New York 2019

Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
Just wondering if anyone else has applied for the time qualifier entry and we can see what time gets in.
I had some problems with the website and it took me 32 minutes to get through.
Anyone else applied?


  • Hey Ian! I've submitted my qualifying time too - I'm using my HM PB... not sure if that will be prejudicial or not. Would be great if we both managed to get in.

    You did better than I did. I had the same... logged in at exactly 5:00 pm. got so far and the website hung. I was at work but had to get home as I had Pilates tonight. Managed to quickly hop on the PC before heading out to the class and submitted my time at about 6:20 pm. I suspect that will be too far back in the queue though! :disappointed:

    We'll see...

  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Nell-I used my half time also,they say it makes no difference.
    Been looking around the web tonight and I've found people who applied 2 weeks into it last year who got in,and also on letsrun,they said everyone got in so it's looking hopeful.Could do with a quick answer as there's some bargains from Manchester at the minute.
  • I also applied for HM time entry, they told me should know in 2 weeks.
    Did you guys come to grips with the NYRR membership discount option, foreigner allowed? I'm confused. Suggest you book a hotel, before the rush.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    I emailed them and said a few of us want to book flights so is there any chance they could tell me the likelihood of being accepted before flights go back and I'm in  :) flights and hotel booked.
  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    Congratulations. I am going to try for NY 2020 (23 seconds too slow last year!). Do you know is if it is like Boston when you need to be quicker than the time or will one second be enough?
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    TT-It is a set time,but it's first come first served on the day it opens.The half times seem easier then the full times if that helps.
  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    Thanks Ian, looks like I will be at that computer exactly on the opening if I manage the time. I thought the HM times looked easier too.
  • Ian - I've emailed based on your recommendation... let's see what they say :smile:

    TT - both Ian and I, apparently, did exactly what you're planning to do and the website crashed after about 10 mins or so! You also have to jump through a load of hoops and become a member before you can submit your time. I only noticed about 15 mins. before the application process opened so I was in a bit of flap in the run up to 5:00 pm last Monday.
  • Hi guys.

    I was online at 5pm, website crashed multiple times. didn't get registered until 6:10.
    I was so p££sed off!! I hope I make the cut . Has anyone one else heard.

    I emailed also but just got the standard "it takes 2-3 weeks" reply.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Toldo-I was on at 5.34 and have been accepted,I read that pretty much everyone gets accepted so hopefully you will be ok.
  • Fingers crossed. I was over in November for a holiday and vowed Id run the marathon. I have Boston in April so the aim it the 6 Majors.
  • I am in guys. Roll on November 
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Toldo-Brilliant news,Nell was 10 mins behind you so hopefully hear soon.
  • I'm in... I'm in... I'm in... doo-doo-dooooo *happy dance*!!! :mrgreen:

    See you in the Big Apple guys! An expensive Autumn for me this year with Chicago in October and NY in November.

  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Nell-Picturing you doing a happy dance  :) Well done to you also,mines not quite as expensive as yours but I'm doing Frankfurt a week before NYC so still a fair bit spent between the 2.
  • I'm in - I can't remember how long after it opened that I applied but it was the same evening.  Hotel & flights booked too.

  • I didn't book flight yet, waiting to see if Norwegian go bust lol. But I booked a ymca right next to finish line single room  350 Dollers for 3 nights. 
  • I've booked my hotel too - I'm staying about 2 miles south of the finish line in Chelsea (half way between the Flatiron Building and the Empire State Building)!

    Not booked flights yet as hubby has not definitively decided if he will come with me or not :neutral:

    I notice the travel to the start line looks inordinately complicated - that's going to be something for me to stress about at length... hahaha!

  • Worry not Little Nell, ran it this year and that aspect of the process was easy (I took the bus from Midtown Library option).
  • Cheers bdm! The Midtown Library bus will be my choice too as it's less than a mile walk from my hotel. I'm just an inveterate worrier and pre-planner... I have to do a dry run for everything, so event organiser-controlled transportation is a nightmare for me. 

    I take it there will be a bus schedule issued a bit closer to the time? And - how do you make your choice... I can't see anywhere in My NYRR even though the FAQ section says you can make your selection through the My NYRR page?

  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Nell-From what I seen we make a choice in the summer ,I'm staying by the empire state building so we can head across together if you want,at least we've seen each other before so got a head start. 
  • Yes Ian, that is correct. I think it was around August when you have to make your choice of travel to the start and baggage drop off or poncho for the finish. It really did all run very smoothly and is an experience I will never forget and hopefully repeat one day. I am very envious!
  • Yes! my wife and i both got in on half-marathon age qualifiers, we entered inside the first hour and found out within two weeks, just. I was only 14 seconds inside the 1:36:00 required at race age 59.
    Good luck to others...
  • Well done Alan (and Mrs. Peacock)!

    Thanks for the reassurances bdm and Ian. What a coincidence with our hotels, Ian - it would definitely be nice to walk over to the Library steps with another Brit. I'm guessing we'll be in different pens and possibly different waves as you're so much faster than me now. I will probably be in Wave 2 - either Corral A (green) or Corral F (yellow) as I put 3:50 as my predicted finish time (based on the Pacer placements - that's where the 3:50 pacers are).

  • No problem Little Nell, pleased to offer further info of my experience if required. One misconception that I had regarding the bus and one that you allude to above, is that although it leaves from the Library, on the Sunday morning, having worked out previously where the library was, I made my way in that direction but ended up being directed in the opposite direction in order to join the bus queue, the end of which was several blocks away! This did cause minor moments of panic but I can reassure you that this wasnt a problem and the queue did move very quickly. I ended up departing the library at about 6:25 for an allocated 6:00 bus. As the bus took about 2 hours (traffic was crazy) it meant much less time hanging around in the village.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Alan-well done to you and the wife,will you be running the race with her or your own races?
    Nell-I may not end up much further forward than yourself,I'm doing Frankfurt the week before and will very much be treating New York as a fun race,photos,high 5's etc all the way round.I've put 3.30 at the minute but may end up changing it to 3.45.
  • Ian- i assume you'll be racing Frankfurt then, <3:20?
    My wife has a friend to run with.
    I'm racing Chicago, 3 weeks prior, but will hope to run hard at NY also.
    Have Tokyo in 4 weeks - I'm being greedy :)
  • that heart was meant to be a 3. Less than 3 hours 20 mins? i wrote
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Alan-Yes Frankfurt will be my main autumn target,hoping by that stage to be around 3:05 but will see how realistic that is closer to the time.
  • A busy week for you in November then Ian! Best of luck for Frankfurt as well... two marathons back-to-back is very doable. I did Boston and London last year - and survived to tell the tale :lol: Even if you're a bit ahead of me we could still stroll over to the bus queue together for a bit of company. Maybe catch up in Manchester in April again?

    Alan - I'll be in Chicago too! What a coincidence :smile: I guess you're chasing your world majors six-star too? I've very jealous of your Tokyo trip - how did you get in: qualifier, draw, or package??? Will NY be your last - or have you got more to go? (So many questions... hahaha!) All the very best for 3rd March... the ticker on the website says 27 days to go!
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