Pain on top of foot

Wonder if anyone would be able to help me with an issue I've been having with a pain on the top of my foot.

I got new shoes at Christmas and they've been fine. Due to the bad weather one night I switched back to my old ones and the following morning woke up with a major pain in my foot that made even walking difficult. It's probably best described as being in the area just in front of where my leg connects with my foot (not the ankle!).

After about a week of rest it had just about gone away - then I got the flu so had an enforced lay-off anyway. However, a few miles on the treadmill last night and it is back with a vengeance. I've tried taking some ibuprofen today in a bid to help it settle down and just wondering if there's anything else, other than rest, that would help. Would a visit to a sports physio or a podiatrist help shift things along? I'm getting a bit concerned as I'm training for London and have missed the best part of a month already!

Thanks for any advice :smile:


  • I've had this before and I'm currently just coming out of an episode.

    Is it around where you tie your laces? If so, then probably extensor tendonitis, which can be cause by literally tying your laces too tight, or, as in my case, doing too much off-road where more stress is paced on the stabalising muscles and tendons. I've just taken over 2 weeks off from running and only just back to it -mine has reduced significantly but totally gone.

    I put some foam over the area and re-lace my shoes to avoid pressure on that spot.
  • It's that general area but not sure it's the laces - due to previous problems I tie them as loosely as I can possibly get away with!

    Might try foam to see if it helps. On the plus side I seem to be able to get away with it while going for training runs if I'm not too silly.
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    Might be worth trying out the various patterns below to see if they alleviate the pain:

    shoelacing infographic 12 techniques
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