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I posted a couple of months ago about leg pain and possible injury. I’ve done quite a few events this year and felt at my best in September… by end October I started getting achy legs. I dialled it right back and stuck to shorter runs, came down with a chest infection so had 2 weeks off.. did a couple of short runs and still felt bad so had another 10 days off with cross training only.

I’m trying to get back at it.. but my legs feel dead and am still getting the leg pain, sore after even short runs. And the little bit of pace that I had built up is now non existent… I have a half in March which should have been no real trouble for me but now I’m wondering if I’ll even get round :(

I have dr apmnt this week – am going to ask them if I could be anemic… I already take magnesium and multi vits and have started turmeric for joint pain.. Anyone else had similar?


  • How old are you? I'm 49 and in menopause. Dead legs for the past week . My personal reaction is to push on through it (you may find you're going faster than you think) I lose condition quickly and my hormones fluctuate so I notice Some days lack of strength to hill run but I just do it slower. For example I'm trying a long run once a week - yesterday was 13 and hills, today legs were tired so forgave myself hills , knew it would be a shorter run but kept it a flattish trail run just enjoying it , ended up doing 5 , happy with that. Tommorow will be maybe same or 6, but hills. It's hard when your h3ad is screaming I'm so tired I just want to walk. Could it therefore be hormonal?
  • Thank you for replying !! I seem to have moved on from dead legs to joint pain. Both knees and glutes and sometimes feet and ankles too. I had a blood test at the drs and it came back all clear. This has been going on for months now so not sure it could be hormonal? I am 43 and taking combined bc. I am trying to battle through but it’s so depressing to be so sore and slow. I got another gait analysis and new running shoes at wk end as I feel I’ve tried everything else. I managed a long run of 7 miles last week – rested then felts ok ish and managed 3.5 miles at a decent pace on Saturday, although the joints were still sore when I ran.

    I got myself hopefully I was on the mend but it seems not – legs sorer than ever today even just sitting. I am taking JointAce with chondroitin and turmeric to try and help along with omega oils and a tonne of stuff for a rubbish digestive system. I guess I have to keep on keeping on.. or consider a more substantial amount of time off. :(
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    Might be worth asking your GP to test for anaemia.

    MTA: Oops, you already did.
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    Hello, did they just test your iron or your ferritin levels as well? I track my runs and find at certain times of the month it is harder to run, and I go much slower. Interesting article

  • I would say you need to follow the written instructions from the doctor which can help you to reduce the pain of the leg injury. Students can also follow the writing instructions with the help of platform and this can provide real legit writing help to many students.
  • May merit requesting that your GP test for weakness.

    MTA: Oops, you previously did.
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  • Hi everyone, I am 49, an experienced runner of 20 years raced up to half mara distance and agood age grouper. I am peri or menopausal and 6 months into taking combined HRT for very bad menopause symptoms. One of the main symptoms I am experiencing is bad muscle ache and fatigue. I can handle the fatigue but muscle ache is more difficult as it is effecting my ability to train and run. I run 2 or 3 times a week, 5k, 10km and 10 miles at the weekend. i will be starting training for Brighton full mara in June. My problem now is extremly painful quads during a run, the pace doesnt seem to make much difference, slow or fast. I am often in tears during the run as its so painful, this is really getting to me and making me totally dread the forthcoming mara training plan in June. I am due to speak with my GP on the 19th to see if increasing est levels might help as est acts as an anti inflammatory. Would anyone have any advice for me OR ever experienced the same sort of leg pain whilst running due to the menopause. Your thoughts are most appreciated, thanks.
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