Boy isn't it hard to return to running !

Because of many and varied mainly soft tissue injuries I decided some time ago to revert to cycling which is in some ways a good alternative.
But sadly its never given me the same pleasure as running does. However it has helped I thought to keep me fairly fit. Note the " however ".
Without going into great detail I now find myself suffering from blurred vision and I cannot get to see an eye specialist till May so as a consequence of this I have decided to get back out there and run. Soft tissue injuries or not.

Which meant that early this morning I put on my trainers rather than got out on my bike.

Full of the joys of Spring I set off and within a short distance, that should read very short distance , I had to stop. Now I know I am overweight ( hence the however ) and aged 68 but given I use to run half marathons and actually ran a full one I never expected it to be as hard as it was. Looking at my Strava it was 1.27ml pace 13.17/ml I mean how bad is that !
Disappointed at just how bad I was I have tried to be analytical and my conclusions are that my excess weight may be because I may have diabetes ( hopefully ) my appointment in May will help to determine this and the other thing I have realised is that running is so much better than cycling for weight control.

Thankfully my awful experience this morning has rather than deterred  me from going running again as instead made me realise just how much I have missed running and hopefully the zero to 5k plan will help me to get back literally on track.


  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Well done on getting back into it Ted. Give it a bit of time and you'll start to see big improvements. 
  • ChloboChlobo ✭✭✭
    I honestly think running is a sport that unless you do it regularly it's like non of the previous miles you've ever clocked up count!

    I am getting back out there too after irregular running now and then, so I sympathise but......oh the running high is still no other sport!
  • I did a test run to see if an injury was improving and found even that 10 minute run really, really hard work and not enjoyable. Not how I remember running!
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