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Hello, I’m a lapsed runner (C25K to half marathon, weekly 10 mile long runs) looking to start again having had work and life get in the way. Got new shoes yesterday, and now pondering buying a treadmill to get me back into the habit, and I’d really appreciate any advice or recommendations. Not looking for anything fancy, just relatively cheap and cheerful so I can jump on it first thing and build up to regular 5k runs before work again. Thanks very much!

(I have every intention of running outdoors again when I’m back up to speed, but where I live now lacks decent flat routes away from heavy traffic)


  • Have a look on ebay / Gumtree / etc. Treadmills are a classic thing for people to buy (especially just after New Year!) and then late find that they don't use much, so there are tons of them for sale at great prices which are very lightly used. Also, there's not much to go wrong with them, so if you're looking at a used one, as long as there are no obvious signs of damage, no strange noises and the belt drives cleanly and straight then you're not likely to have many problems with it.

    You can pay more for a larger / more robust unit, or with speakers / Bluetooth  /etc., but you should be able to pick up a good lightly-used basic unit for under £10. I bought a basic Reebok one for that kind of price, and for all I use it, it's served me well. Just make sure that it can collapse and fit in your car, they take up a surprising amount of space, even when folded down. A decent estate car or hatchback with folding seats should do it.

    Don't spend your money on a new one, there is no need.

  • Second hand is probably a great option if you're planning to return to running outside. Problem with second hand is that the belt can be worn and performance might not be great. If it then breaks, you're gonna have to spend money repairing it or throw it away.

    Treadmills can get very expensive. However, for under £500 one of the best you can get is the Reebok Jet100. It has incline, cushioned deck and loads of features

    I was looking at treadmills last week, and a few places had offers on - not sure what's on at the moment, but you can check them out here
  • Of course, running on the street is more useful, more effective, and ... more difficult. On the one hand, your body is happy — it receives a natural aerobic load, and the lungs are filled with the right oxygen, especially if you do not live in a stone jungle but next to a river, flowering meadows, and fields.
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