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Hi there, I haven't been on the forum for a good while but recently started getting emails with links to it, which has drawn me back in to a few topics here and there, which I enjoy to read.

I still keep my running website up to date, for anyone who is interested. I am a dedicated marathon runner since 2010, I'm 45 years old. I don't run super fast times, my personal best on the flat is 3:46. It's good for me, a normal guy! I like to do trail runs and live out in Switzerland where there are plenty of trails!

So my website is from the perspective of a "normal" person who runs a lot, because not all of us are 2:30 marathon runners. Just fyi, there is no commercial aspect to my site, I just update it for personal pleasure. Most of my marathons have been in Switzerland, for example the Jungfrau uphill marathon every September in Interlaken, though I have run a few others (Paris, Brighton). If you find it interesting, enjoy! If not, no worries, move along :-)

If you are want to take a look:

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