Your first run - how bad did it go?

Anyone remember the first time they laced up, got out the door and thought «I'm gonna go for a proper run now and get some real training done»?

I do, even if though it's about seven years ago. I had done the occasional running during PE-classes, and I played football when I was a kid. Then I got serious about cycling after picking it up in my early teens, and between age 17 and 23 i spent anywhere between 20 and 35 hours a week riding, with some weight training thrown in during the off season. Then I decided to quit. And after I decided to quit I tried to figure out how I was gonna stay in decent shape and not end up gaining 50 pounds and become lazy. So I decided to try running. First session a few weeks after my last race. I was still in shape to compete on a national level, so how hard could a short and easy run be?

I laced up a pair of running shoes that I had laying around that had been used walking around starting areas, hotel lobbys and podiums, put on a pair of trousers and a sweatshirt, and off I went. Walked for the first bit. No point in stressing it. And I was pretty sure I was gonna look, or at least feel, stupid trying to run, so I wanted to get away from the neighborhood before I started to avoid anyone seeing me. After a few hundred meters I was clear. I startet running. Slowly, but it felt great. Then it felt horrible. Then i stopped. I had covered 800 meters or half a mile total, walking included. Pain everywhere. I was out of breath. Muscles aching from being used in a way they had forgot they could be used. I figured I was in good shape, so everything I really needed to do was to walk for a bit, then run again. Did that. Over and over.

If memory serves me right I did about 7k or a bit over 4 miles total. I was out for an hour and a half and ran for something like 10 minutes total. Felt horrible. Rain started pouring as I walked the last stretch back home. I felt useless. And I couldn't walk properly for over a week.

I'm not gonna lie and say I've been running ever since, but I have been running in periods. The first run after a long time away always hurts, but not nearly as bad as that one. Not sure what was worse though. The aches and pains from running or the damages to my pride. After all - I was an athlete. But I couldn't run a consecutive mile to save my life.

Anyone else got similar stories?


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    Signed up for the Great Manchester Run in 2006 (apart from a bit of 5-a-side, I'd done nothing since I played rugby and boxed as a yoof) as an obese, sedentary smoker (30 a day), and did no training.  

    Foolishly took a load of Sudafed an hour before the start thinking the pseudoephedrine would help (I'd even asked a mate to get me some whizz, thankfully that didn't happen). Jogged around it and finished in 71:xx.

    Felt exhausted afterwards and met up with a load of workmates who all said "you look pale". Started feeling confused and disorientated and couldn't remember anyone's name: I honestly thought I was having a stroke. 

    Sat down for awhile, had a few beers and things gradually got back to normal.

    Not the best introduction to running, but two years later I started jogging (MAF training) and have stuck with it ever since; couldn't do without it now.

    Moral of the tale: Don't do drugs kids.
  • First time I ran was on a holiday with my family. The retreat has a gym and I ran for 1.5 hours as I was very skinny and in good shape. It hooked me.
  • The first time I ran was in Cyprus. Somehow I didn't think running up hill in 35°C heat with no experience was a bad idea. I did enjoy the running aspect of it though.

    I'll be attempting my first proper run this week and fingers crossed it goes well though the biggest risk of injury for me is tripping over my dog
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