Wes Reid

I was diagnosed with dvt in my left leg just over a year ago after a scan revealed I had blood clots in my calf, thigh & groin. I was off work for a couple of months and told not to run again for a while.

I tried to get back to running about 3 months later (shortly after returning to work) but could only manage about half a mile before I started getting pain in my calf again. So I just decided to keep taking the blood thinners I was prescribed, wear my compression socks and lay off the running for a good year. 

So so here we are 1 year on and I’m trying to get back to running and I have ZERO improvement!!! The leg is still swollen and I can only manage about half a mile before the pain returns!!! 

Now I’m not expecting to run half marathons here and set new PB’s but it would bloody nice to at least get a mile under my belt before the pain sets in!!!

Its so frustrating and I was just wondering if anyone else out there had similar experiences? Did they eventually get back to running? How long did it take? And, god forbid, have they not been able to properly get back running at all?

If I end up being the latter I suppose I’ll just have to try doing something else :(
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