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  • Donnie, I'm another fan of Inov8s I've even run an Ultra (6 hours) which had the first 15 miles on road and the rest of it mud & coast paths in a pair of Inov8 Rocklite with no problem.

    Rest day yesterday, running club tonight (7ish miles usually) going to be a bit fresh but still sticking to shorts.

    120 miles YTD

  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Well done in your team pursuit race,Hobie.I've finally given in and have been wearing my tights last few runs,but back to my vest and shorts on Saturday for XC .

    Nell - bought some gels this morning,but I'm tempted to raid my kids sweetie tin instead,Percy Pigs are far more tempting.Great consistent laps as well.

    Well done on the double,Harmander

    Nice 16 miler,Cal.Not worth running if it's that icy.

    Good effort,MrM2

    29.1 - 5
    8.09 gentle miles this morning,running into the wind whilst snowing.Hard to look up,big fat snowflakes sticking to my eyelids.

    YTD - 147.29 miles
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Thanks Cal.....Take it easy on the icy pavements!
    Little Nell....I've heard of 'a working lunch' but reps @ 7:26, in snowy conditions, is serious! (Did you recently call me a 'crazy runner'?!)
    Thanks JD1.....Snow for you as well....and a xc to look forward to!
    Whoever wrote about 'snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes....these are a few of my favourite things' probably wasn't a runner?
    There were a few sightings of snow in our area but conditions this afternoon were, out for a very comfortable 7' .  YTD: 157'.
  • Morning all,

    Another cold and frosty morning, with snow forecast from this afternoon until 11.00am on Friday. The club has a 5k time trial this evening which will probably be cancelled.

    Stay safe everyone!

    YTD: 113
  • Afternoon all, what another beautiful warm sunny day!! 

    I've missed a few runs this week with tightness in my right hip, been stretching and using the foam roller so headed out this morning and feels a lot better.

    With regards to marathon training, fasting etc. I run 90% of the time in the morning and always fasted. I was at Yo Sushi for lunch yesterday and didn't eat the rest of the day bar some almonds and a couple of glasses of red wine and was quite happy this morning after a double espresso to run 10.10 miles. I also have never used gels, I do use electrolyte tabs after long runs or in very hot weather. I generally use dates, fruit and peanut butter sandwiches as fueling for long runs - most long runs are at a park running loops and can pick up what I need passing my car. I do enjoy an ice cold coke afterwards.

    Anyway, great running everyone, this has been my lowest January total in 6 years.

    27.01 3.78
    28.01 5.55
    31.01 10.10 

    YTD 167.89 miles

  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭

    4.5 for me last night, including some tempo mile intervals.

    87.5 YTD

    Assuming I manage to get in at least 2.5 of my planned 5 miles this evening, then it will be my highest mileage month since Feb 2016!

  • 8 mile hilly run at club last night 128 miles YTD...need to do a snowy couple tonight to get past 130 for the month...would be wrong not to.
  • Thanks JD1 and others.
    Hillstriders timely reminder prompted me to go and get my run in early - in case my team mates bottle it later today.
    Too cold to type before a well deserved hot shower - just got back after an epic 18.58 miles on increasingly slippery surface and this is before the predicted snow. I made up for the two lost laps on Tuesday plus did the extra 3 and a bit miles I might not be able to do after parkrun on Saturday.
    Makes my January and 
    YTD = 219.25 miles
    I wonder how David Charman got on at SVN today? The course is likely to be a little muddier by Sunday.
  • Harmander,

    Full report to follow, the paths were surprisingly good today, no mud, a few ice patches in the shade, however I believe there is snow forecast tonight, hopefully it will be gone by Sunday.
    Best of luck, my time was around 4.12 
  • Morning,

    Dubai, Glad it is nice and warm for you, we have only had about an inch of the white stuff down in the south but it is icy.

    Nell, Great intervals in the snow.

    Harmander, Well done on breaking the 200 mile mark and best of luck for Sunday, hopefully shouldn't be to slippery.

    And so to yesterday's Ghost of a roadrunner marathon, this was in Gravesend and put on by the local SVN (Saxons, Vikings & Normans) who host timed events, Marathons and Ultra's.

    Arrived nice and early and boy was it chilly, the car reading -6, however there was very little wind and the sun was shining, so it didn't feel that cold, espically once we got going.
    The route was a 5.25 mile loop out from the central aid station to the East for around 2K then back past the entrance to the aid station and a couple of k to the West before heading back to complete the loop, those with good maths would have worked out that we needed to do this 5 times.
    In general the route uses a cycle path so is a nice wide tarmac path, which was in surprisingly good condition, apart from a couple of hundred meters one end which was a bit slippery.

    I ran with a local chap for the first 2 loops, which we completed in about 1.35, so just around the 4 hour mark, then I ran with another chap for the next loop, the last 2 I did on my own, there is a slight hill on the return to the aid station form both sides, you don't notice it on the first couple of laps, overall I had an elevation reading of 388m so not that much.

    I finished in 4.12.02, a good start to the year and a most enjoyable run.

    Next is Worthing HM on Sunday 10th and then again with SVN for the Marathon Day marathon on (yes you guessed it) 26th February or 26.2.

    Went for a 4 mile recovery run this morning and all is good.

    31.01.19 - 26.2
    01.02.19 - 4

    YTD = 157.57

  • Nice report David, great work on a cold morning...nice though if they're calm, frosty ones.

    I jibbed out of adding a couple of miles last night but will get out at lunch time and got a parkrun in Cardiff to do with my boy tomorrow before going to see Tim Peaks return module & a bit of Da Vinci in the museum in the afternoon.

    I've been roped into another running/modelling tame photographer wants to reinact the iconic scenes from Chariots of Fire...on a February...I mean, what could be wrong with that idea.

  • I rounded my month off last night with 5 more easy paced miles.

    92.5 YTD

    Hoping that the pavements won't be too icy to allow for a run tonight as planned .....

  • Reporting in with another 4.5 tonight. 97 YTD 
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    79.5miles for Jan. Really haven't run much - more gym and biking after last years heavy mileage. 12miles mainly offroad to start Feb. Went fine until dusk and suddenly everything iced over. Fell over when I stopped to cross a road. 10mins later everything was an ice rink and had to walk.
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Dubai...well done on your Jan total; might be low for you.......
    Andrew...congrats for your Jan total; highest for three years?! Great.
    Hobie...'Chariots of Fire'....whatever next?
    Harmander...piling on the miles!...All the best for Sunday.
    David C....4:12 in sub-zero temps! Well done. Not sure about the multi-lap.

    Decided to put some structure into today's 7mile run. (Our light covering of snow was already history, and the seafront was sheltered from the N'ly wind.) After a half mile 'warm-up' ran three x 2' at 10, 9:30 and 9min/mile. Then a half mile back home. All achieved. Happy. YTD:164'
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    edited February 2019
    Thanks for the advice about trial shoes. Its something I'll probably invest in. My parkrun is approx. 60/40 grass to paved path, obviously when the grass is muddy which at the moment it is such shoes will be useful in that section, however how will trial shoes fair on the paved sections?

    Nell: My parkrun etiquette is not to pass anyone in the final few metres, even if that means I'm passed. Have a say I don't like it, but think overall it fits with the spirit of the event.

    Dave C: I do like a good race report and that was a good race report, also well done on the time. 

    JD1: I'm a gel user when the run goes beyond a HM. I think they do aid performance. Good luck, hope the training is going well.

    Hobbie: Enjoy the modelling and enjoy Cardiff. Hope 'Da Vinci' is good, I intend to check the exhibition when it moves to Sheffield. Assuming were talking about the same thing, it receives a 5 * review in todays Guardian. 

    Andrew: Well done on the additional year on year mileage - I'm in a similar position and it feels good. 

    Dubai, Harmander and Mr MM: Great mileage and great updates. 

    YTD: 101.0
  • Some great running going on here,
    Less so from me as I felt run down again on Thursday and Friday. Thursday was a rest day anyway, but I was supposed to run yesterday. However, feeling a bit poorly combined with a grumpy achilles was enough to dissuade me from venturing out in dreadful weather.
    I felt more or less OK this morning, though, so it was off to parkrun (plus a two mile jog over to where I was being picked up by my tourist friend). The original target, Foots Cray, was cancelled, so we headed for Roundshaw Downs (never cancelled!) instead. All on grass or dirt path, and the dirt path was muddy (very, in some parts), plus there was still a good amount of snow. I ran cautiously on the skiddy parts (the snow wasn't an issue but the mud was too much for my trail shoes - spikes would have been better if I actually had some) so my time was an underwhelming 28:10, but on the plus side, the small field and difficult conditions meant that was good enough for 4th lady, which is my highest ever gender placing.

    YTD: 197
  • Sorry to hear you're not quite right Cal, I also didn't feel quite right today but that was down to a pool day with friends and maybe a few too many drinks yesterday.
    We have rain forecast for tomorrow, my boys are excited as its been months since they've seen rain, but for me it means trying to remember how to switch on the wipers.

    1.1 4.32 miles
    2.1 3.89 miles

    YTD 176.1 miles

  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Evening all

    Good running in these trying conditions.

    Well done,David C,on your race.Very good start to the year.The Worthing HM should be a piece of cake!!

    Good luck,Harmander,for tomorrow .

    Hope you're feeling better soon,Cal.You still did very good in your parkrun,finishing fourth lady.

    Good running,Andrew D.

    31.01- 5.03

    5.5 miles today,in the last meeting of season in the North Wales Cross Country league.The race is run around a loop of the lower fields and then two loops of the higher fields.The weather was good,sunny and light winds.I was positioned in the middle of the pack when the race started.
    The lower fields were about a mile in all.You could get a decent pace,and it didn't really stretch the field,but that all changes when you crossed a ditch to start the second part of course .It starts by going downhill for 150 metres,then turning right along a hedgerow,and gradually start climbing,across a minor country road,and into another field.
    You encountered a very fast and unbelievably muddy decent.Staying on your feet was hard.When you reached the bottom,turned right and then started accending up a horrible hill for roughly 300 metres.The mud was awful and trying to get any grip was virtually non-extinct

    By now I was puffing and finding it hard.Reaching the top,you turned right and along the hedgerows,back round and do it again.When I reached the bottom of that horrible hill again,I was really struggling,tiny strides all the way to the top again.
    Then all the way back to the finish,there wasn't any sprint finish from me,just glad to get over the line.Think I finished 84,but need to get confirmation about that.Finished in a time of 42:49,average pace of 7:45 m/m.
    My back is sore,think it's from trying to stay on my feet in the mud.Glad it's over,but no doubt I'll be there next year.

    YTD - 157.82 miles
    Next race Wrexham Village Bakery HM
  • Hellooooo... only me!

    So impressed with all the running going on in trying conditions - well done everyone.

    Take care of yourself, Cal - you don't want to miss out on your upcoming marathon due to injury!

    Nice shorts running Hobie! Hope you enjoyed Cardiff and looked suitably photogenic on the beach :wink:

    Nice snow running and a fab XC report there JD1. Really well done on staying upright through that! Hey - I'm doing the Village Bakery HM too... would be nice to say "Hi" if you're up for it.

    Hmm... fair comment MrM2 :blush: Great progression run from you!

    Did the 5K time trial go ahead hillstrider?

    Hope the hip improves Dubai. I'm with you on the fasted running - I always run fasted on Saturdays. Good luck locating the windscreen wipers! :lol:

    Great consistent mileage for you Andrew, and congrats. on the best January mileage since 2016. 

    Fab long running there Harmander - very impressive and a great total already! :smiley:

    Great race report David and an excellent time in what sounded like a very sociable race. Good to hear you've already done a recovery run as well!

    Good to hear from you JT... hope you're OK after your terrible tumble and nothing was injured (except, perhaps, your pride).

    Donnie your parkrun etiquette sounds very noble - and it absolutely is in the spirit of the movement. The trail shoes will be fine on pavement and roads as well - the only thing is the soles will wear down more quickly with a lot of hard surface running.

    What a glorious day for running today! I had such a wonderful double day. First a fasted steady 7.07 miles. Goal pace was 9:00/mi. - ended up doing 8:52/mi. and having to hold back the pace. Mid-run also stopped a lad trying to cross a flyover bridge by sidling along on the wrong side of the railings while his mates walked across normally - would not have been able to live with myself if I read a news report about a child falling onto an A road in traffic. Second was 4.03 miles easy in clear, frosty and fresh conditions. I just felt so happy and lucky to be able to run with free abandon - especially after an extremely stressful work week! :smile:

    YTD: 134.30 miles.

  • hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
    edited February 2019
    Morning all,

    I'm very impressed with all the running/racing continuing in such adverse conditions. I ran a very cautious 6.32 mile road run on Friday. I'm afraid I wimped out of yesterdays and todays planned runs, because of icy conditions, but hope to make up for it tomorrow with a longish forest run.

    Little Nell, no the 5k time trial was cancelled. That was the first club session to be cancelled since I joined in January 2012. Conditions have been atrocious in Hampshire and Wiltshire, and Saturdays Southampton and Lymington parkruns were cancelled .
    Very impressed with your stopping mid race to prevent a lad from falling off a flyover. Impressive running pace too. I'm still improving my pace after struggling with menisci tears in my right knee for more than a year. 

    YTD: 120 miles
  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    Afternoon All,

    Nell - well done on the considerate and caring run, I sometimes cross a bridge with a wreath on it and wonder if that was some daft kid playing silly b*ggers - they don't learn 'cos its usually a terminal lesson!

    JD1, that XC sounds tough - do you wear spikes? helps with the mud, but on steep downhills you can actually seem to have too much grip - hence the back-ache?

    David Charman - good race report, sounds a nice run and although quite close to me I'd never heard of it before! I've often run the North Downs 30K which must be fairly near your run - ever been on your radar?

    Anyway, for me, my 2nd race of the year, Great Bentley Half, nr Colchester, on a still(ish) cold morning. Lovely conditions for a run, especially as my runs Fri and Sat had been damp, cold, icy 9+'s, leaving me with tired legs (sort of planned that way, like to see how I get on when not feeling fresh). Ran it at what I hoped was marathon pace, felt really easy, and expected around 2hrs, but a 2:10 would have been ok.

    Crossed the line and Garmin said 1:49:53, I take back all my previous snide remarks re Garmins - I love Tekk!

    YTD:        150:53
  • Well done Senid, good Half.

    Nell, well done on helping yoof see sense...big relief all ok.

    Donnie, nice work on getting past 100 miles.

    Great miles Cal, Harmander, Dubai and all the others "running" away with it...see what I did there? 

    Parkrun in Cardiff Bute Park on Saturday with my boy...busy parkrun with over 700 people there...bit of a shock to the system as our local one is doing well to get 100...boy did good considering this was his first one & he stresses in big groups 28 minutes seemed pretty good for a first race....not a race (sorry).

    8.5 miles of coast path today (1800ft climbed) Beach run didn't happen (Photographer called off).

    148 miles YTD.
  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    ps, and an Age category win, if only I'd hung around after the finish to receive the plaudits!!!!

    Barcelona half next weekend, now that's one I'd love to get an age win,  :)
  • Well done everyone for your training runs, Senid for your category win and Nell for your Good Samaritan work!

    6 today for me, takes me into the 3 figure club too.

    103 YTD 
  • Nell, the achilles issue won't stop me - I've run with it for almost a year. It's a nuisance, but that's about it. I'm still feeling a bit under the weather, though. I'm not exactly ill, but not exactly well either. It's annoying.

    Anyway, I should have done a 20 today, but due to not feeling right and also the weather, I waited until lunchtime to go out and then managed 12 miles. I guess it will have to do. I have two half marathons on the next two weekends so I won't get another stab at a 20 until late Feb, but there you go. We do what we can.

    YTD: 209 (yay!)
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    JD1...thanks for the XC report; sufficient detail there to keep me interested..... as a spectator!
    Donnie2...a very principled approach to parkrun; have to say that I usually give it the best I've got on the day...which usually means that I see a few flying youngsters passing me in the final metres. So they should; I'm normally one of the oldest runners there, and although their sprint affects my finish position it doesn't affect my Age Grading which is what I'm interested in.
    Our two local parkruns were cancelled yesterday, but I had already decided that it had to be a rest day for me.
    Dubai...did you get the rain???
    senidM...I'd be happy with Garmin if it gave me that time for a Half! Actually, I'd know it was faulty! Well done on the Category win. As for Barcelona......
    L.Nell....a glorious day here too.
    So glad I controlled myself yesterday, and kept it as a rest day. Today's weather was even better! Out at mid-day for a 17' run. Planned to run an easy 10min/mile pace but the legs (in shorts) didn't want to hang about, so I upped it to 6min/km (9:39/mile) pace. Happy. YTD: 181'.
  • Doncaster parkrun fell victim to the weather. Spoke to a friend who didn't get the message and attended. About 20 others with her in a lovely winter wonderland. Correct decision to cancel as a field of 250 would have made conditions on the downhill section decidedly dicy, the field run this bit 4 times, but having got up and ready to go I rather wish i  had.

    4 treadmill miles to add whilst watching the Saturday afternoon football scores roll in takes me to 105.
  • Sorry for the delayed post - 'er indoors had me climbing up and down like yo yo three flights of stairs for days as she cleared the spare bedroom to take 115kg (yes 115kg) of baggage on her trip to see her mum. My suggestion of a skip did not go down too well.
    David Charman, we did the Lightening Bolt route which involved going up the dirt track to the second bridge, crossing the bridge and then all the way up (and i mean up) to the Jeskyns to reach the Cone of Doom and back to the car park - seven times. On the third lap, I felt a sharp pain in the sole of my left shoe and no matter how much I tried to shake the pebbles or sharp gravel out it wouldn't budge - spent a good five minutes trying until another runner gave me a coin to see if it could push the sharp protruding bit back out of the sole - turned out to be a shard of glass about half an inch big. as I was about to finish the lap, Traviss was coming towards me with a pair of pliers to help as other runners had informed him of my predicament. Yes it was very slippey because of the ice on parts of the dirt track and black ice on the tarmac stretch too. but I finished in 5:36 which was 45 minutes faster than last week.
    The day before I did the usal there and back wit pacing at Parkrun (7.08 miles) where I was 7 seconds under the target time.
    YTD = 252.55 miles
    My next marathon is on 17 February
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Nell - well done in stopping the lad,you don't expect that on your run.Yes,it would be great to meet up before the race.First time for me running this race.

    senidM, excellent HM time and age category win.Wore my trails,live and learn.

    MrM2, great 17 miles and pace.

    AndrewdD and Donnie2, congrats on the 100 and Cal on your double.

    Hobie,congrats on your son's first non race!

    Harmander,well done on the race and mileage.You'll have to take all the baggage back up when she returns.

    8.09 miles today

    YTD - 165.91 miles

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