Lower Leg/Foot Pain/Numbness

Started off around a year ago mild lack of feeling/numbness in my right leg only really during and immediately post running
Was irritating rather than particularly troublesome and I was generally able to run, cycling and swimming unaffected
Condition deteriorated after taking a fall at the end of a long run (3 hrs) banged shoulder hip and most importantly knee pretty much on the tibia/fibular joint
Symptoms worsened and since that point have not really been able to run 30 mins
Suspicion is that there was some underlying nerve issue at low level and the knock impacted the peroneal nerve
Was always decidedly right side that was the issue
However of late left developed symptoms similar but more pronounced to the point where there is now almost constant symptoms in left and right only when I run and impacting my ability to cycle too
I have had MRI scan on right knee which showed nothing apart from a normal level of wear and tear
MRI of lumbar spine showed some disc herniation which was felt worth a nerve block to see if that could resolve
The nerve block caused no improvement and if anything symptoms have worsened since (although that could have happened anyway)
Possible next steps are nerve conduction studies and possibly treatment with pregabalin or similar
Anybody had anything similar and/or any suggestions?
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