Talk to me about pants & lube please! (not like that!)

I'm training for an ultra, my first ever!

I ran a half back in 2011 and I remember using some running lube called buttarh? or something similar so....

my question is...for long distance what sort of pants would you suggest? cotton? or special running pants? thong or full bikini brief? and what is the best anti-chafe lube etc that you've used?

Sorry is that wasn't as exciting as you'd hoped! lol


  • I use Vaseline. Unexciting, I know, but it works. Runderwear do some good pants although I personally go commando. I wouldn't advise a thong unless you want to end up with cystitis.
  • Jack1991Jack1991 ✭✭
    I use Vaseline for long runs and it prevents chafe.
  • I always use Gurney Goo through training & races along with a thong for less fabric rub.
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