New York 2019



  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Nell-You have a date,some 3:30 are in both waves so may end up in the same wave anyway,and anything to help pass some time will be a bonus.
  • Speedy Ian. The way I see it, the first marathon in a pair is always the A race, until it's done - then the second one becomes the A race. Seriously, if the conditions and body are right you have to go for it while the opportunity is there in front of you.
    The Abbott's are pretty annoying and expensive, I was on a 'run the alternatives plan' until my wife decided to run her first in NYC. Travel packages are too expensive. I have a tip for Tokyo for you - tick the poncho / cape option, someone told me that theory when i was at their expo last year having missed out in the ballot (ran 2018 Senshu Osaka a week before, spectator in Tokyo). Several of my friends missed out in this years ballot, but all had gone with the luggage option. So then, Berlin qualifier gets suddenly easy after age 60 in 2020. That just leaves London, the Poms seemingly have xenophobia about their marathon age-grades? That's my six (or 5). How about you Little Nell, which majors to do besides Japan?
  • Hill1Hill1 ✭✭✭
    Unfortunately Im not in New York, I am however doing my second world marathon majors star in Berlin, my aim is to complete the other 4 by the time I'm 50!
  • Just had my place confirmed !
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