Sudden pain behind big toe - help diagnose

I know I know. You can't diagnose things on the internet but I really need some help and reassurance I guess.

I am experiencing intense sharp pain underneath my big toe - so basically the actial head of the toe near the first joint (distal phalangeal joint?) So it isn't anything to do with the big joint at the base of the toe.. it's the actual toe pad. 

I feel the pain when I press on it or walk on it and it is constant, it honestly feels as if there's like something there like a big blister underneath or cyst.. I'm not quite sure. I definitely don't feel the pain on the actual bone it's really just the soft tissue. 

This has came about I feel recently when wearing heeled boots. I have been wearing heeled boots every weekend since Christmas time - because parties! - and now even when I walk, nevermind run, it's just sore. Guys I'm just seriously worried I've fractured it or something, is that possible? Would I have more symptoms? 

I am just struggling to find anything about this type of injury so please if you have any advice let me know.


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