, so most of us did that. It did seem a lot of people ignore that, though.
  • JD1 - Glad you liked the article and I hope others can perhaps continue with their excellent description of races or training routes.

    So many people so close to the ton.

    Although it was much more pleasant yesterday than the thundersnow on Tuesday, I ran the same distance (12.75 miles) but found I struggled and was about five minutes slower.
    YTD = 155.92 miles
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    edited January 2019
    Another 5 miles logged today: a 1 mile jog to get my lift, then Catford parkrun, then a 1 mile jog from the drop-off back home. Enjoyed Catford although it's a little undulating. Ran 25:30 but my watch measured the course a little short - felt more like 26 minute pace.
    YTD: 165
  • My usual 10.19 miles (comprising 2 miles to Parkrun, then Parkrun, then another Parkrun distance with people I train followed by the 2 miles back home).  I am getting worse, was 4 seconds under my pacing target today (although my target was 30 seconds faster than last week) compared with only one second last week.  I am going to put it down to nerves and excitement about the marathon at Sawbridgeworth tomorrow which was like a tough mudder course last year.
    YTD = 166.11 miles
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Decided to sandwich my parkrun today. A slow 4', followed by a slow parkrun (Not a race, right? I would have loved to have said that to the desperate young lady who passed me on the line last week; her head and shoulders got past knee level! Don't know how she stayed on her feet.) Oh, and I added a 5' after parkrun. So a good 12'. YTD: 130'.
    Dubai...thanks for your snapshot of life in Dubai. 
    What amazing results in the marathon!
  • Hi-dee-hi campers!

    Cheers on the comments re: NY, folks. I've decided that I will make pursuing the World Six Majors my one extravagance - I don't spend my money on anything else and hubby and I hardly ever go away for holidays so it's business class flights and decent hotels all the way :blush:

    Excellent race report Dubai... you're very restrained - I don't think I could have done that race as a punch in the back of the head tends to offend! A nice time by you, despite the slalom nature of the early miles.

    Fingers crossed for you continuing to feel good Andrew.

    Cal - congrats on holding a Chicago qualifier time, even if you aren't going to use it! Great running continues by you, I notice :grin:

    Nice regular mileage from you David. Whatever did that poor hill session do to you to be labelled as "nasty"!? :lol: In case I forget on the day - best of luck for the marathon on Thursday!

    Gipfel - you're fairly close to "par" so not lagging behind at all... we've just got some big milers to join Harmander and Dubai (our regular high milers) on here this year!!!

    Your total is ramping up nicely JD1. I'm a huge fan of Inov-8 trail shoes too :smile:

    Great mileage amassing, as ever, Harmander - despite the weather. You're a pacing metronome and you know it :lol: Hope the marathon went well today!

    Nice parkrun sandwich MrM2! The last time I "parkrunned" I had the reverse experience to that which you described ... I was catching a guy in front of me as we approached the finish line, he glanced over his shoulder and saw me - I was expecting him to speed up a bit to stay ahead of me but he just carried on at the same pace. I was running a bit faster than him and passed him just before the line thus finishing ahead of him - but I was painfully aware that I looked a bit of a nob as it seemed like I had done a massive push to be one place further ahead when, in reality, I had just maintained my pace :neutral:

    A double day for me due to the paucity of running during the week. First: a fasted 6.07 miles early afternoon - 1 mi. w/u, 3 mi. brisk, 2 mi. c/d... was supposed to be 4 mi. brisk but I was cream crackered after 3 miles brisk running into a gale force wind and driving rain. This evening was 4.08 mi. - was supposed to be an easy run but I always feel nice and springy in the second run of a double day so I ended up doing sub-9:00 miles, although they did feel easy!

    YTD: 102.07 miles (woohoo... tonne up!)

  • I've decided to give you folks a chance to catch up with me (well, aside from Harmander, who has hopped into the lead, I notice!) :lol: Woke up feeling less than marvellous so I thought it best to listen to my body rather than flog it to death, especially as I have two half marathons coming up.

    Well done on breaching 100, Nell.
  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    re parkrun (apparently always lowercase according to parkrunners who care about suchlike!) MrM2Nell, Harmander et al, my opinion fwiw is its a run, NOT a race, so the eyeballs out, sprint the finish is just plain silly. But then I tend to think anyone who sprints past me in the last 100M is just plain rude, and has got their race wrong - you should be hanging on to finish, not have enough energy left for a big finish (especially when it's beating me to the line!).

    Like Harmander I always treat parkrun as part of a run, usually an 8 for me and try to time getting to the start just as they set off. Its actually more fun if you get it slightly wrong and see them all running off into the distance - you can then see how many you can pass (last time 104 and still got 2nd in age grp - sounds good but in reality 2nd out of 3, oh well).

    Back to proper running, was going to run Gade Valley Harriers 12mile training run, lovely club, nice run, but weather cr*p so just ran from home for another 15ish. At 12.89 my stoopid garmin ran out of battery!!!! Its either lying to me, see earlier post re mileage, or sulking - I really am not a fan of Tekk. So put in an extra loop just to make sure I'd got at least 15, not really OCD, just a little.

    YTD        118.95
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭
    So, 8.5 miles for my long run today along the river again. Part way through I start passing lots of runners with Phoenix race numbers on. Ok, I think, wonder what race that is? Anyway, a bit later I ran past none other than what looked suspiciously like our own Harmander! I didn’t stop him in his flow to say hello, but he was looking strong in muddy conditions!

    Then I get back and see his post higher up, confirming that it was indeed him. Small world.

    83 YTD 
  • Wow, lots of centurions doing the business out there. Great running.

    First weekend back on the tarmac after injury and then lurgy took the best part of 2 week's from me. Taking a bit gently as chest and sinuses still not 100% and have had to re-write my mara training plan, with 10 weeks till Manchester. 4.5 miles to test the chest yesterday and then a gentle 8 miles in the rain and dark early today.

    YTD: 76
    I run, therefore I am.
  • GipfelGipfel ✭✭✭
    Very windy weather here for the long run today! You know how usually when you feel as if you can't be bothered going out for a run, you are fine once you're out? Today was one of the rare occasions where the 'couldn't be bothered' feeling lasted for the whole run! My legs are still in shock from being forced back into proper training this week after several easy weeks/complete break last week, so felt quite heavy and tired to begin with - then I seemed to be running into the wind for most of the run, making it extra hard work, and my road shoes struggled to cope with several sections of the canal towpath, which has got loads muddier since last week. Still, needs must when one has a marathon in 13 weeks, and at least there was a little bit of sunshine!

    YTD 80 and a bit (the 'bit' felt important today - run was shorter than originally planned, but at least I didn't turn straight round and go home for a nice cup of tea, which was very tempting)
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    What happened to my rest day?! Could not resist a run in the sun. (Never mind the strong winds; sand-blasting my face on the way out, then assisting me on the return.) Also, the new shoes were pleading for a second outing; how could I refuse? So, an unexpected ten miles, to bring this week to 40' and YTD: 140'.
  • David C, I've only done two short road runs in the Asics GT1000v7's, and they were excellent. My previous two pairs were v5's which both lasted around 550 miles. It's many years since I ran in the 2000 series, which are mainly for over pronators. I endeavour to do all my long runs in the forest in trail shoes.

    Ran 11 miles in the forest this morning with a club mate. It was very tough going for the first few miles which were into the teeth of an almost gale force icy wind. It was my second run in my new Salomon Speedcross 4's. They were perfect, coping well with the very wet and muddy conditions.

    YTD 106 miles
  • Hello everyone including AndrewD who was obviously stalking me lol.
    Yes the mussy conditions, did well not to fall but learnt some skating moves in the process.  It was not as bad as last year when it was snowing too with the beginning of the Beast from The East ('er Indoors stayed at home today). It was my first marathon of the year and I took it a little easier than normal - partly because I am still recovering from the horrible little injuries that plagued much of my running last year. I was just over 27 minutes faster than last year on the same course despite a bit of sleet a few hours in.  David Charman is going to run the first of the SVN (Saxons, Vikings and Normans) races later this week, I will be doing my next marathon next Sunday on the same course as David - small world indeed.
    YTD = 192.33 miles
  • Little NellLittle Nell ✭✭✭
    edited January 2019
    Salut maintenant!

    A rest if you feel you need it is probably best, Cal... plus you've got soooo many miles in the bank already :wink:

    Totally take your point senidM - that's why I knew there was a chance I would look like a total nob... but, in my defence, I didn't do a sprint finish I just kept running at the same pace - it just happened to have been a faster pace than the other guy. If it had happened 400 yards earlier it just would have been a simple overtaking manoeuvre. On a separate note - I misread part of your running comment as "[...] my stoopid groin ran out of battery!!!!" - which made the rest of the paragraph very confusing :lol: Well done on the (at least) 15 miles.

    Hahaha... Andrew - great celebrity spot by you! 

    Oh no - sorry to hear about your run of bad luck, Will. With 10 weeks to go hopefully you'll still have a sufficient running base to toe the line at Manchester. Fingers crossed for you.

    I hear ya on the CBA front Gipfel! Running was tough today in the face 45 mph winds - well done for sticking it out :smile:

    MrM2 - you crazy runner, you... I can't believe you sacked off a rest day to run in the wind. Anything above a light breeze is my very worst type of weather for running - it's so strength sapping to make any headway. I assume your skin is beautifully smooth and soft after its sand-blasting though.

    Hillstrider, you were lucky to able to run in the forest... our local forest was, apparently, "closed". This concept always amuses me - how does one "close" an entire forest. I understand why - it's just the how that baffles me :lol: Well done on your forest run taking you through the 100 mile barrier!

    Great running Harmander - congrats on the huge improvement in course time this year compared to last year! Can you deduce who was Andrew - of the non-race runners out at the same time as you? :grin:

    Just about dragged myself round 16.35 windy miles this evening. Was supposed to be 18 miles - but mile 16 took 10 min. 35 sec. at which point I decided I couldn't be bothered to do a further two miles and just headed straight home. I took gels and water with me but I couldn't be arsed to actually have any - so the learning point is that for runs above about 15 miles I should probably motivate myself to take on board the fuel I've gone to the trouble of carrying around with me *tut*! Average pace was still 9:40/mi. overall though.

    YTD: 118.42 miles. 

  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Excellent running everyone.

    senidM - I'm in the same camp as you,I've nothing left in the tank when approaching the finish line,lots of runners seem to fly past me.

    Glad you're feeling better,Will.

    Well done on your century,Hillstrider.

    Good long run,Nell.I've never used a gel before because I've only ran HM.Going to buy some and start using them on my LSR,just so I can get used to them.

    Nice running,Gipfel,wasn't the best running conditions over the weekend but you stuck to it.

    Your times are improving with age,Harmander!!Great running.

    I was working over the weekend so decided to rest up,circuit training tonight.Have a xc race Saturday,so going to keep the running fairly light and easy this week.I want my legs feeling fine and dandy for Saturday.

    YTD - 134.2 Miles
  • Awesome work everyone...this year is going really well.

    Yesterdays team pursuit was at least dry....but wow that was windy. I think 60 teams of 5 entered with individual starts at 10 second intervals. First 3 miles is downhill but this year it was also into the teeth of a gale, still lots of runners in just race vests and shorts (we're a hardy bunch out here). I managed to take more than a minute off last years time so happy with that....we didn't win.

    116 miles YTD

  • Afternoon,

    As everyone is saying, it is certainly moving at a pace this year.

    MrM2, Love the Parkrun comment, I can almost picture you looking at said young lady thinking "idiot" as she dives past, I am with you all, by the end of any race I am well and truly spent.

    Senidm, Hope the Garmin isn't sulking today, I shouldn't speak to soon but have never had any problems with my tech stuff.

    Andrew, It would appear you have been mixing with our Royalty Mr Harmander, I believe the route is along the river Stort, Challenge Running do a nice out & back in the autumn along a similar route, its called the Stort 30, just in case you are tempted :D

    Hobie, Yesterday's run sounds like fun, good effort, shame you didn't win, maybe next year!

    Nell, I guess I am just not a fan of hill training, however there are quite a few races I would like to do with plenty of hills, including an Ultra in November which is 5 loops of 10 miles each with 2000ft of elevation per loop, maybe next year ;)
    Well done on passing the 100 mile mark and the long run yesterday.

    Harmander, Well done yesterday, still looked like a tough course with plenty of mud especially at the start. I will of course keep you updated with how it goes on Thursday, as previously mentioned I have only done the "lighting bolt route" before.

    Just a 10K (6.25 miles) to add for me, did manage yet another splash in the pool 1st thing, only 3 people in the whole pool - Bliss.

    YTD = 127.37
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭

    Harmander, David - I've now looked up the race online and see that is was loops of a 3.28 section of the river navigation. I run along that section a lot and there is a definite distinction between the north side of the river, where there is some decent path laid down, and the south side which can get much muddier. As Harmander says, that south side was particularly muddy and slippy yesterday.

  • I felt a bit better this morning so canning my run yesterday was the right decision. I got out for a 6 miler this morning and that went OK.

    YTD: 171
  • And up early for 16 miles this morning. YTD: 187
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    Enjoying the postings. Rather motivational. 

    Parkrun, definately a run not a race, my little rule is never to pass anyone in the final few metres, but, if reasonably possible, not to be passed myself in the final section which is about 500m. 

    Park was muddy on Saturday, hadmme thinking about trail shoes? Never had any, never really researched them. Apart from the parkrun don't think I'd really use them. A worthwhile purchase? 

    Ytd: 86.9
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭
    Donnie - agreed they are not a race, more like a group time trial, but I certainly only ever run them if I'm looking to go at my absolute fastest, so if in doing so it means that my late sprint for the line takes me past someone in the last few metres then so be it! I wouldn't resort to the diving across the line referred to above though, if for no other reason than that a parkrun isn't chip timed so crossed the line a split second earlier isn't going to help get a geezer with a stopwatch to give you a marginally quicker time!
  • Donnie,

    There are so many trail shoes to chose from, however I can recommend the Inov-8, as have others recently, I have used mine only a handful of times but must say they feel really comfortable and supportive, but just my opinion. 
  • AndrewD,  Thanks for confirming the state of the interesting course - last year it was snowing on the day too.
    David Charman, not sure I am looking forward to your debriefing given the weather forecast but I generally take the view 'the race has got to be done whatever the weather'. This is why I was disappointed with myself in not completing an extra two laps this evening of my recovery run - just because my team mates had stopped just because it started snowing (wimps).  Only did 11.34 miles making my
    YTD = 203.67 miles (yay)
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Well done Little Nell...16.35 (!) windy miles...must be worth 18 ?
    Included a set of hills in my run today; always feel that they are value for money. With the two mile warm-up and a six mile steady run after the hills I notched up exactly 10'. YTD:150'.
  • 'ello, 'ello, 'ello ... wots goin' on 'ere then!? 

    ... loads of running by the looks of it! :lol: Great going everyone!

    JD1 - yes, definitely have a try of various different sources of energy for longer runs above HM distance. Gels are one option (well - several options as each brand is somewhat different) but people also swear by things like jelly beans or Percy Pigs. There are also "Shot Bloks" that are solid chewy energy/electrolyte thingies. Very wise, keeping the legs fresh for slogging through XC on Saturday.

    Excellent effort in the pursuit Hobie - sorry to hear you weren't rewarded with a win though. Very hardy indeed all the vest and shorts runners at the moment... brrrr....

    Nice running and cross-training David. Weirdly, I'm a bit of a fan of hills - I'm a much better up hill runner than down hill. I find hill reps very satisfying (and simultaneously knackering!).

    Andrew - I like your reasoning (... and so be it :smile: ). Well done to you for also skating your way through a muddy course - of your own making.

    Glad to hear you're right back out there after benefiting from the day's rest Cal. A mid-week 16 is an excellent effort too!

    Donnie - I concur with David: Inov-8 trail shoes are great. I've also used Salomon trail shoes and Inov-8 are far superior, IMHO. I admire your principled parkrun position. Would you noticeably slow down to a trot/shuffle to ensure that you didn't pass someone?

    Woo hoo Harmander - congratulations on being the first mille miler through the 200 barrier! :smiley:

    Thanks MrM2! It certainly felt like 18...  I agree with you that hills give a good bang for your buck - although I'm not usually up for doing a further 6 miles after milling up and down hills for a bit... kudos for that!

    A truncated lunchtime track session for me today. I was intending to do a similar session as previously (6 x [595 m fast, 297.5 m recovery]) but the snow was so heavy and massively soggy and slushy that I turned back to work after only four reps. I returned back with a little snow pile on my head :lol: It was a hard work 4.78 miles but the four reps were nicely speedy and consistent in pace (7:26, 7:26, 7:24, 7:29/mi.).

    YTD: 123.20 miles.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    edited January 2019
    Harmander, congrats on the double-ton! I'm not going to make 200 this month - tomorrow is a rest day!

    Donnie, I've had a pair of trail shoes that have been largely idle since 2015 (when I did mostly off-road races - I was new to racing and scared of hard surfaces back then!). But now that I'm doing more parkrun tourism, I'm very glad to have them and they've seen some action this year.

    Great midweek run, MrM2!

    I'm glad we haven't had snow, Nell - you did well to run at pace in those conditions.

    A pretty awful 5 mile recovery run this morning. I actually went outside to check the pavements for ice before I went out, and it seemed OK, but it seems that, while concrete paving slabs stay quite dry, tarmac and asphalt does not. I was going to do 6 miles but I got fed up with gingerly pony-trotting over the icy sections and called it a day. Average pace, a magnificent 11:43 min/mi.

    YTD: 192
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