The Trail Events Co.

Cancelled Dartmoor race due to snow - No problem there as it was the right thing to do but it was their incompetence at not notifying anyone of the problems in getting to race HQ.    No communication to anyone via e mail, FB or twitter until most folk had actually arrived on dartmoor.   By then it was a little late. 

An eventual e mail was sent out saying they did everything they could!   Nice try boys.

Spoke to a few folk who had travelled down and they were not happy at the extra cost they incurred as the race was postponed one day.   Their photo pn FB showed a lot of snow at HQ, I doubt that was going to go away any time quickly  

Are they a bunch of cowboys who really do not know how to run an event or am I just being disingenuous.

FWIW - I would find another race where there are good reviews online!   Should have checked beforehand.

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