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Hi, I'm looking for running shoe recommendations.

My current road shoes are a pair of Inov8 Roadclaw 275 V2. I'm very happy with the shoes expect for the high tab at the back of the heel which rubs into my achilles tendon when I'm doing tempo or long runs. What I like about them is the low 6mm heel drop and not too excessive cushioning that gives my feet a feel of the ground but still giving sufficient support and energy return.

I'm looking for a replacement similar to the Roadclaws for road running, half to full marathon distance, 1:40ish half marathon, 40-50 miles per week. I think I'm suited to a neutral shoe. It's been years since I've worn any of the more mainstream brands like Nike, Asics, etc, so I'm a bit out of the loop. Anyone have experience of Saucony Kinvara? 

Appreciate any ideas.



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    Your really best going to a recommended shop and going on the running machine for analysis, shop Near me videos you in your current shoe then videos you in different others. The last thing I'd do is buy a shoe on someone else's review  
  • Hi. I'm new on this forum, and searching shoes for running outside. Need something universal, for all surfaces, and different times of the year. Planing run from spring to autumn. Also I need another shoes for gym. Maybe I'm gonna run on machine, or exercise with bike, or maybe not run at all, so need something comfortable and cheap. I'm planing buy both from Any recommendations, links, personal experience, brands, models and etc. is welcome. I don't know budget, but for better shoes, I can add more $. Also what gear I should buy to running outside, in rain, or cold conditions?

    Thanks, and sorry for english.
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